Pregnant Horse Care : Pregnant Horse Nutrition

Pregnant Horse Care : Pregnant Horse Nutrition

Hello my name is Neil Draper and we are going
to talk to you about feed and water and care of your mare. Now we want to look for is a
nice clean alfalfa. You want to make sure it’s dry and bright green like this and when
you take it apart it’s not dusty. The horse’s respiratory system is really delicate. They
can’t take a lot of dust and dirt and mold and this hay needs to be nice and clean. And
it’s alright if you have grass hay, this is what we have here in Utah, is alfalfa mix
and we just put it in a nice clean trough so they are not eating off the dirt and they
got a clean environment to feed them. And we like the horses to eat on the ground because
that stretches their muscles in their neck, they naturally eat off the ground. And a horse
is a grazing animal so a horse wants to eat in all day long. And rest and eat and rest
and eat. So you should feed your horse at least twice a day for their just their good
well being and if you can do it three times a day it just makes a happier horse. And then
their colon on a horse has a hard time really digesting a lot of food all at once. They
can only digest so much and use so much nutrients so if you are feeding an excess of hay, your,
you can make the horse more apt to have colic and just other things that can happen by obesity
and so you want to make sure you are feeding the right amount which they usually say is
two percent of the horse’s weight a day. And that it has enough protein and enough nutrients
in it to sustain the animal. And of course while she is pregnant you’ll want to make
sure you give her just a little more and you keep her looking good and healthy but not
fat. A horse will need good clean water, good clean bucket that does not collect algae and
parasites in the water. You’ll want to clean it out and keep the water clean and fresh
everyday for the horse because the horse will drink up to five to ten gallons on cool days
and on hot days they may drink up to twenty to thirty gallons of water. A horse is a large
animal and requires a lot of water to sustain it. For a pregnant horse you want to make
sure you have plenty of water on hand because she may need more water and make sure it’s
absolutely clean cause everything you give your horse will pass onto the baby horse.

Daniel Yohans

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  1. Pumanic says:

    Umm………you talk about "good horse care" and yet you use barbed wires as fences? What are you, looking for some nice wounds on the horses, not to mention the foals? Good going there….at least here in sweden, it is forbidden by law to have barbed wire as "fence" for animals.

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