Pre Ride Nutrition: Vegan Porridge & Rice Pudding Anyone Can Make

(whooshing) – Pre Ride meals all mean different things to different people depending on what time
you actually get out and sit in the saddle. So World Tour nutritionist Nigel Mitchell is going to show us two recipes today. One is the perfect pre ride breakfast and the second is a pre ride meal suitable for any time of day. And both of them are recipes
taken from our new book, “The Plant-Based Cyclist”, which is a complete guide
to living and riding on a plant based diet and
written by Nigel himself. Should we start our breakfast, Nige? – Let’s start with breakfast,
first meal of the day. – Yes, and the best. (upbeat music) – Porridge is probably one of the most simple
meals that you can do and we’re going to cook it on a stove top. – Yeah. – Some people will use a microwave, one of the things you can use is some of these
electronic pressure cookers where you set it the night before so it’s ready for you in the morning. – So no excuses about
being short for time. – No. – It’ll be ready to roll as
soon as you get out of bed. – But I find actually, you
know, cooking it like this on a stove top first thing on the morning, you’re waking up, it’s
quite therapeutic as well. What we’re going to do first
of all is just start the pan. – Okay. – So we’ll put the pan
on a relatively low heat. What we don’t want to
do is be burning things. – Okay. – And what we’ll do next
is we’ll add the milk type. So we’re using almond milk. Now, there’s lots of
dairy free milks available and you have to be quite careful that you’re choosing something that is fortified with calcium. Almond milk is a little bit
lower in protein than soy milk so if you wanted more protein, than you might use soy milk or again you can use, you can add, some of the unflavored vegetable protein as well with that there. Just to add that little
bit more protein to it. And you use roughly twice as much milk as what you do for the oats. – Okay. – So basic rule to porridge
is two parts liquid to one part of oats. What I like to do is just
warm my milk up first, as I’m cooking. So I’m just going to add the milk to it. I’m not going to put
it all in to begin with because if it starts thickening up a little bit more than I want it to then I can add some more. – Okay. – Quite often as well though, people will have porridge made with water. That’s what we tend to do with the pros. But I’m using milk with this. – Okay. – So the milk’s warming up, I can feel that on the side of the pan. And I’m gonnna add the oats. – Okay. – These are just standard rolled oats. So you can get you Jimbo oats, you can have lots of
different types of oats but just from a time point of view, the smaller oats cook a
little bit more quickly. And oats, as you know,
are a really good source of carbohydrate, real
good sources of fiber, both soluble and insoluble fiber, so they’re super healthy. – There’s quite a bit of
protein in oats, isn’t there? – Yeah, yeah. So within the oats itself,
within something like this, you’re going to get about six grams of protein from the oats. – Okay. – So the oats are a
good source of protein. All of of these foods are good
sources of protein as well. So just drop those in. We’r giving it a little stir. What you’ve got to do with porridge is make sure that it doesn’t stick. – Yeah. – And what I’m, the secret
ingredient to this porridge is actually going to be the coconut oil. – Oh, yeah. – So, love coconut oil
for lots of reasons. From a pre ride meal point of view, then the coconut oil gives
these medium chain triglycerides which the body can use
as a good fuel source. Also, it gives an amazing
texture to the porridge and the fat in it, it slows down the
digestion and absorption, so it feeds you over a
longer period of time. So it will keep you
full for longer as well. – We touched a little bit
earlier on about protein. – Yeah. – How much is going to be
in this pan of porridge now? – There’s actually not that much. – Because almond milk’s
not that high in protein. – Okay. – So there’s probably only about six grams of protein in this portion. Most of that is really just coming from the porridge oats itself. – Okay, so for a rider, you
know, of my size, for example, we’ll say 73 kilos, a road rider, is that enough protein for my breakfast or do I need to be looking
at other sources as well? – It’s a little bit on
the low side for you. So what I would recommend for
yourself who’s training hard, is just adding a bit more of the unflavored vegetable
protein that we have. – Okay, and if you were
going to supplement instead with like, I don’t know,
nuts or something like that, we’re looking for quite a lot, I guess. Another 13 or so grams of protein. – Yeah, so something 30
grams of nuts or oats will give you another six
to 10 grams of protein, depending on the nut. So you could chop those
and put those on top. And then there’s things like
the porridge toppers as well, which is within the book, which will add that little bit more protein to it. – Okay, should I turn this down? – Yeah, turn it down. All of a sudden it’s finished,
it’s cooked really quickly and it looks really nice and creamy. – It does look really good, doesn’t it? – Yeah. – Now can we stick a bit of
that protein powder in there? – Yeah, we’ll put some in. – Because that’s not a
huge portion of porridge, so you know, we’ll just top it off. Which one of us is going to eat it? – (Nigel laughs) One of the other things that I’ve just got out as well is things like prunes, you can add prunes to porridge as well. – Yeah. – You can cook them within
it while you’re doing it. I love prunes with porridge. I’m not going to add them. We’ll add some of the, some
of the protein as well. – Yeah, cool. – So we’re going to add a bit of this unflavored
vegetable protein. – Okay. – One of the things with vegetable protein is that you’re getting a mixture of different proteins together. – Okay. – So that really helps to
give all of the amino acids. So this is a mixture
of pea protein isolate, it’s also got pumpkin
and organic brown rice as well within it protein. – It’s not often I’ve thought to put peas and pumpkins in a porridge but I guess it’s an isolate,
so that’s all right. – Yeah, I mean, one of
the things with it is it tends to take on
the flavor of the food. So we’ll put a spoon in and this will add about 10
grams of protein to that. So give it a good stir, Simon. – Yeah. – One of the things I’d
add up with it is prunes but you said that’s
not a good one for you. – Not wishing to give
too much detail, but no. I’d probably choose another dried fruit. – Okay, or again, we can
put some pistachios on it or some other nuts on top
for the porridge as well. So the texture with that is great. So the color is slightly different to what you might normally
get with porridge. It’s slightly yellower, and that is really coming
from the vegetable protein. So, are you ready to eat some? – [Simon] I am, yeah. I’m going to go ahead and grab a bowl. Okay, here we go. – So let’s just serve some up. There you go. – All right. So, should we stick some pistachios on? – You can put some, I think you’ll probably want it a little bit sweeter than that. – That’s a hefty spoon, there. – Yeah, I used that for the protein. (upbeat techno music) So I’m not having any of the agave, I’m just having it as it is. – Well you’re also eating from a pan, so I’m not going to, I won’t judge. – I love the texture of it,
really like that texture. – Right, okay. It’s your recipe so
yeah, I’ll be the judge. – You can definitely
taste the protein with it, you can taste the bit of pea. I think it’s, I quite like that. – I really like that. – Do you like it? Yeah, but you’ve got
all of that agave on it and the pistachios. – It’s the coconut that’s
coming through for me. That’s what I really like. – The coconut is superb in it. It just gives you such
good texture and flavor. – That is, that is really good. – It’s better than I thought. – Do you want to try some? Hang on, you try some. (upbeat techno music) – Right, so you’ve finished your first breakfast now, Si? – Nearly, Nigel. And whilst I’ve been
eating, as you can see, Nigel has kind of been getting
my next meal ready for me. I really am going to have to go for a bike ride at the
end of all this, aren’t I? – Yeah. – What’s coming next? – So we’re going to do rice
pudding made with soy milk. – Okay. – So rice pudding, for me,
is a meal that you can have pretty much anytime
before going for a ride. I remember, krickey, 20, 30 years ago, riding 25s up on the old
two courses in Yorkshire and I’d be setting off at six o’clock, so at four o’clock in morning I’d have a tin of rice pudding. Rice pudding is a great
pre ride type of meal. So this is something that can
be eaten hot or eaten cold. Really easy to make, really
quick, absolutely fantastic. – I think also being like dairy free would sit better with me pre ride. – Yeah, you could eat this and just get straight out on the bike. Again, rice, as we’ve, rice is a great carbohydrate provider. We’re using soy milk, so
soy milk’s higher in protein than what the oak milk was. We have some sugar,
again, a bit of sweetness and we’re using a brown sugar which will add a bit of color to it. And we’re using our
trusty coconut oil, again. Again, this is for flavor, for texture, and also for nutrition
for the ride as well. – So really simple ingredients, nothing to over complicate things and just really good for you, I guess. – Yeah, and again, you
can cook this on pan or you can put it in the rice cooker. It’s really easy to do
just in the rice cooker, that’s how I tend to do it. – Brilliant, let’s do it. – Right, so we’ll open the rice cooker and let’s put the ingredients in. No particular order, Simon, but I’ll let you do it. So we’ve 200 grams of rice. – [Simon] Okay. This is short grain pudding rice? – [Nigel] Short grain pudding rice, so it’s absolutely
perfect for rice pudding. – Okay. – As the name would suggest. (rice hitting pan) Right, add the milk. Now I’ve got a lot of milk here, so I’ve got 700mls of milk because I like my rice
pudding a little bit runny. So if you want it thicker,
don’t add as much milk. – All right, so 200 grams
of rice, 700mls of milk. – Yep, just pour that in. – [Simon] Can we give it a stir, Nige? – You can, but add up the
rest of the ingredients first. – Okay, that’s a fair
point actually, isn’t it. – So we’ve got about
30 grams of sugar here. – Okay, that doesn’t sound like very much for a big rice pudding. – No, I’m not a big sweet fan but you can add more sugar if you want to, it’s not a problem. It’s just I don’t like things too sweet. – Is the soy milk sweetened? – This one is sweet with apple juice. And that’s one of the other
things you’ve got to consider when buying any of these non-dairy milks, is do you want it sweetened and what do you want it sweetened with? So it’s real important to make sure that they’re all fortified. – So with apple juice, that’s
like a fructose, right? So not necessarily that good for you but– – I personally, when
I’m buying the soy milks for myself at home, I just get ’em totally unsweetened. And the one in the recipe
in the book isn’t sweetened, it’s just the one that we’ve got today, we’ve got apple juice in it. But check. The thing is, read the ingredients. – Yeah, shouldn’t have poured sweetener. And the last one is coconut oil. – Yeah, just coconut oil again, yeah. – And so we’re adding this in simply for its M-C-Ts? – M-C-Ts, that’s that
right, you’ve remembered. So it’s the medium chain triglycerides so it’s this fat that’s
really easy to digest, absorb, and help fuel us while we’re cycling. – Okay, cool. It’s not complex cooking, this, is it? – No, it’s pretty simple, no. – Which is good. – This is for cyclists. – Exactly. We could actually warm this in
the oven, I guess, could we? Like a normal rice pudding? – Yeah, you could cook it in the oven. You can cook it on the stove top. You can cook it lots of different ways. I just find because I’ve got a rice cooker it’s easy just to put
it in the rice cooker. – Yeah, okay. – Now, close the lid and
see if you can work out how to switch it on. – We set two buttons. – Yeah, so menu, we just press menu. – White rice. – And then press start. Top right. – The one that’s flashing
at me and says start, okay. Right, ready. – Go. That’s it, it’s now cooking. (Simon whistles) So that will take about 25 minutes and then it’s cooked. – Bonus. We need a sound effect
for this, Nigel, don’t we? – Yeah, it should go (buzzes). Go on, do it. (Simon and Nigel buzz) Oh, wow. – Oh, that does smell good. – That’s come out really well, hadn’t it? – Yeah. – I don’t know why I’m always surprised. – No, I don’t know why,
Nigel, these are your recipes. – (Nigel laughs) I’m always surprised how good it’s come out. – Can I serve up? – Yeah, serve up. So like I said before, that
there quite a lot of milk in it but actually that could probably stand a little bit more milk. – Yeah. All right, then. – And to finish it off,
going to have to have some of my homemade blackberry jam. – I think that would
be rude not to, Nigel. – Okay. Only a small spoon for the jam though. You can put a bit more than that. – No, no, you said small spoon. – Yeah, small spoon but
with a big heap on it. – Oh, I see. I’ll give you a big, there you go. (Nigel laughs)
– That’s plenty for me. – Okay, all right. Tell you what, Nigel, we
should do more cooking videos. I just get to eat, all day. – That’s good, that’s really good. Next one we’ve got to
do is Christmas dinner. – Nice. That is really very good, actually. – It’s better than what
you think, isn’t it? – Fair play, Nigel. – But again, what you could do
is, you could eat this cold. So if, you know, if you’re
doing an evening time trial or an evening road race,
something like that. You finish work, you need some fuel, so if you’ve got this, you got it cold, take it to work in a tupperware, munch it on the way as you
go in there, job’s good. – Yeah, fantastic. Well there we go. Two incredibly simple
recipes, anyone can make them. I mean, literally. And they’re both highly nutritious and also plant based as well. As we said in beginning, they’re
coming from our new book, “Plant-Based Cyclist”, written by Nigel. And it’s available now in the G-C-N shops. So do make sure you check it out. And we also have other videos
with Nigel cooking as well, and you can get through to
one by clicking on screen now. This is great mate, thank you very much – Welcome.

Daniel Yohans

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