REVERSE PUSHUPS – Bodyweight Exercise For Building A BIGGER Back!

REVERSE PUSHUPS – Bodyweight Exercise For Building A BIGGER Back!

Daniel Yohans

48 thoughts on “REVERSE PUSHUPS – Bodyweight Exercise For Building A BIGGER Back!

  1. Alen A. says:

    X-cuses were destroyed when he said "most of you may not have two benches"
    Hahaha literally meaning mustn't be two benches idiots there are many alternatives like chairs or th thing he showed

  2. Peter Addison says:

    just do reverse pushups much more healthier for shoulder joints than this "strain and hope for the best" approach and you get a free bicep workout as a bonus. been doing this for over 25yrs now. Started with my mums wooden mop! now use floor standing reverse pull up bars that can be put in the corner of the bed room out of the way. My rear shoulders look impressive with out juicing

  3. David Mortimer says:

    I used a coffee table and the foot couch they were the same height (lucky) to do this in my living room ..

  4. takeahint123 says:

    do these actually work in building your back up?

  5. Peter Addison says:

    REVERSE PUSHUPS!!!! not quite. you have equipment there in that room to do a true REVERSE PUSHUP. Pull ups are not REVERSE PUSHUPs. A reverse of a pushup is a push up in reverse.
    failure here.

  6. Hola Halo says:

    Hello! Congratulations for your videos. view your muscle definition, respect nutrition what can you tell me?

  7. Ayush Lodwal says:

    hi Jeff
    is this is an alternative for recline pull ups?

  8. Devil's .Breath says:

    You can even use some books.

  9. rip in pepperonies says:

    Haha I can't even do 5 in a row without stopping I am weak af 🙁

  10. Alex C says:

    I do these laying on the floor

  11. nakorsa says:

    You have some good information. It's good that you are incorporating more strength calisthenics. A few pointers to make your presentation more powerful: put on a well-fitting shirt, cut your talking to zero, play good rocking music, demonstrate from multiple angles. Good luck, and thanks.

  12. mike says:

    How about just get two chairs

  13. jay srivastav says:

    I appreciate your motivation of letting people work with no excuses in a right way you are doing best job in world wherr you get positivity from your followers

  14. BRWfilms says:

    Use 2 chairs

  15. Bachishaman says:

    Do planks in the pushup position also help balance out the back?

  16. Sahil Saksena says:

    Soreness in deltoids after performing these .. am I doing them right ? Back doesn't hurt that much

  17. v .kritin says:

    i used my engineering books

  18. François Dion says:

    I started doing these yesterday. Does wonders for the shoulders. If you don't have benches, just place yourself in between a pair of chairs. When you're starting out, it's definetly going to be challenging to even do ten of these. The advantage gained is that there is no internal rotation of the shoulders

  19. Austin goodwyn says:

    I tried your 22 day abbs and after every session my ass is wiped. But man I am noticing a difference

  20. Richard Linares says:

    I put a sheet over a pull-up bar and use the sheet like a TRX strap.

  21. Wade says:

    exactly what I needed to see after attempting the 300 pushup pet day challenge.

  22. Étienne etienne says:

    Jeff you just a powerful coach for me in YouTube I love practicing and understand all your knowledge Thks from France 🇫🇷 🙂

  23. Kevin Muldoon says:

    Can I use kitchen chairs for this exercise

  24. Kevin Muldoon says:

    Please let me know

  25. Charles Key says:

    I'm having a hard time any suggestions on how to improve??

  26. Charles Key says:

    I'm just feeling it in my triceps I'm doing it wrong

  27. Evangelos Papadopoulos says:

    Get a couple of chairs…

  28. Jack Torrance says:

    Inverted rows are actually a pretty good substitute for pull ups. In my opinion I prefer them over pull ups because I can feel it a lot more in my lats and biceps when doing them.

  29. alan turner says:

    I thought I invented an exercise last night after never seeing anyone do this! but then I found you’d already uploaded a video of my idea 😂
    I did it on the floor though without equipment , braced core, planked out then repped
    Killer for your back!

  30. haythamof says: ابسط جهاز للانفرتد رو

  31. Ferdynel Rosa Francisco says:


  32. Climbers137 says:

    4:14, Back-ups
    4:37, back planks

  33. Jason Jackson says:

    Does this exercise also help the chest also or just the back?

  34. Leo Norris says:

    Still tuned in, 2019

  35. Ned Walport says:

    I do these just lying flat on my back on the floor, for starters …..

  36. Kevin Moncada says:

    What if my mom sees me doing this!😂.

  37. DragonTesteeZ says:

    He looks younger here but he looks a lot more lean nowadays.

  38. Pa llios says:

    hard to believe how much bigger Jeff got over the years!

  39. Andrew Moody says:

    Would this be a decent replacement for a thumbs up push up?

  40. ManifestationsX says:

    Awesome! Thank you so much for these bodyweight alternatives

  41. Armdrag86 says:

    Just purchase the actual athlean X. It is very cool. I really like body weight exercises. I have trained BJJ for more than a decade and even just having a few body weight exercises to do after training on the mat is really nice. Very convenient way to protect my body from breaking down. Really love it!


    Dude you talk too much

  43. Batgirl Rebirth says:

    Can this be used as a sex position too? 😁

  44. Mu-sec Mil89 says:

    I have an elbow injury and can't grip too heavy till I heal. Hope this helps keep some muscle on my back.

  45. Never Beaten says:

    I see a lot of ppl saying something else to reverse push up. Which is it. Im confused.

  46. Abdul Malik says:

    Can you do this on the floor alone?

  47. FromBeToReality says:

    THUMBS UP!!!
    then watch!

    god, i hate that opening!!! glad he changed it.

  48. Michael Brenneman says:

    i feel like two chairs would be a better alternative to benches than a pile of rugs

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