Professional scientist answers nutrition questions

Professional scientist answers nutrition questions

Daniel Yohans

55 thoughts on “Professional scientist answers nutrition questions

  1. 69Camaro says:

    You made that simple.👍

  2. Carina Ekström says:

    Yes, and we are discovering more health advantages to eating a well planned plants only diet, day by day.

  3. Dr Steven Lome Lifestyle Medicine - Plant Based says:

    You do a great job on these videos! Keep it up!!!

  4. Don't Worry Be Happy says:

    Another great video! I love the "just the current facts" approach and non-preaching tone.

    Could you make a video on choline? What is it? How much do we need? Are there blood tests to check for deficiencies? Do WFPB eaters need to worry about getting enough? If you decide to supplement what is the best form to look for in a supplement? Thanks!

  5. 2000 Books says:

    Great video buddy!

  6. Kumari Nitu says:

    Wow you are amazing

  7. Fernando Araya says:

    Awesome video! I was wondering if there is any evidence of any possitive or negative effects of plant-based diets (or any other diets for that matter) on Relapsing-Remitting MS patients?

  8. Marwa Hassan says:

    Great video. I am a dietitian and I struggle with my patients every day due to the wrong info on social media. Please can you make a video about coconut products (butter,milk, oil etc) and health

  9. Elsa says:

    Clear and simple. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Mariana Gama says:

    Any thoughts on olive oil and wine? Good or bad?

  11. Juan Carlos Hernandez says:

    Im really digging your videos, I just started following you after I watched your video on Game Changers.

  12. dsfsa33421xasf says:

    great video! you deserve more subs

  13. Samma Vitae says:

    Just subscribed after your even handed review of The Gamechangers. It’s so hard to get information to resonate when people want a cartoon world where everything is either/or. It’s not a binary world. However, personally, the safest bet is always where the preponderance of evidence is pointing.

  14. Ronnie says:

    Every type of B12 is effective. But what about the possible link between B12 pills and cancer.
    If this is true, maybe we need to get the B12 from other animals after all.
    (maybe this "story" that we satisfied in the past our B12 needs with stream water and dirt is not true or really plausible!)

  15. Róbert Eberwein says:

    Great video, straightforward explanations, no waste of time. Just watch out for the clapping 😉

  16. Benjamin Paradis says:

    Thank you so much for this. I just subscribed to your channel and I really really respect your thorough and straight to the point approach. Finally something I can rely on.

  17. TheVanpablo79 says:

    As long as I keep my calories to RDA, is it safe to eat 300kcal of avocado everyday?

  18. d36somethin says:


  19. Swiss Lady Driver says:

    Sorry, but not all people experience elevated cholesterol as a result of consuming saturated fat. It depends on the variant of the APO B gene that a person has, among other factors.

  20. Mr H says:

    Saturated fat doses not cause heart disease particle size of ldl dose you are so far behind in your understanding sugar and seed oils affect ldl to small size. No western world illness pre sugar and seed oils high meat high fat hell native Americans Indians ate pemmican free of illness

  21. pupa says:

    Amazing videos as always, thank you for the informations.
    I have a question though what about fish red meat keeps coming up but not a lot of talk about fish is it bad too.

  22. jay man cast alv says:

    eggs are not that high in SFA they are about 2/3 UFA AND ONLY 1/3 SFA, one large egg has only 1.6 grams of SFA, one can easily eat a couple eggs daily while still staying under the 10% calories of SFA recommended by the AHA, which for most people comes to about 20-25 grams of SFA

  23. Sonny Baker says:

    I lost focus when you said you ate meat “into your 30s” because you look 25!

  24. pbpb253 says:

    Sorry, oatmeal and fruit "more health promoting" than eggs ?
    I don't think so.

    Perhaps Organic steel cut oats fermented to make them more digestible, along with mixed berries and chia seeds is getting closer, but let's face it, most people just buy oats thinking they are healthy.
    Aren't they one of the most heavily sprayed grains (not to mention the anti nutrients) ?

    I put it to you that a breakfast of 3 Pasture Raised eggs, along with half a large avocado, some sautéed mushrooms, and perhaps a little home made Sauerkraut on the side is far more health promoting !

  25. sbali182 says:

    Absolutely fantastic videos, thank you very much! What is your recommendation for B12 supplementation? Which type, daily dosage? Do you take any other supplements? Thanx!

  26. Mike Bonnell says:

    One of the best guides I've seen online. I'm a big fan of Dr. Gregor – but his info can be very academic and hard for some people to grasp. That's what I really liked of this video – concise and easily understandable . I'll be sure to share it with my friends that may have a harder time to figure nutrition out.

  27. Nick Hutcheson says:

    I think next time I get a question about being vegan I'm gonna use your videos cause you make the most fair and unbiased content about being vegan. And you explain your points with such detail and nuance it's great. I'm gonna watch much more of your videos!

  28. SMViking says:

    You really should change your channel name to "Veganism made simple"

  29. mstang61 says:

    Can you cook the nutrients out of plants, Like kale and greens?

  30. J Serna says:

    great vid. you speak in a way that is disarming and given the controversies with recent diet fads this is a breath of fresh air. i hope everyone hits the Like button

  31. Marcel Windpassinger says:

    This video perfectly exemplifies why nobody in their right mind should listen to an 'expert' when it comes to nutrition.

  32. Anas Slaii says:

    youre a hidden gold gem. Keep up the work, you'll be big!

  33. PH2 Nutrition says:

    Anyone that calls LDL "Bad" cholesterol is giving bad information

  34. GuilhotinaGamez says:

    hmmm, theres controversy on your statements…
    you get more nutrition from an egg and an egg size piece of meat than a big bowl of any kind of vegetables, and they are way more bioavailable…
    all grains work as drugs on human body, no safe amout for consumption.

  35. RippleFX says:

    thoughts on coffee?

  36. Jake Campbell says:

    Awesome video! I subbed

  37. Things Very Good says:

    Are you Vegan?

  38. Benja Pokelad says:

    Love your vids doc. You cut the shit and tell it how it is, which is so rare these days. I thank you for your unbiased info. Have just gone vegetarian after seeing game changers. I went and got a heap of tests done then I'll go back in 6 months get them done again and compare. It's hard to know who to believe so thought stuff it, I'll experiment on myself 👍 keep up the good work

  39. Gesund mit Chris says:

    Hey there, I believe you‘d be a great fit to collab with someone like GojiMan at some point in the future!😄👍 Have you considered talking about what to do when those basic principle on healthy eating don‘t work in practice (like Food intolerances, etc.)??
    Thank you!

  40. Vital Link says:

    Cigarette companies did their own studies, even use doctors to promote smoking. Why should we trust doctors when doctors can be brought?

  41. Mark Mehlinger Photography says:

    Sorry if it's nit-picky but your lavalier mic is upside down.

  42. Michele Chabiague says:

    have watched a few videos now and i think you have the most unbiased view of nutrition. not a religious vegan or a pro meatard. wfpb seams to be the way to go.

  43. Le Wang says:

    Wait a minute MD? PhD? I can’t take nutritional advice from you. You are not even a chiropractor! /s

  44. anonymous bosh says:

    Coconut oil is extremely high in saturated fat and yet a few years ago Dr Michael Mosley, the BBC & Cambridge University fed a small group of people 50g x 30 days and LDL cholesterol was reduced by an average of 15%.
    What do you make of this?

  45. Anna N says:

    Have you done a vlog on EPA/ DHA? There is so much controversy at the moment. By the wsy, loved the simplicity of your delivery 😊

  46. Arne Lidmark says:

    This guy don't know what he is talking about. Don't trust him! There is a lot of falsified reseach out there that he refere to as science. It was, but are no longer.

  47. Frank DG says:

    Great video, this channel is actually helpful and imparcial… thanks

  48. Rezi Dent says:

    What's in the meal at 11:18? Looks like chickpeas, tomatoes and cucumber with some dressing and herbs

  49. LogiosHermes says:

    Who else subscribed after his review of the Game Changers? XD I really like how you offer information to the point without over complicating it.

  50. LogiosHermes says:

    You keep mentioning the importance of eating whole vegetables and avoiding processed foods (sounds logical:) Where would you classify ready to eat beans/lentils/corn etc.? How good/bad it is to use these caned foods?

  51. FiroK92 says:

    Really good video

  52. Jarrod Douthit says:

    Finally!, an objective assessment.
    We need more of this and less of the drivel all over Youtube.

  53. Maria Espiritu says:

    Great explanations. Love this channel. Just subscribed and added alerts

  54. Yps B. says:

    I have a histamine intolerance which makes legumes my main problem while eating a whole foods plant based diet. So how do I get the benefits my body would get from legumes?

  55. David Langley says:

    ok nice and simple is keto good for you and healthy to do for a long time?

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