Resonance (slides) – Vocal Exercise

Resonance (slides) – Vocal Exercise

nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg nnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg (Piano playing)

Daniel Yohans

26 thoughts on “Resonance (slides) – Vocal Exercise

  1. ami mé ami says:

    I am the first

  2. Bernadine Adel Sitorus says:

    i never clicked on a video so fast 😂

  3. Emmanuel Eze says:

    can u do a video of how to estend the falsetto range?

  4. Jazzy Nut Tella says:

    Thank you for this! exactly what i needed today.

  5. Saleh Sarwar says:

    Hey jacob! love your content! would love to see few exercise videos of yours on Complete vocal technique neutral, curbing, overdrive and edge vocal modes. I am sure you would have heard about them and such exercise would greatly help us.

  6. EM-B! says:

    Yes boyzz!!!…. I'm ruling this!!! Lol 😆 Xoxo

  7. Arianator Grande says:

    Is it Possible to have a 4 octave range just by warming up ?

  8. Habiba Zahran says:

    can you please post exercises for vocal precision?

  9. Tyranus Graves says:

    Can we maybe see a video on how to increase lower vocal range for men?

  10. Sonny453 says:

    Anyone know what the purpose of this exercise is??

  11. Arjun Karki says:

    Thank you so much

  12. Nathaly R says:

    could you do a video on how to make your mix more chesty or powerful?

  13. LA'ROSE CONYERS says:

    Great vocal excercises, thank you for posting

  14. Trippy 4 says:

    one of my fav.

  15. Benjamin Wescott says:

    Which syllable is this? Ng or mm

  16. fun toys for kids Kids videos says:

    What is vocal resonance ? Plz let me know

  17. fun toys for kids Kids videos says:

    Which syllable is that im confused ng Mmm

  18. fun toys for kids Kids videos says:

    Can u plz add the perpose the exercises in ur vids 😊 thank u

  19. Minor 7eventh says:

    What is the highest note sang in this exercise? Thank you.

  20. Toi Uma says:

    I was searching for a video and I never realized the video I needed was the one I was practicing all along.(It was this one)

  21. Cecilia Horvath says:

    Good im doing at themoment👍😅💜

  22. Tanjeem Samir Khan says:

    Isn't this belting??

  23. Hela Ester says:

    thank youu!!

  24. Chiaroscuro Ell says:

    Me : meeeeeeem
    Mom : look at my baby cow “lol” 😂

  25. ava nicole says:

    does this make your voice fuller?

  26. François says:

    thank you so much!

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