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RipRight BodyTight, talk to the people, man. Let ’em know what’s ready to go down. – Yo, I’m out here again
with That’s Good Money and I’m about to be showing you how to get them shoulders and that chest with only pushups. So, first we’re gonna start over here with some diamond slides. This is gonna be working
your tri’s as well, but mostly your chest
and it’s also gonna help your shoulders with this extension. So, check me out. So, there’s two ways to do the slide. You can do it high, or
you could do it low. So, I’m gonna try to do five and five and show you both ways. So, we’re gonna get those sliders. Go out, diamond position. Down, back foward, up. Then you can slide from the top. Back in, up. Up. Up. Up. Two more. One, slide back. Money. So, that’s what’s gonna help
you get those shoulders, as well as that chest, man. So, now these are a little more simpler. We’re gonna do the wall holds. and try to do one to two second holds on the wall each hand and try to get as furthest from the wall as possible, so that when you stick that arm out, you get the full extension. So, we’re gonna use the pole and we’re gonna be grabbing the pole. So, this is gonna help with the chest, as well as the shoulders,
’cause we’re gonna go wide. So, I’m gonna give you five good reps, wide, far enough. One, two. One, two. One, two. One, two. Now, you see that? Shoulders on both hands is feeling it. Last set. One, money. So, now we’re gonna
move over to the middle and I’m gonna give you five more reps of what we call a Supermans, so you’re gonna be doing alternate leg and alternate hand raises. So, this is gonna be for the chest, as well as the shoulders. So, I’m giving you three
exercises, that’s pushups that’s gonna hit actually the chest and the shoulders at the same time. Five reps. Follow me. One. Two. Three. Four. Money. So, now we’re gonna move over and try it again. These are the hardest pushups for me. So, I’m gonna give you
guys as much reps as I can. We’re gonna go to failure right here on the hand stand pushups. So, you ready? So, you don’t want your
arms facing straight out, ’cause that’s more tricep extension when you got your elbows pointing back. So, we’re gonna keep our elbows out, so we can hit more of those shoulders. Money. So, I was only able to
give y’all four reps. So, after that we’re gonna go over here and do some deep dish pushups and this is gonna be
strictly for the chest, just like that was
strictly for the shoulders. So, when you get on a
bar, or you get anything that’s elevated and you can go deep in the deficit pushup,
that’s gonna really, really put tension on that chest. So, we’re here. Deep dish. Five reps we’re going for. Three. Four. Now, I’m gonna give you guys 10. I can’t give y’all five. Five, six, seven, eight, nine, deep dish, 10. (loud grunting) That’s good money.Hold that for a minute, just like that, so I can get up. (heavy grunting) Thank you. (laughing) – So, now we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna hit another routine and this is gonna be
strictly for the outer chest right here, they call them typewriter, or archer pushups. So, here we go, y’all, follow me. Four. Five. What
are these working, you said? – Six, the outer chest. Nine. Money. And it’s also working
bi’s as well, up here. Okay.
– So, the last one, but not the least one is the decline for those lower pecs, man. So, we’re gonna give y’all 10 reps on the decline, so we’re
gonna switch our hand position three, three, four, for 10 reps. There we go. One, two, three. One, two, three. One, two, three. Money. So, y’all already know, man, we out here with That’s Good Money and we repping and we giving y’all reps and sets on how to
actually get that shoulder that you’re looking for, right? Watch it, how you get that shoulder with those splits in it and how you get that
chest with that cut in it without steroids, man. Only calisthenics. Pushups. – Pushups. All right, y’all. – Thanks for the reminder, Good Money. Yeah. (laughing) All right, y’all, man. This is a nice pushup
routine for your chest and shoulders by Rip Right. Make sure y’all follow him on Instagram. Subscribe to his YouTube channel. More videos coming out with
my man, Rip Right, man. Good looking, my brother. You already. All right.

Daniel Yohans

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