Roadtrip to happiness. From India to Bhutan in a BMW X5.

I made a decision. I quit my job, I sold my suits, and left with
nothing but a bag and a plan: To find true happiness. And the search got me around. After a few years, I realized: There’s not
much left I haven’t seen, not many borders I haven’t crossed. Soon thereafter, I was “done”. I had travelled every country in the world. But there was one trip I’d heard about many
times: The road to happiness. A journey from one world to another. It started in India, a country with over 1
billion people. It took me to Nepal and the top of the world. And it ended in Bhutan, one of the most mystical
countries on Earth. My journey was full of chaos. I saw wonders of the world. I felt frustration and pure joy. I had short nights and long days. I got surprised again and again. And of course, I met so many amazing people. It was a roadtrip like you dream it to be. So, have I found happiness? Yes, I have. But when I arrived, I realised: The road to
happiness is not about the destination. It’s about the journey.

Daniel Yohans

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