Nutrition Response Testing Explained By Freddie Ulan – Dr Sten Ekberg Wellness For Life

At my bottom I was able to eat this is
my diet steamed cauliflower and Uncle Ben’s rice Wow that was it anything that
had protein it closed a terrible reaction in my body so how do you how do
you fix these things and the main motivation was getting myself well
enough so I could get back into the business of helping people yeah and of
course along the way everything I discovered was useful to to bunch of
them to bunches of patients and so I was back in practice helping people who were
fortunately none of them got as bad as me but they were they were moving in
that direction and a lot of people are moving in that direction not realizing
it hey I’m doctor Ekberg with Wellness For Life
and today I have the great pleasure and honor of talking to a legend in our own
time this is Freddie Ulan who is the founder of nutrition response testing
which is that technique that we primarily use to evaluate patients in
our office what led to the development of of this whole technique well that’s
first of all thanks for having me on here absolutely you know I admire you
admire the work you’re doing the fact that you’re helping so many people and
so dedicated to restoring health naturally thank you and that’s kind of
sums up my own story right there because I had my I’ve been in the in the natural
health industry so to speak as a chiropractor since in 1965 so I’m
celebrating my 53rd year as a chiropractor and I was straight
chiropractor just did manipulation and I was raised with the chiropractic as my
health tool in order really went to medical doctors
but sometime in the 1980s I started to get sick I started to lose my health and
I didn’t know until later that it was actually pesticide exposure but I was
mysteriously getting sick so how old were you when we first started on this
thing 42 okay now in 1986
okay those 42 years old I was actually at the prime of my life I was very
energetic working hard enjoying myself traveling helping a lot of people you
know I was on a crusade actually which was many many hours of my year 1986 87
88 I was traveling around the world educating parents as to the dangers of
psychiatric drugging of children and the actual handling of the conditions that
they were given drugs for which is all nutritional by the way yeah and so I was
on to proceed and then I thought well maybe I just got tired you know listen
because spiritually I was at my peak but physically I was just starting to get
sick I lost my health and by 1991 I was incapacitated I was in bed 24 hours a day
Wow and this is with getting chiropractic care yeah but I was losing
my ability to digest and assimilate foods by 1990 1991 it practically
anything I eat was a horrible reaction my immune system was shocked by that I
can tell you that when I was lying in bed which I had to do most of the time
they didn’t move around my temperature would drop way below normal
Wow and if I would walk around it would shoot up to a hundred – I was sick
really yeah I had no and also if I would walk around
I have body pains which were all cardiovascular
kind of like getting an angina everywhere so I was not I thought I was
at the end of my trip to this lifetime yeah so to speak
thank you madam and that was a big wake-up call for me because I was
actually at a point where the best chiropractic the best nutrition is
available at the time this is at the very beginning of the alternative
medical so and I had some friends who were very advanced medical doctors had
no answers now and I thought it was going to be over and frankly when I
talked it over with my wife she said well this let’s get let’s get outside
the box here and we ended up go to Mexico for some illegal treatments which
consisted of a good diet it helps we got outlawed organic foods weren’t illegal
in the US but you know listen something people did or even thought about back
then very much yeah but I had some some blood type treatments vitamin infusions
I had some stem cell life cell therapy and it stopped my decline did where I
had actually walking pneumonia for a solid year where I could actually
percuss tap my lungs and feel where the water levels were on any particular day
yeah which made it very hard to sleep because I couldn’t lie down on children
yeah and within about two weeks of being there I no longer had the pneumonia but
I was still physically wiped out yeah and I was no longer dying and now I had
you know when you’re dying at least you know you’re dying yeah prepare
like anything this is what this is we owe this money to and this is where
we’ll find the money and you know when you’re when you’re not dying but you
can’t work now you’re it’s actually worse yeah like
well how do i how do i get this body supported i need somebody to take care
of me full-time but what do we do here yeah and my wife gave me challenges she
said you’re the doctor figure it out alright no it was good
yeah and we started to research you know we didn’t have the advantage of Google
yeah it was no internet at the time you know Al Gore hadn’t invented it yet yeah
whoever it was that claims to have it and we had to go to libraries and we had
to ask around we had to talk and we we found that the answer to what had
occurred to me was actually already know but very very well suppressed yeah and
that they were actually a small number of researchers who should be mount
rushmore should have their hips on these yeah you know up there because of how
brilliant these people were I’m dedicated where how effective they were
and amongst these was a Dr. Royal Lee yes
who was you know anybody who knows nutrition and goes for a lean I didn’t
know anyway I know it’s real interesting real nutrition yeah nutrition is really
the father of vitamins yeah and many other things and people like Dr. Weston
Price Dr. Francis Pottinger these were brilliant brilliant people who had
proven beyond a doubt in the 30s 40s 50s what effects the modern diet and the
toxicity of the modern world will have on her body and they figured out how to
reverse it and this is totally suppressed knowledge yeah and so that
opened up a whole universe for me I thought I was you know I was a natural
healer I didn’t know this whole this whole universe was invisible to me at
the time and in getting involved this I discovered that there were certain
breakthroughs that were made were on how to actually communicate with the body
yeah so that you can actually find out what’s going on with the darn thing yeah
and these were pretty advanced at the time and they made sense and in starting
to utilize these things I started to find out how I can start to repair this
body the problem was that the techniques that existed at the time were a little
vague and confusing and hard to duplicate you know you had to find the
one guy I didn’t have to do this and the one I have you got to do that and a
little bit disorganized was very disordered yeah and as my own health
started to restore I mean literally going from not being able to eat at my
bottom I was able to eat this is my diet steamed cauliflower and Uncle Ben’s rice
Wow that was it anything that had protein it
was a terrible reaction in my body so how do you how do you fix these things
this is something we were taught in school who weren’t taught how to repeat
repair and rebuild a body yeah these guys these these original clinical
nutritionists had these things figured out and then there was a doctor George
Goodhart yeah who had somehow chiropractor who had made some
developments where he was able to use the body’s reflexes and understanding
the neurology understand how to assess the functional state of different organs
using something he called muscle test yeah and this was actually going on from
the year that I graduated Chiropractic College so it wasn’t part of my
education yeah and it was just something off on the side that I
it wasn’t it was and still is a part of the standard yeah it’s not it’s not
routine yeah there are some schools that have little clubs and yeah each it a
little bit and but I saw something that muscle tested because that muscle
testing helped me identify what foods I could eat what foods I couldn’t eat what
vitamins I needed which ones I didn’t despite what the literature would have
to say and then additional discoveries were made we were able to finally if all
the system which is the system this is they kind of jump ahead here so that
using this muscle testing procedure and various stimuli all non-toxic all non
non-invasive totally safe it actually get a communication with the body to
find out where is the most where is the stress and what’s causing the stress is
it the common everyday foods that people are eating you wouldn’t think that that
it could be a problem but yeah especially today with the genetically
modified foods and the pesticides and poutine the same thing over and over and
over again eventually causes problems yeah
is it some hidden immune problems undiagnosed because it’s not full-blown
enough to show up on a medical blood test viral situation bacterial situation
fungal situation growing number of parasite situations yeah when we figured
out how to use the body’s nervous system in the muscle response testing to
determine where the problem is and what’s keeping that body part from
regaining its normal function yeah we call these stressors metals everybody
knows about Neville we were doing doing it originally there’s a brand new
mercury aluminum let the various chemicals including the
common ones like chlorine people suffering from too much chlorine intake
fluoride poisoning not to mention the plastics so all these things came
together into a package that really kind of finalized itself in that in 2003 yeah
so I had a 10-year track finding what was out there and kind of figuring some
things out and the main motivation was getting myself well enough so I could
get back into business of helping people yeah and of course along the way
everything I discovered was useful to to bunch of them to bunches of patients and
so I was back in practice helping people who were fortunately none of them got as
bad as me but they were in they were moving in that direction and a lot of
people are moving in that direction not realizing it yes even if they’re not
bedridden I tell people that the world has changed more in the last 50 years
than it has in the previous 50 thousand but and it knocks out the weak very
quickly but it takes decades to really kill off a lot of people so a lot of
people are dying but they just don’t realize that that well I I really admire
your your mission statement your purpose to to create a working health care
system for the entire nation so for those who don’t know Freddie Ulan
creating an organization has trained over a thousand doctors and each of
those doctors have trained and are educating thousands of patients so this
Mannes is responsible for millions of lives basically so we we thank you and
applaud you for that you know the whole reason for the
success of what we’re doing is because I wasn’t alone and I realized that and I
realized that I had some knowledge I had to share and Who am I gonna share up to
when I when I ran into medical doctors whose patients I was fixing they would
get mad at me yeah so they weren’t like minded guys they felt challenged yeah
and I decided I’m gonna so I’m gonna start something here where what I’m
looking for is like-minded people people who are who realized how bad things are
and actually are looking for solutions that would kind of complete their
education because I’m looking for guys who are dedicated already to natural
health they’re restoring health naturally yeah and there are a lot of
them out there and we were fortunate enough to attract people like you were
already successful and effective and what you were doing but you know we’re
very different than the conventional doctor who doesn’t really expect people
to get well he knows it yes so he he was kind of you know he has a
certain attitude that he has to have which is well look if we could just make
you more comfortable while you’re sick then we’re better if we can suppress
your symptoms somehow then they consider that it’s the job well done because
that’s as far as the pharmaceutical model goes yeah but we’re different we
we’re different cut yeah we we we think people should be healthy people should
be so what a concept yeah it’s like if somebody doesn’t get
well we worry about yeah I don’t want ecologist I mean I know many many
medical profession so I know oncologists do to people that I’ve been connected to
and have gotten into communication with these folks and I’ve interviewed them
and talked to them and find they don’t expect more than five percent of their
patients to be alive five years from now I I don’t know how they get up in the
morning and go to work yeah but for me it’s see it’s the opposite if I have
five percent of patients who aren’t respond
newless die I worry about those that’s like you yeah so we have a whole
different expectancy level and those are the guys people like you or people like
me yes that we resonate so well with each other
that I love sharing this knowledge that somehow I came into my hands yeah
I never ever had the intention of being some kind of a leader in this area you
know it wasn’t one of these guys who grew up as a little kid well one day I’m
gonna you know no one I was trying to save my life because my wife said you’re
the doctor you do it and in doing it I saw that there was so many people who
were on the way out as you say their ovary their health is declining
declining it’s like a dimmer switch syndrome if you say how are you doing
they say fine yeah because they’re not too much worse than yesterday or than
their neighbor yeah yeah yeah it’s just so the idea of actually restoring health
when I saw what I could do with my own body
yeah and when I saw what I did for people close to me and then a practice
built up I mean I was out of practice that I built up I don’t know where I
didn’t we didn’t have Facebook or Google you know we didn’t have anything all we
had was oh my god somebody got well yeah and when people get well other people
notice and say what are you doing you’re smiling you’re happy you lost weight you
you know whatever it is yeah so that’s the miracle is really we’re performing
miracles and these thousand doctors and they’re the ones to
I mean I I I evolved something but the credit goes to the doctors these
dedicated doctors and who actually put in their time to get training and then
they go home and they applied they let me know how successful as many of them
I’m always thankful yeah we’ve been somehow a part of that
success just like you’re saying the we deal with in functional disease we deal
in functional conditions and we understand that if there is a disease
there’s something that isn’t working and then you can you can make that work
again like you say restore the body but that’s that’s a completely lost concept
all the people that we have coming through and they’re on what pressure
medication and they’re on and anxiety and anxiety and the medical doctors tell
them that you will be on this for life because nobody gets better the whole
notion is is just completely lost how would you summarize we you you’ve done a
wonderful job of explaining nutrition response testing but if someone just
wants like a one-minute version of what nutrition response testing is how would
you state that you know I tried to work this into a one minute thing I mean the
doctors who do are of course to get the full training they spend several hundred
hours yeah learning all of it but basically it’s a non-invasive system of
testing the body so that the body will so you can find out what is going on
with the body that is keeping it from repairing himself so it’s a in
chiropractic we talking we were taught something about the innate intelligence
of the body yeah and dr. Palmer who was the phone
we talked about the fact that true healing will be made possible when the
analytical minds and the educated intelligence of the doctor can somehow
perceive the state of the body the in through communication with the innate
intelligence of the body and he said that at some point this whole this will
be able to happen no we you know in Star Wars you might remember as the doctor on
the ship was at Scotty he had a machine that kind of would you
know anybody haven’t done the body and you he got a readout yeah well that’s
basically what we’re doing yeah but we’re using a muscle test to get that
readout yes and so we get the readout it takes a few minutes to do an assessment
and you go okay the guy comes in and he he’s got chest pains and so he’s been
trying to handle it by addressing his heart well the thing is that the heart
it’s a it’s an organ that coordinates with other organs in the body and
sometimes when you’re treating the thing that that’s hurting it doesn’t get well
because that’s the effect points um yeah it’s this point so nutrition response
testing is a method of finding out the actual underlying causes of situations
not the it’s not a diagnostic procedure it doesn’t say well you have this
disease now it’s a it’s a system of identifying the underlying usually
hidden to modern examination procedures and blood tests and things like that
yeah so it finds the underlying causes and once you have the actual underlying
cause it opens the door to a handling and the miracle is that the handlings
are generally in one of two categories are a combination of both it’s either a
nutritional deficiency or a toxicity some sort of toxicity or a combination
of the two and these things reduce normal function they reduce the immune
system opening up the person to viruses and vector
parasites and things these are the things that suppress the body’s ability
to respond yeah so when you find the underlying cause and then you you have
several approaches that we can use which are all natural to restoring the
function by eliminating the toxins or building up the organ or both yeah
together and severs that’s what it is yeah it makes sense people who have been
struggling to find the answers to their health when they hear this they go oh my
God why is my doctor doing that well there is yeah yeah well you know an
extra chance that this whole activity into a fun activity because people start
getting better and there’s nothing yeah so you’ve been around I’ve done this for
a few years and you’ve done it for for a few more years and and you mentioned the
two factors either a nutritional deficiency or any toxicity of some sort
right so in your opinion or experience what what do you see as the dominating
factor especially in the last 10 15 years well it’s a it’s a combination of
things it used to be that you can eat whole food whole fresh food and you
would get all the nutrients that you needed yeah and it didn’t make you sick
yeah today even going into stores like Whole Foods Market I use that as an
example because people think of it as a health food store well you see signs
it’s a conventionally raised food organically raised yes and you think
well conventional lives you know that’s my thing I’m a conventional person yeah
oh my god yeah they’ve redefined conventional yes because conventional
and great food means that they use pesticides yeah which are poisons yes in
order to raise that crop yeah now that’s not conventional I mean if your whole
time span is only 50 years maybe conventional but if you actually look at
the human race yes very conventional conventional as things
growing and taking care to keep the soil in good enough shape so the books aren’t
thriving and you take care of your plants and you eat these things and it
nourishes you so today you have a double problem of eating commercially raised
food which is poison yeah so you get a combination of nutritional deficiency
and toxicity I’ve often told my patients and I tell this to every doctor that
we’ve trained you’ve heard it for me there is no system of natural healing
that will overcome the standard American diet so the common denominator is what
they’re eating they’ve been miss educated to thinking
that things like Cheerios our food yeah well that commercially raised eggs
or food it’s so interesting because if a person ate commercially raised eggs
chicken chicken eggs they kidney wanted a few week without actually affecting
them badly and the doctors will tell you don’t eat more than two eggs a day or
you know but if you’re actually eating eating eggs from chickens that were
raised outside on unclean grass and you know without that genetically modified
foods those intervals to perfect food and you can actually live on there
pretty much you know you know I hate to tell me how many eggs i we have my body
blood but but if I if I go to a restaurant and eat eggs I can feel the
difference yes so the common denominators are the two
because now when you end when you end the toxicity from the environment to the
toxicity foods you have a serious toxicity
problem so the two the two of them feed into each other when you have a body
that’s already weakened from commercial foods exposed to chemicals in the
environment it has it just can’t get rid of it all now it’s not strong enough
yeah so that’s why our programs always
consist of and we gently detox the person help them by detox I’m just don’t
even eliminate the poisons that are accumulated in the body in a way that’s
very gentle so that they’re not upset by it they don’t get sick from moving these
things around and at the same time feeding them so you you’re gradually
building them up and you’re graduating emptying the garbage out yeah and you
see people’s help we return it’s kind of like they’re reversing a dimmer switch
you know if you’ve ever been in a room with there’s a dimmer switch yeah and if
you split it out the room was really bright and every 15 minutes so we turn
down a little bit yeah at the end of the thing you’re sitting in dark you don’t
even notice it and that’s where most people are with their health they’re out
there functioning in such a low level but they haven’t noticed that it’s not
it’s not how they should feel they just know something’s wrong
yeah I that same analogy and I call it a health reserve and it’s just like the
dimmer switch that has full 100% light it’s where we’re supposed to function
but then we turn it down to 50% and we’re not dying or living but we also
may not have any symptoms yet at that point and that’s where a lot of people
live and then they may drop a little further and now they get a symptom and
then they going to need a pill and now they don’t have a symptom for a little
while but they still don’t get the concept of
restoring turning that that dimmer switch back off yeah
dimmer switch goes down there your health reserve dissipates yeah so when
something happens where they get a shop of some kind money hungry or exposed to
some bacteria or something they have no reserve to fight that off
they thought yeah and so you have people going to the emergency room all the time
with things that we did years ago nobody ever went to an emergency room but you
know why the reason was that they knew oh that just happened I’ll be okay in a
couple of days today they don’t expect to be okay
yeah because they have so little reserve it knocks them down yeah so getting
healthy is not somebody come in I have this happens to me all the time people
say I have this disease what if item in should I take yes and the answer is I I
don’t know yeah let’s find out why you have the disease yes let’s find out why
your body’s not functioning correctly and let’s work on that yeah what vitamin
is needed to help improve that yeah what what what do you need what mineral or
other supplement do you need to help get rid of none of this accumulation of bad
stuff you know and then that’s what our channel is all about and we keep saying
over and over and over that holistic health is about restoring the body and
addressing the mechanism if you’re missing something you have to provide it
and yet we 98% of the questions and comments we get unfortunately is what do
I take for this exactly and it’s not that people are stupid it’s that they
have been conditioned into the wrong model for so long that’s right that’s
just an automatic it’s a reflex you take something for something yes you know the
struggle is in educating our patients and you know you’ve really won you’ve
really hit the homerun when the patient comes in and says help me find out
what’s causing this yes what do I do to find out what’s causing it
yeah and you know I mean I can give you a couple of examples for example it’s
kind of dramatic but I remember a patient who came in and he his case
history said a recurring brain tumor and now terminal once pain relief natural
and when I talked to the gentleman I found out that he had a brain tumor they
surgically removed it and it came back and they surgically removed it and he
came back and they removed it one more time they went in and they said we can’t
do anything more they closed him up but the tumor was so big his him just looked
kind of like football mm-hmm and he was in incredible pain in the medication
that that they were giving him from pain made him feel dipped but he wasn’t dead
yet he knew he was gonna die he just wanted to have a few months of joy with
his family and when we checked him to find out what why do you have this there
is nothing natural that’s going to suppress that kind of pain no so all I
can do is say well look I don’t know about your pain right now but um but I
am curious to see if we can find out what’s causing this then when we
examined him we found out what was causing it was chlorine Wow now nobody
had ever told him this and he looked at us kind of strangely and said well what
do I do well the first thing that we told him to
do is go by a filter that that would take the chlorine atoms drinking in
order to take the chlorine out of a shower water and we gave him some
nutritional supplements that would help the body pull the chlorine out of his
body now and inside of three weeks his pain was greatly reduced and you could
see that the shape of his hand was returning and six months down the road
two months after he was supposed did the MRI found no more brain tumor
and of course they said well the surgery worked yeah of course thank you you know
yeah and that’s this is a bit dull but let’s take on the other side an infant
who was having brain seizures a recurring brain seizures that were just
I mean multiple times per minute based on the EEG examinations who say
yeah they were doing everything to try to help this girl not have these brain
seizures she was literally a vegetable by now she didn’t she’s a few months old
and this had turned on shortly after she was 1 and it might have been due to some
vaccinations you know we don’t really know we couldn’t prove it yeah but when
we examined her what we found was that she had surgery in the brain tissue so
you have a mother who is frantically worried about her child who’s had
seizures for her entire life which is only several months and all the top
neurologists could do the Soviet once while the drugs failed was recommended
in major surgery to remove a part of her brain Wow and the mother was you know
this was like what do you do they call it a Hemi ectomy or something yeah and
the doctors assured her that the child would never notice the difference
you know the implication of that yeah she came because of a strong referral
that we kind of help people find out the underlying causes of things and when we
checked her this little girl had mercury poisoning and there are only a few
natural substances that will help pull that stuff out safely yes and we trained
our doctors and how to use these things yes literally
couple drops or something yeah and within weeks her seizures stopped so
this isn’t this is a girl who is either going to be dead or going to be a
completely angel in all her life the number of children with autism yeah this
isn’t this is the biggest nightmare I can imagine and they become such burdens
it’s unloving wonderful kids whose parents are now totally enslaved yeah to
try to keep do something for this child and nothing can be done about it
medically and yet we help all of them yeah because all of these kids
regardless of whether the causes vaccines or not that’s the big
contention I don’t even care about that argument other than I discourage people
from vaccine deanna kids if possible but once the kid has autism
they have mercury poisoning lead poisoning aluminum poisoning chemical
poisoning that’s affecting their brain affecting other organs working affecting
how their digestive system is working that’s why they’re so finicky when we
check these kids out we find things that we can correct naturally that’s the you
know you could just mi about some of this stuff but it’s so wonderful to see
these kids suddenly coming around and getting into communication with you and
giving you a bug yeah wanting to examine me yeah you know yes
yeah that also you the first case was chlorine and the second cause of mercury
and these are things that that we find in virtually everyone we examine
evaluate and yet that may or may not have been at levels of blood tests to
detect that’s the problem yeah that’s there’s two problems here
what is that the number of symptoms that these things can cause varies across
such a broad spectrum that practically anybody will give you a symptom you can
find it is one of the side effects testings but they don’t
check for them routinely anyway yeah if if a person has mercury poisoning that’s
a that’s locked up in the cells of a particular organ like many women have
have mercury in their thyroid it’s not circulating yeah it’s come down maybe
because of the proximity to the mercury fillings and their teeth or just the
ingestion of fish that have mercury or some other reason and it settles in the
organ once it’s in the organ it will not show up on a blood test what shows up in
the what this is what circulating yeah people who are chronically ill don’t
often have this stuff circulating it’s just locked up and suppressing one so
you need a system that can assess what’s going on where yeah and fortunately for
us doctor good parts discovery made into mid-60s
open the door to looking into the body without deviating you exposing you to
x-ray without doing exploratory surgery again it’s not diagnostic now just gives
you an indication of what’s going on yeah gives you enough information so
that you can apply a natural solution and the patient will either get better
or not now the good news is that that same testing system is involved into
nutrition response testing we can monitor whether the person is responding
or not even before their symptoms change so that we know should we should we
continue this should we not continues should we fix it in some way and that’s
true prevention that’s is handling it before it’s even a small problem yes at
the very infancy and that’s where in a medical paradigm they think it’s all
about quantity if they do a blood test then a lot is worse than a little but in
the body it depends on where is it interfering what’s what critical
function is not it is not working because of this
process yes when you take certainly these things for example like like
mercury like aluminum these are some these are within a
category of neurotoxin in other words they have a very high toxicity to very
specific tissues so it doesn’t take a lot to create the big problem yeah that
is expressing itself in many different ways in the body then it’s big because
it doesn’t fit any of the traditional diagnosis yeah so very often you have
somebody who has they’re developing a toxicity who are developing a
combination of toxicity plus nutritional deficiency and they have big symptoms
they go to their doctor for their annual exam and the doctor says well you look
all right to me I realize you’re new you have symptoms here but let’s keep an eye
on this yeah want to keep an eye on it actually means is let’s wait another
year and see if it develops into a disease we can diagnose yeah because
then I have a drug I can give you to suppress the symptoms for us we want to
know now you know years ago I actually coined a term that I didn’t realize I
should have patented or copyrighted which is I said you know we’re doing
something here we’re practicing something called functional medicine and
I got that from Daniel David Palmer who was the first to talk about that in 1910
yeah and what we’re interested in is what’s the functional state of the body
or the organs in the body because it should be at a very high
optimum level and if it is the person who feels great yeah if it’s not at a
high end of optimum level the person starts feeling less great in less great
and less great in you could lose 80% of your functional state before you develop
a disease that’s diagnoseable and by that time the person’s only got this
huge function left yeah so my view is if the person’s dropped and this is
especially true of women my favorite patients are women because they deserve
the support nobody supports these you know anything to worry about their
families they hold down jobs and taking care of their husbands and they are very
aware of how well they’re functioning or not and a woman who’s functioning at 95
percent all the time is doing good but if she starts getting 85% she notices
the difference yeah she notices it’s getting a little harder to take care of
the kids it’s getting a little hard and do all these things yeah that’s the area
I want to get into I don’t want to wait till she’s developed a cancer my liver
disease or some other serious illness I’m interested really in in the
preventive aspect and it’s kind of interesting that we call this preventive
because it’s we’re actually preventing it from getting and getting worse yeah
and then help me the person reverses yeah that’s in the medical model
prevention that means finding it early yes and by then it’s already something
that’s right I mean you know I was traveling it to deliver a seminar once I
was on a plane and stewardess stopped by and she just gonna start chatting me up
and you know she said what do you what do you do gonna explain I was gonna
deliver seminar to a bunch of doctors teaching them how to utilize nutrition
and natural things to help handle illness we versatile
mr. Hilton she said you know I’m so lucky that way I’ve never really been
sick you know never I mean it’s likely the breast cancer yeah I’ve never really
been said yeah it was like wait a second yeah so in order for you to have
developed a breast cancer something had to be wrong yeah because that didn’t
happen overnight and we had the exact same thing we have this forum where they
check off what their overall health is and we’ve had several people check off
that they have excellent health except for the cancer last year
yeah that’s so yeah this is just a sign of how we’ve been so programming this
program this educator death because the truth of the matter is if you were to
address it as a whole medical movement you know developing of the fringes of
conventional medical doctors doctors who are just tired of the idea of giving
somebody a drug to suppress the symptom and they were discovering this whole
concept of functional medicine I was going to say that it was tragic that you
didn’t patent it because now there’s this whole other movement of functional
medicine and they’re working on blood tests right and then they’re prescribing
large quantities of nutraceuticals that’s right I want to comment on that
well the truth of the matter is that a nutraceutical is a safe drug yeah we’re
a pharmaceutical is an absolute poison and if you don’t give it the exact right
doses you will create serious problems the nutraceuticals are combined from
some pharmaceutical substances and some natural substances but they’re isolated
parts of vitamins and minerals and foods and they’re using them in the same way
as they use the drug to try to overcome the body’s reaction or response to the
underlying cause I know that’s a mouthful there but instead of using a
drug to suppress the symptoms of an underlying cause they’re using a
nutraceutical which is not actually trician yeah to try to change the
symptoms still not quite addressing underlying cause there is no
nutraceutical that will that will actually correct the cause of the
problem well this is specifically designed to handle like a mercury
toxicity you know leg toxicity but then you still
have to get in there and provide the genuine replacement parts yes I love
that word I use it on all my seminars GRP and people wander what’s that it’s a
genuine replacement part and that’s what nutrition actually is that’s where I
stuff the body needs to rebuild itself that’s right if if there is a creator
for these bodies in this planet you were smart enough to do that creation and
create an environment yes that would keep these things going and these bodies
are part of the ecology exactly of what the what want to be yeah and if you take
a look in the Garden of Eden there was a whole food there yeah
there were vegetables that were such good quality that they could eat those
things and they would they would thrive on it yeah the point is that this is
where nutrition comes from and that’s what nutrition is is actually replacing
giving the body what it needs to replace itself and to restore and regenerate
itself those people lived a long time yeah a lot longer than 60 years yes you
know they weren’t on the Alice’s before the hippies that’s right so you know so
you have this whole concept of genuine replacement parts is what we dealing the
supplements that we use are are derived from organically raised Whole Foods as
much as possible wild harvested herbs nature the way nature grew them to help
handle things foods that have grown that way any of the animal products that are
used are purified in a way that there is none
contaminants in them that are in your commercial needs for example yeah so
that these things can actually give the body what it needs to regenerate itself
and that’s the interesting point here because if you think that there’s
anybody who knows how to heal a body if there isn’t anybody who has that I’ve
ever met yeah you can try to micromanage the body’s chemistry and it always
results in the next problem up the road yeah but if you give the body whole food
concentrates with a diet of good foods the body’s innate intelligence will will
pick and choose what it needs and put it where it needs to go and that’s what
heals the body all the healing comes from within
yeah and we’re just facilitators when I examine a patient part of what I examine
is what are they eating yeah and I find out that they’re eating a typical
American diet and wondering why they’re sick how many people have you had come
into your office and say doctor if camping my diet I’ve been eating the
same thing for 40 years yeah that’s it that’s the problem you’ve been eating
the same bad stuff for 40 years and your body finally said that’s it I can’t deal
with this anymore yeah I’m completely depleted you washed out every bit of
reserves I have so that yeah and the same notion with and once we’ve been 40
years on depleted food it’s not a just a quick fix either one of my favorite
cartoons is and one a blasphemer there’s this lady sitting on up and a doctor’s
table and she says well don’t tell me to change my diet because I ate a carrot
once and nothing happens exactly I really really enjoyed this this
conversation even even having heard you speak doesn’t sometimes to still hurt
some new things it’s always enjoyable so I hope that you really take the
opportunity to share this video with as many people as you can because this is a
legend he’s reached millions of people and if you share this video you will
save lives so again thank you so much for spending this time with us and for
your mission to change healthcare we’ve taken it upon ourselves to change
healthcare in our community and we can only do it based on the work that you
down so well I just appreciate the fact that you’re out there doing it that’s
when I realized that what I knew had to be gotten out there was just so much I
can do by myself that’s why I started real and nutritional systems yeah it was
to be able to pass this knowledge out there’s nothing worse than knowing how
to fix somebody else and not doing it yeah and there’s nothing greater than
knowing what to do for someone when they come in and say doc can you help me yeah
and all I can say is I don’t know let me check you and see if I can help you yeah
and the wonderful thing about this system is you’ve experienced and I
experienced I’m always in awe of it is that it tells me whether or not I can
help that person yeah right from the start yeah and if I know I can help that
person I’ll do everything I can to encourage them to to get on to the
program and realize that they’re gonna have to invest some time into it yeah
and you know if it took you 20 years to get sick you don’t get well in 20 days
it could take one or two years investing yeah your time and your effort and we
educating yourself as to how do I build health my goal is to have patients who’s
not only whose health are restored but whose ability to maintain their health
he’s giving back to them so that they can take care of their kids
I’m trying to do was all out of a job yes that would be my idea
and we’re a whole country addicted to quick fixes and lose 30 pounds in 30
days and always this nonsense and and that’s exactly as part of our mission is
to explain how biology works that you can’t you can’t cheat nature that you
have to give it time since my grass growing you can’t hurry it up and if you
want to restore the body it’s like you said it might be awhile yes yes well Dr.
Sten thank you so much for having me on it and I was really I really loved I
looked all of your practice of what you’re doing and I look forward to
hearing about great news from you thank you thank you so much

Daniel Yohans

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