P90X Nutrition Plan Daily Sample

P90X Nutrition Plan Daily Sample

>>MONICA: Hi, everyone, my name is Monica Ward. And I’m one of the founding coaches of Team Beachbody. I know that when people are looking at the P90X Nutrition Plan, and the portion approach, it can get really daunting. But I can take you down. I was a former elementary school teacher and, I just wanted to break it down for you so you can find, a very simple way to plan and distribute your portions throughout, your day while you’re while you’re on P90X. So, I’m gonna give you an example of
Phase One, Level One, the Fat Shredder. And, it’s 1,800 calories and this would be what my day might look like. So, the first thing that I did was, I want to decide when I’m going to eat. And I wanna be looking at eating meals between um, every two and a half to three hours so I’m constantly, fueling my body and I wanna eat, like, power mini-meals. So, about 300 calories, um anywhere from 300 to 400 calories. So, I was gonna write down really quickly the times that I would be eating, and then when Dave comes and looks over my shoulder you’ll see that. And then the second thing is based on my level, you get, uh, you know, you can get little pieces of paper and then write down, the, um, number of protein servings you’d
have, the number of fats, so it kinda looks like this. And yes, I’m a total dork, so I put them in color coding like, pretty much like you see ’em in um, the nutrition guide. You know, so here is the, uh, Fat Shredder and the different colors that you see, and, and the page, uh, prior to that, you actually see, what number of servings that you get. So, I’m just going to, um, show you how I distribute, them out in my day and then how I play my meals. Okay, so I have written out my schedule and, uh, on the schedule, I started off with my, uh, my Recovery Formula, which is, part of my calories, so I’m writing,I’m putting in, when I space out my meals, my Recovery
Formula. And then, I,and this is just a matter of preference, I actually like to get my fruit in the morning with, um, a dairy, and, and I like to have my protein in the morning. And then, um, about 9:30, I start to find myself looking for a snack, so I go ahead and have a snack. At, uh, lunch time I’m gonna get a little extra protein, looking for like six ounces, um, and I typically leave my carb, for dinner so that I can enjoy carbohydrates since my family, we’ll eat, like turkey burgers or, um, Mexican food, or, um, we’ll have just some sort of a carb with our dinner. We might have whole wheat pasta, so I like to save that at night for my family. And so I’ll typically have uh, my veggies and protein during the day and then my other snack. I’ll have a veggie with dinner, my two proteins. At night, I’ll have my fat, either wait with this, but I usually keep my, condiment, because I’ll make a salad and then I’ll have a dairy for my snack. So, this is what it looks like. Then, what I start to do is I substitute these for actual foods, and so Dave’s gonna show you that in just a second. Okay, so after I distributed the portions throughout my day and, I just want to note one thing, uh, the Recovery Formula is taken within
one hour of your workout. So, if you work out in the morning, you’re gonna take it in the morning. If you work out mid-day or afternoon, obviously within one hour of your workout, that’s when you’re gonna do it. But, um, so, this is what your menu might look like for one day. Uh, your protein is gonna come from an egg white omelet, you might have a cup of milk, and then your fruit would be, some sort of a melon, um or strawberries or any of the fruit listed. Your snack is gonna be Shakeology. Um, you will get your protein for lunch with six ounces of tuna. Uh, you can get a cup of lettuce and then some fat-free dressing, um. For your mid-day snack, it’s gonna be string cheese. Um, and then for your dinner, for example, for the carb, uh,you’re allowed three corn tortillas. You could get six ounces of shredded chicken, a cup of vegetables and avocado and make yourself some shredded chicken tacos. So, that is just an example of how to distribute your food. What I like about the plan is that you can choose whatever you like. But, if you need any help with, um, your P90X nutrition plan, or you need coaching, please contact
[email protected] or just come to thefitclubnetwork.com. That’s the fitclubnetwork.com and, uh, you’ll see all of us there on the message boards or you can contact us. So, good luck with your P90X program and I hope this helped.

Daniel Yohans

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  1. W.K.M the BodyGaurd says:


  2. TheRMartz12 says:

    Thanks a lot!

  3. the redeemer says:

    ridoocy question, but how much is a 'cup'… cups differ in size.

  4. Dave Ward says:

    Not necessarily, but consider what else you are eating. If you have a meal that's costing you about $4 on average, then you are working within a Shakeology budget.

  5. Robin Frøland says:

    This is incredibly usefull information! Thank you so much. However, if you had the time, I would absolutely love you to make anther similar video with other food examples. For variation! Maybe make a list of different foods for the different meals?

    Sincerely, guy from Norway.

  6. Mir Tamanna says:

    Hello, have you considered this program called the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (check google). My mate says it helps people get thinner. Thoughts?

  7. rajaram9k says:

    This still surprise me, how some people are not aware about Kinovelax Diet Plan (search on google), even though many people get great result because of it. Thanks to my cooworker who told me about Kinovelax Diet Plan, I have lost a ton of weight with it without starving myself.

  8. Dave Ward says:

    I don't necessarily disagree with the comment about limiting carb intake late in the day, but the bread on a chicken sandwich is going to have the same carb count (per the P90X plan) as the 3 tortillas. I like to time my carb intake pre and post workout, but a single carb serving, even at dinner, isn't a real problem.

  9. Shane Collins says:

    Hi, just looking at the Nutrition Guide here and the last meal, dinner is for me usually about 6pm everyday, am i not supposed to eat anything after this? seems very hard to not eat anything between dinner and bed 4-5 hours later, that will be the hardest thing out of this program for me.. or am i getting it wrong?

  10. E.K Tactical says:

    This just helped me out so much. Thank you for this video post.

  11. Dave Ward says:

    No problem. Glad we could help.

  12. Gabe says:

    Whey protein with water is good

  13. Dave Ward says:

    Right on. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help with anything.

  14. hasan kajol says:

    Hi, have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (google it). My mate insists it helps people lose weight.

  15. Logan Flood says:

    sounds like it is for people with WAy too much time on there hands to me.

  16. Dave Ward says:

    Meal planning takes time in the beginning, but quickly becomes automatic if you are willing to invest in it. It's a lot like planning your calendar. It seems daunting, but you soon realize you've saved time by planning ahead and being efficient.

  17. chuckforever100 says:

    The thing that confuses me the most is counting calories 🙁 based on the Fat Shredder Level 1 portion approach, if u add all the calories up based on the food list and correct number of portions, it only adds up to about 1,410 calories, not 1,800. I don't get it, b/c if you follow the portions strictly then you're not gonna get enough calories…

  18. Dave Ward says:

    You have to also factor in the snacks and adjust it to your needs. No one is going to fit squarely in the Levels. If you send me an email (infoATthefitclubnetworkDOTcom) I'll help you sort it out.

  19. Younes Berrada says:


  20. Dave Ward says:

    Our pleasure. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help.

  21. Younes Berrada says:

    well ramadan is coming and i don't know how i going to eat can you help me please ??

  22. Dave Ward says:

    Well, you have to get your priorities in line and do what's important to you. Understand that those two things are not complimentary. My suggestion is to wait until it is over until you resume P90X. That's a good chance for you to rest and let your body recover. Eat really healthy during that time period and you'll win.

  23. Younes Berrada says:

    thank you very very much ..your the best 🙂

  24. Younes Berrada says:

    is it ok if i do p90x without recovery drink and protein bars ?

  25. Dave Ward says:

    Yes. You may or may not get the same results, but you should still do the program.

  26. Younes Berrada says:

    im 16 years old 5,4 , so with what i can replace recovery drink and protein bars ? thank you for your answer

  27. Dave Ward says:

    The best time to workout is when you can commit to it. The second best time is in the morning. Really, it's when you can get it done.

  28. Dave Ward says:

    That really just depends on you. I can't eat right after a workout. Instead, I start my recovery with either Recovery Formula or the new Fuel Shot. I can handle that easily, because it's just simple sugars for the most part. You just have to see how you feel, but you should be getting in some carbs within 45 minutes of working out. If that's breakfast, then thats fine.

  29. roberto Thegreat says:

    very well esplained very good

  30. strikerjess says:

    I may not get the results formula but im getting shakeology that should really help me out

  31. Dave Ward says:

    Both good products, but Shakeology is really the better product. It addresses your body's base nutritional needs. Recovery Forumla is good, particularly when your workouts are really intense, but Shakeology is a much more diverse product.

  32. strikerjess says:


  33. Chantelle Stylez says:

    Are you from Alaska? You sound like Sara Palin!

  34. Dave Ward says:

    Nope. LOL. San Diego.

  35. kumud satsangi says:

    Hi, could you please show sample meal plan for vegetarian (with egg) for same P90x phase 1 level 1………

  36. channelin says:

    hold on a minute, you go 4 hours without food before you go to bed! you'll starve, thats ineffective.

  37. Dave Ward says:

    It is just an example. Also, we find that a 12 hour fasting period is very effective if your goal is weight loss.

  38. channelin says:

    but i get so hungry from that period between 6pm and 10pm (bed time) if i dont eat at around 9pm i end up binge eating

  39. Dave Ward says:

    Anything that causes you to binge eat is a bad idea. Again, just an example of how you can set up your day. That 12 hour fasting does work.

  40. MrGramz09 says:

    i would suggest that you drink a protein shake before bed it keep you full through out the night.

  41. roberto Thegreat says:

    when in the book of nutrition guide of p90x it says 1 cup of veggies that mean what ?? 3 vegetables ??? 4 oz 3 oz ??

  42. Dave Ward says:

    There are 8 ounces in a cup, so if you are using a scale, that's an easy way to figure it out. You can also just chop them up and fit them into the measuring cup.

  43. chris says:

    At any point do you need to recalculate your "nutrition level"? I fell in level 2 to start, but I tend to drop weight quickly and don't want to over eat or under eat at any point in the plan.

  44. Dave Ward says:

    Hey! Good question. We suggest taking a look at it every two weeks or so. As your weight drops, you'll want to eat less if you want to maintain weight loss mode. Don't hesitate to email us at infoATthefitclubnetworkDOTcom. We are happy to help.

  45. chris says:

    Thank you for the info, and responding back so quickly.

  46. Santiago Gonzale says:

    I am in phase one level 1 in fat shredder i supposed to eat 2330 calories in total. I know it's 1,165cal in protein, 699cal in carb's, and 466cal in fats, Do I eat by calories or grams? Can you please help me with the p90x nutrition plan i am so confused. Thanks for your time I hoppe you can help me.

  47. Santiago Gonzale says:

    So for me what would be a serving for each of the squares for protein,fat etc.?

  48. Dave Ward says:

    You want to eat by portion. So, for example, each portion of protein is 100 calories. When you eat 100 calories from something that is from the protein list, then you check off one of those boxes. It is easier do track things in terms of portions. It's slightly less precise, but a lot easier and just as effective.

  49. Dave Ward says:

    If you track the link back to our site, there is a Word document that has all of the portions listed out along with everything broken down into protein/fat/carb/dairy, etc.

  50. Dave Ward says:

    That's a lot of sugar. I'd probably split the serving in half and have one half after each workout.

  51. death16839 says:

    Man life is too hard

  52. Dave Ward says:

    Why is that?

  53. ReallyGoodGaming says:

    I am pretty skinny and was wondering if there was a way to modify the diet so I don't lose as much fat since I am skinny. Thanks

  54. Dave Ward says:

    The plan includes 600 extra calories to avoid running a deficit, so if you include those you should be fine. You could also add 300.

  55. ReallyGoodGaming says:


  56. Roan Bryan says:

    Monica, this is the absolute BEST tool for the meal plan on P90X! Easy to understand and, with a little preparation, a good guide to use every day! Thank you for posting this!

  57. Dave Ward says:

    Thanks so much! Glad it helped you. Are you starting P90X soon, or have you already started it?

  58. Gazman997 says:

    What do i eat if i am already skinny and want to build muscle?

  59. Dave Ward says:

    Are you doing P90X?

  60. Gazman997 says:

    Ive got it, and will start once i know what to eat to build muscle

  61. Dave Ward says:

    I'd recommend that you follow the nutrition guide. If you run up to the description of this video there is a link to our page where we have just about everything you'll need. You have to eat more calories than you burn if you want to gain weight, so don't run a calorie deficit. Start with that high protein/low carb plan, but move on within about 2 weeks to Phase II, which will help you gain weight.

  62. Joe Saeed says:

    well , i just wanna ask u if i could complete my p90x without any supplement , does that work ????

  63. Dave Ward says:

    It's not a matter of whether it will "work" in the sense that you'll be waisting your time. It's a matter of what sort of results you'll end up with. If your nutrition is perfect (and I mean perfect) then you can really get most of your nutrients from foods. If it isn't spot on, then every nutrient you lack will impact your outcome. That's really why we recommend using supplements. Food isn't perfect, but people are even less so.

  64. jitu757 says:

    Great video and I am a very visual type person so seeing a meal plan laid out like the one you showed really helps out. Question I have fo you, it looks like between lunch and dinner, the snack wont hold you over versus having shakeology between breakfast and lunch.

  65. Dave Ward says:

    You could do it either way. This is really just one example of how to set up your day. It is also set up for Monica's calorie intake, which isn't particularly high. For most people that string cheese isn't going to be enough, but for her it worked fine. I should also note that we've stopped consuming dairy since this was filmed, so that snack is likely some almonds now.

  66. Juozapas Ališauskas says:

    I just wanted to ask about nutrition.Because of the type of my work and life style i can eat not 5 but only 3 meals a day. So could i achieve the same results if i eat my 3 bigger meals instead of 5? If not, can you write few tips, what can i do to make my nutrition work?

  67. Dave Ward says:

    The 5 meals a day keep your metabolism working. 2 of them can basically be snacks, so if you can keep something handy that you can eat quickly, that's what I would suggest. I can't say that you'll get the same results with 3 meals per day. That's going to depend on so many variables.

  68. Dave Ward says:

    It's not really meant as a daily exercise, just a visual representation of how to plan out your meals. Nutrition is the key factor in success or failure with this program (and pretty much every program really), so time spent focused on that is time well spent.

  69. Dave Ward says:


  70. Dave Ward says:

    Do you have the nutrition guide manual? It has basically all that. Make sure you get your calories correct and you shouldn't be hungry. If you track back the links to our site we do offer free coaching to help you make sure you get that all right and then fine tune things as you go.

  71. Bo Christman says:

    Thank you so much for this

  72. Dave Ward says:

    Of course. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email if you have questions.

  73. Dave Ward says:

    Awesome. Love to help however we can.

  74. Bo Christman says:

    Will do!!!!

  75. Bo Christman says:

    Hey I was also wondering would it be best to drink shakeology for breakfast or snack and why thanks!!!

  76. sTrInG sLiNgEr420 says:

    question… the spread sheet that shows your number of protien, carbs, ect for the day has different sized boxes… ie, some are this wide _ and others are __ this wide. It leads me to assume the wider boxes are "double portions"… as in a single wide would be 3 oz of protien, where a double is 6 oz. I added the calorie intake for a day both ways, and at phase one, level 2, it puts my calories around 2300 per day with the double portion approach… where the single intake is rather low.

  77. Dave Ward says:

    If you are looking at the spreadsheet from our site, each box is one portion. If they are different sizes it is only because of the way Excel formats things and a need to make them that way to fit everything. 6oz of chicken, would be represented as 2 boxes. Make sure you are including snacks. They can account for up to 600 calories and are a very important part of the plan.

  78. Dave Ward says:

    It really doesn't matter either way. Many people use it to replace a meal they struggle with and for a lot of us that's breakfast. I often have it as a snack or even a post workout recovery drink. It's very versatile.

  79. sTrInG sLiNgEr420 says:

    ok, that makes a little more sense…. wow that was fast, thank you 🙂 Is there an alternative "recovery drink" that can be used? Gatorade, ect when I'm in a pinch? I assume it's for glycogen (if i could spell that off the top of my head lol)

  80. Dave Ward says:

    You are looking for something with a 3 part carb/1 part protein blend. Try to avoid things that us High Fructose Corn Syrup (Gatorade). Get some 100% natural juice and mix that with protein powder.

  81. TsukasaAmou says:

    This was very useful, thanks for uploading! Looking at it you stop at 6pm, what is your bed time? Assuming it is like 10-11, how to you not crave that late night snack or meal?

  82. Dave Ward says:

    It's just an example of a day. Everyone is going to need to make their own adjustments. A protein shake is a good late night snack, as long as it is low in carbs and high in protein. That's my suggestion.

  83. Laurie M says:

    Please be sure to check how much calories per serving allowed. I believe that protein are 100 calories each, so that's 500 for the day.

  84. TheRebellion47 says:

    Great setup for the meal timeline, I want to use it, but I usually start my workout at 5 a.m, what time did you workout?

  85. TheRebellion47 says:

    Ignore my first comment, I got it down, thanks for this! Extremely helpful!

  86. Junior Pinedo says:

    i dont hae time for all of this. i cant eat in class

  87. Anthony Paras says:

    That really helped to give some structure to my meals thanks

  88. Dave Ward says:

    Awesome. Let us know if we can help you through anything else.

  89. Dave Ward says:

    Thanks! If you need some help, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  90. Steven Alchi says:

    Hey! Started P90x last week and although I've GREATLY improved my eating habits, I don't really understand the portion size of the booklet? I choose to follow the portion method as I have school so as you know, I choose from that foods on the list. However, for example the protein section, on the side, it will say one serving = 100 calories, does that mean each serving of protein I have can only be 100 calories? Thanks!

  91. dyna2007 says:

    i thought shakeology was suppose to replace one of the meals?

  92. T M 1 8 2 ! says:

    isn't bad to eat carbs at night when we do almost nothing?.. 

  93. Ryan Comito says:

    thank you "former elementary school teacher"

  94. sexyboysf2013 says:

    it is a good idea to work pout at night? I usually have time to work out at night after school and work. 

  95. Zakk Wylde says:

    Hi! Excellent video, i have a question, for p90x diet i can eat beef ? 

  96. F K says:

    im so confused on one thing the plan you just stated is for phase 1 but everyone's calorie intake is different for example mine calculates to be 2300, and if i follow the plan on the book exactly and how it says 1 protein needs to be 3oz of chicken and all, the total of this caloriee intake plan is close to 1300… so confused!!! please help. for now the way im doing is im consuming 2000 calories a day and not caring what i eat as long as its in the 50/30/20 ratio. also one very important thing other foods also have carbs, in that plan so does that mean I shouldnt have that one extra serving of carbs? because if i do i will exceed my daily carbs total…. PLEASE PLEASE help with this

  97. F K says:

    One thing please dont forget to tell me.. If i follow the portion approach exactly the carb count according to my fitness pal increases by alot

  98. F K says:

    I went thru the whole thing but still confused bout couple more things. 1. Are the calories that I'm taking in phase 1 be the same amount in phase 2 and 3?
    2. Do I have to follow the plan exactly? Or can I just eat whatever I want as long as it's healthy and in the 50/30/20 ratio for phase 1.
    3. I'm going to be doing a deficit of 400, and burning upto 600 calories doing p90x so does that mean I'll be burning 1000 calories a day? Is that recommended? Or will I loose muscle mass with this also, I'm really not trying to loose muscle also while I burn fat.

  99. F K says:

    I sent the email already

  100. F K says:

    Hey Dave I have emailed you at the [email protected]… Address did you receive it yet, I sent two back to back as I forgot to put something in the first one

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