PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed  (Mental Health Documentary)

PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)

Daniel Yohans

40 thoughts on “PLUGGED IN : The True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed (Mental Health Documentary)


    0:00 Introduction

    5:00 What Will Be Explored In This Documentary?

    5:42 Chapter 1. How It Works

    9:27 Jonathan Bertrand's Speech

    11:04 The Rewarding System Of Social Media And Weaponizing Envy

    16:35 Social Media Usage A Risky Behavior

    18:42 The Programming Of Digital Natives

    21:46 Social Media Encourages Narcissistic And Toxic Behavior

    27:45 Suicide And Cyber Bullying Part 1

    32:18 Suicide And Cyber Bullying Part 2

    35:48 Resolution: What Can Be Done

    38:06 The Dumb Phone Usage Experiment

    41:12 Validation By Proxy

    45:31 Social Media Is Conditioning, Not Addiction

    48:15 People Describe How They Felt About The Challenge

  2. jeanette strauss says:

    Thank you Richard. Amazing polly send me here long time ago. I enjoy your knowledge. Thank you 🙏🇩🇰👍🏽❤️

  3. Colette Dixon says:

    Is it not the forced separation of parents and children 🤔

  4. Debbie Sanford says:

    Kids are learning who they are and where they fit in. They are completely vulnerable to what they are fed. Most spend more time learning outside of the family.

    They're constantly being told the very adults that should be raising them (parents, ect.) are wrong, not ok. If white or Christian, add they are bad, come from bad peoply and don't belong.

    Belonging and feeling good about ones self = self confidence and belonging. If one doesn't feel they have these qualities, the outcome very likely is suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts. They are definitely under a mind control program(s).

    They can't seem to get past themselves in order to contribute meaningful positivity to anything/anyone outside of themselves. Which only adds to the downward spiral of self image.

  5. Maria Cuevas says:

    All of heard up to now in this documentary is making the case for the powers that be decide for individuals how much time you’ll spend online and how much information and which you can have. Just enough so you can consume something but not enough what the real cost is of that something is. I’ve been around for a while and in my time there were many teens committing suicide but the public at large just knew their national news as propagandized by the addictive news media of the time. The internet has helped many people I know including me. Don’t let go of freedom of speech! Eyes….

  6. Erica Oakley says:

    Correlation is not causation. Just because there is mental illness doesn’t necessarily mean it’s related to social media. It’s likely there are many varied factors causing mental illness.

  7. whitegirl333 says:

    I was bullied by a couple dozen people on facebook messenger in a very volatile state , and they all wanted to kill my hopes and dream. Scheduled for deletion

  8. p Ww says:

    When you realise and wake up to the fact we're being manipulated everyday to accept transgender as REAL PEOPLE lol you're gonna be in for a shock…

    Take a closer look at nearly all the A list female and male Actors in Hollywood and singers and models alike..

    Victoria's secret is out and its not good…

  9. Jonathan Strange says:

    Very good!

  10. powergirl901 says:

    The conditioning reminds me of the rat experiments on their brain's dopamine channels. Notice how people approaching a million are now homeless and living like rats WITH rats! I wonder if there's a connection?

  11. Fern Forwood says:

    Social media would be fine if it wasn’t done for profit. It might even be what we thought it would be before we got what we got. It was developed by computer scientists & by the military for practical & humane reasons, but taken over by corporations & turned into this vast, multi-tentacled advertising machine that destroys people in order to turn them into helpless consumers.

  12. DJ M.I.A. says:

    Social media along with the advancement of tech is just a long but fast journey to where we will end up in the sleeping pods from the matrix.

  13. Sirry Sim says:

    ARE they raging a war on social….connection!!???

  14. Van Meir says:

    Like with the tobacco industry, we should collectively sew these big tech.

  15. Timothy Roepe says:

    people seem to have inadvertently become invested in these on line social sites; face book is the worst. It has even become a political tool. Thank you for posting this

  16. Dave Stambaugh says:

    If you have been raised to have a supermarket tabloid mentality the gossip networks are very attractive to your sick mind.

  17. P says:

    Absolutely brilliant documentary.

  18. Spread Love says:

    Guru Mac

    Yep … these YouTubers are Zionists Shills saying nothing we already don’t know… and twist lies within it!

    Is this sound frequencied!?

    Wonder what subliminals are being pushed within this Shill video…. and with the rest of psychopaths speaking that already knew what media is … no matter the media … as they’re the freaks that brought this in. Experts! 🥴

    Homeschool your kids and rip the media out of their hands and turn these Satanic Psychopath Freak people off and trust yourself as the expert! 🤮

    Narcissism is Intentional Trauma …. mixed with Biowarfare via vaccines … Genetically modifying humans…. Pharma … sound frequencies and an intentionally poisoned environment…. as well as Direct Energy Weapons.

    Not the “Bad Common Human’s” fault for going insane! With psychopaths pushing this garbage ….

    All diseases have been created but the natural immune building diseases… and random natural ones that don’t kill millions but a couple hundred.

    We’ve been so altered by the demonic frequencies and psychopaths!

    Ya know … the ones that have been kicked out of over 180 Countries…. infiltrated everything ….

    they got their hands on Godlike Technology…. shat that caused the last sunken civilization and here’s one of their Mouth Pieces! 🤮🖕🏽

  19. LIITEMIES says:

    Woooooöooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. About getting rid of the manipulation. Its in videos. Its on the malls. Its electronic messaging. Lies.

  20. Georgina Whitby says:

    Thanks again for this. Just stumbled on your channel a couple of days ago. Three insightful and nuanced pieces so far.

    I'd add that the subject area of psychological abuse etc is generally occupied by abusers and gaslighters ( arguing all contradictions to their fictions to be supposedly gaslighting) and/ or those wanting to place all vengeance beyond accountability. That is obviously a terrible pit for already vulnerable people. It's really important that you are providing an honest , nuanced , and accountability-building alternative to that . I see that you are wanting to help people become genuinely stronger, and more integrated and whole ( which includes being alive to empathy ) . I hope your page reaches many who
    might otherwise be dragged further down into resentment and hopelessness .

    PS . I agree with your idea of changing the name of the channel . While I get you were probably wanting to evoke stoicism , the other meanings of Spartan culture compromise the association .

  21. Georgina Whitby says:

    Social media as " validation by proxy ". That's an important insight . And an insight into how narcisism can be mass induced / normalised .

  22. Robin Lindberg says:

    WOW!!! Thank you for this very informative video.👍❤️

  23. Worldwide Wabbit says:

    What's is this social media thing you speak of?

  24. Michael John Dennis says:

    All social media needs to be banned – there should also be an internet and mobile device licence system, based on provable need in a court of law, once an applicant has been vetted by the police and only available to those over 21 years old and all licences valid for a maximum period of 12 months

  25. mcdonald Cantor says:

    Dm means direct message me? I just found out from this video.. Social media/ tv/videogames are you spending your time productibly or are expending your life on it i called it .. The tool that sucking the soul out of you… Ask yourself how do you feel after. What your trying to gain from it. I think social media its purpose like it said here to devalue humanity their main goal.. Is trying to destroy your IDENTITY…..

  26. shadowbeastmustdie says:

    Interesting they put a transgender male to female as one of the main characters. Wanna talk about conditioning? The proliferation of gender confused kids has more to do with conditioning than genetics. Narcissism, female imagery being everywhere, it's obvious why this is happening. Transgenderism is mental illness. Someone needs to address this instead of turning any mention of it into "hate speech". We don't hate you, we empathize with your pain and want you to find yourselves. You're lost in the matrix.

  27. NeonSuspenders says:

    The problem with social media is that if you use it – It will probably drive you insane based on the assertions in this video (which I agree with).
    If you don't – well… let's just say it gets a bit lonely. Because almost all planning is exclusively done though social media (at least with my friend circles).

  28. Wait for it says:

    Typical human, blame everyone and everything except yourself for your actions.

  29. SHADOW BANNED says:

    Media Elite owned medical treatment Elite owned News 99% Fake and those kid muppets talking cant act and TRUST NO MAN OR CHILD who likes his 1 eye or his finger triangles or his secret codes / trust no man trust no man trust no man /

  30. SHADOW BANNED says:

    Just remember as a 2 legged creature time keeps on tripping tripping tripping into the ( @@@@@@ )
    and your time is limited ticky ticky tocky tock tick

  31. FREEWILL Farms says:

    If the goal is to change us …
    Into what?
    They are also using media and data mining as a huge litmus test gauge to see public perception on the social engineering progression .

  32. Frase says:

    One of these needs to be made for tinder and bumble and dating apps too… Dangerous to the psyche

  33. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    You’re absolutely right on the effects of social media. Great documentary. Thank you.

    But there are many of us who have a purpose to our lives on this Earth. Many of us with a desire to help our fellow man. To treat our fellow man with respect and dignity. To speak truth to power. To expose evil and lies. Many of us HAVE a purpose. It’s just a shame that the scummy, evil “elite” who control the world are such psychopathic satanists.

    They will have their comeuppance in this world or the next. So rest easy. Good will always prevail as long as good men continue to speak out and fight for truth.

  34. Deborah Lawson says:

    If one considers that Facebook was created initially to malign females, misogynistic behaviour, 'rating' … and then slowly evolved. I, personally, believe that these 'social' media apps were intentionally created to keep a watch over the world population and manipulate, isolate, control… this was organized and the intended outcome. But, this is just what I think. I've never been interested in social media!

  35. Bear In Mind says:

    Sure there’s some affects from technology but one of all the chemicals in our food air and water? To include so-called medicine?

  36. Jenny Gibbons says:

    Outstanding content and quality. "We're all trying to escape this reality (in some form) because it is all so unbearable to us." That quintessential lightbulb moment that we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom and direction. The evident demonstration of extreme spiritual sickness. Thank you again.

  37. Bert2368 says:

    Try pasting a link to this video on Facebook as THE LAST thing you ever post there. And NOT going back to look for likes & comments doing so generated.

    Can't speak as to other SM platforms, I'm a dinosaur and never used them.

  38. Cat Cube says:

    even before social media platforms the TV semi gods in it had huge influence on children i remember from my childhood that we were like zombis not using our brains at all so they somehow trigger behavioural new patterns that people wouldnt do things if they would use their own mind .

  39. Cat Cube says:

    ive tried and dumped everything 2,5 years ago, its a waist of time using only youtube nowdays kids have weak minds you need strong will to survive my parents smoked and i never did.

  40. SONIC FOXX MUSIC says:

    "WHAT'S Facebook???"….

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