Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

If you look at the chapter I have about all the things that can cause cancer inflammation is one of them. Where does inflammation come from? It comes from chronically high imbalance
of insulin and glucose. So chronic high insulin can lead to inflammation–part of the whole inflammatory thing, and that can lead to… Now where are you getting that from? Where is insulin sensitivity coming from? It’s coming from the diet. Most Type-II diabetics have too much fat and too much glucose. Fat’s good! But when you have the fat and the sugar, together, high you get insulin insensitivity. Again, if you’re going to do “fat is better than sugar” We evolved to eat fat. Sugar was always something we sought as a species. Now we’ve refined all of our foods to be loaded with a fuel that we alway had very limited access to. Now we have a different metabolism, and that’s what’s– Chronic Alzheimer’s, all these chronic diseases are linked in one way or another to this systemic inflammation. Cancer is just being one of them. What do we have? 1,600 people a day in this country are dying from cancer! 600,000 a year are dying from cancer! And it goes up and up and up every single year. Now you tell me what the hell is going on with this? This is a tragedy of monumental proportions. And it’s getting worse. In China they’re losing 10,000 a day. It’s taken over heart disease. So you think these experts know what they’re talking about? If they did, why is this happening? So that’s the bottom line: Dead people are the ultimate result of the failure to understand the very biology of the disease that
people are working on. [applause]

Daniel Yohans

12 thoughts on “Nutrition’s Impact on Cancer Treatment

  1. Joaquim Clemente says:


  2. matthew francis says:

    So true, the basic lack of knowledge and understanding of our food choices and what role they play at the very nucleus of our health is staggering in our society. Ask people what's actually in their lunch, see what answers you get.

  3. Samantha Arana says:

    Eating ancient alkaline foods can aid in the elimination of cancer. Overloading the body with herbs and minerals while drinking at least a gallon of water every day can help you do incredibly much. Get in nature get in tune heal yourself.

  4. Peter Sdrolias says:

    There are several causes of cancer, some of which we understand and some of which we don’t. Poor nutrition just happens to be one them. Cancer research is key!

  5. Alexandre Marques says:

    Some drs gathered to talk broscience while ignoring scientific evidence and clapping at each other

  6. Savant Turnip says:

    Urghh, you could not find someone more zealous than Dr Thomas "1931 Nobel Prize research" Seyfried –
    and I eat a therapeutic ketogenic diet.

  7. Michael J Fitch says:

    5 dislikes?…some peoples children just can't be helped?

  8. Maria Pet Fooled DVD says:

    From Australia – Thanks 4 making this video!

  9. Paul Lesieur says:

    Many thanks, been searching for "mitochondrial biogenesis genes" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Miyason Mitochondria Masker – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  10. Baunji Strong says:

    Absolute FACT…Dr.Seyfried is on the money!

  11. stflat says:

    Love his passion

  12. nwazuoke imo says:

    If humans ate fruits in the early days, how so fat is better than natural carbs from fruits and vegetables? Just saying.

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