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– [Both] Oh my god! – Yo!
– It’s not even cooked! – No!
It’s alive. (funky music) What’s up everybody? I’m Vinny. – And I’m DJ Pauly D. – We’re here at Men’s Health, because they asked us to try
some disgustingly healthy food. – And if we don’t eat it, we
have to answer a question. All right let’s check this out. – I got Shiitake Mushroom Jerky. – Ew. I got Louisville Vegan Jerky. – Bro, what the hell is vegan jerky? That’s like an oxymoron.
– I don’t know. I don’t know. This is bootleg jerky though, it’s like your clothes bootleg. – No meat, no soy, just shrooms. I’ve never done shrooms. Is this gonna make me high? I just don’t wanna be
trippin’ balls after this. (Pauly laughs)
(suspenseful music) – Look at his face.
(Pauly laughs) – Tastes like a dried up mushroom. Actually it’s nasty and I like mushrooms. This is not good. – All right my turn. – You’re gonna try this now. – All right, I mean listen vegan jerky smokey Carolina barbecue,
that doesn’t sound that bad. – What’s in it though?
– I don’t know. – You can’t just say vegan and
it’s like it has ingredients. – Smells like. (dramatic music) – Soy protein.
– It’s not bad. – Mustard. Apple cider vinegar. Vegan sugar. – It’s spicy too. – Yeah?
– Try it. It’s not bad. – Well because they just
drown in (beep) sugar and whatever teriyaki sauce. – [Pauly] I’m not mad at it. (dramatic music) – Someone give me some meat. Next item here. – All right. – Chili roasted eel. All right I know you’re
not eating that one. You don’t eat seafood. – A smoked oysters in sunflower oil. – This kid doesn’t eat seafood. – It’s not for me. – This chili roasted eel. – Get into that bro. – I do like eel.
– You eat seafood. – I eat eel with the thing. – You would eat eel you chooch. – [Both] Ew! – You got eel juice on you. (laughs) Oh you gotta eat a nice
little slither of that. – Is that you opening yours? – This is like Fear Factor. (both laugh) – [Both] Ew! – Bro, why is it green? (Pauly gagging) Smell that. – I like oysters but they
don’t look like that. – Look at that bad boy. Put Worcester on there. (both laugh) I’m not taking mine. – Yeah I’m not eating mine either. – Question time. – Whoa!
(Pauly laughs) Does anyone on the cast of
Jersey Shore use steroids? – Define steroids. – I mean, did anyone on
the cast of Jersey Shore not use steroids? (Pauly laughs)
That’s the question. – They gave it to us when we signed on. – Yeah exactly. – In Jersey when you go to
the beach, they inject you. – Well I didn’t, I can’t
speak for everyone else. I’m gonna plead the fifth on that. I’ve never seen anything
being done myself. We don’t shoot each other up but Ronnie did look a little suspect. One season, Ronnie was brolic. Yo, he yoked. – What is the craziest
thing you’ve done for love? Okay, so the craziest
thing I’ve done for love would be, a whole entire reality show, called Double Shot At Love. I lived in a house with 20
women and my best friend. Oh (beep).
– What! – Look at this room. (women screaming) – Um, first of all, I don’t
even know what noni juice is. Sounds like something dirty. – Ugh! That stinks! Sauerkraut juice, bro
that smells disgusting. – I’m question. – I’m questioning it too dude. Smell that.
– I’m not a good drinker. – I don’t like sauerkraut either. Ugh! I would gladly take a
question for this one. – The longest relationship
you’ve ever had. I’ve never gone over a two year mark. And sometimes on and off too. – When you ask me that question, if you ask the girlfriend I
was with that period of time, it’s longer for her than it was for me. I’m like, how long were we together? Three years, what? It’s only been a year. – We were getting to know each
other the first two months. – Moving right along. Would you ever be in a? – Polyamorous. – Polyamorous, relationship. I can’t even say polyamorous. Which one is that one now? – We just were. Where you’re dating multiple
women at the same time. – All right, now so
this is a concept here. So this is a pretty good concept. So the other girls don’t get mad? This could be the way to go. – Yeah but what about the
girls having guys though? – Wait they can do that too? – Yeah.
(both laugh) Spicy cayenne pepper worm bites? Oh my god. I’m gonna try one of these. I’m gonna eat a worm, what do you got? – Bro I have dried black scorpions. – [Vinny] What the (beep)? – Listen if it wasn’t dried
I would be able to do it. But it’s dried. – I’m gonna eat these so I
don’t have to answer a question. All right here we go. Worm bites. (suspenseful music) Taste like nuts. Taste like seeds or something. Pretty good. – Oh man.
– I don’t know. I think it’s poisonous to eat a scorpion. – Dried black scorpion. – [Both] Oh my god! – It’s not even cooked! – It’s alive! – Bro what? This can’t be real. I was expecting like a
gummy one or something. Bro when you eat something that
comes in apparatus like this you know it’s serious. This is a glass case. – It’s like a pet. Crawfish, so it’s not like that different. Oh it’s got a claw. You should put this on your piece. (Pauly laughs) It has hair. – Oh it’s good. (Vinny laughs) – This is the best day of my life. – Wow, tries it. I done Fear Factor. I had to put a live scorpion in my mouth. That thing was stabbing me and shit. It was biting me. It was going crazy and Ronnie
was supposed to take it off my mouth but he wouldn’t do it. All big for nothing. He was scared of this little scorpion. – That’s what steroids do bro. They don’t actually give
you any real strength. Why this taste fishy? – No it tastes anty. It tastes like ants. – It tastes anty. – I feel like I have scorpion
breath now, don’t kiss me. – Me neither, ugh. (exciting music) – Yo for me my favorite
was this barbecue jerky. It wasn’t bad. But the worst was this scorpion. Look at that, tastes like an ant. Like an ant farm. – My favorite– – You haven’t eaten an ant farm? – No.
– Neither did I. – My favorite is the worm bites. I’m thinking about opening
up a pet store one day. I’m gonna call it, we got worms. – You should name it, we got crabs. – My worst thing was, well
I didn’t have that shit. But that mushroom jerky, hell no. – Bro the scorpion has
quite an aftertaste. – It does. Things you never thought you’d say.

Daniel Yohans

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