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(knocking) – [Camera Man] Hey Ryan, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – Oh hello there. (ding) (ding) (ding) You’re here to see my
fridge in the dressing room and my gym? Let’s do it! (paparazzi shouting at Ryan) – [Camera Man] Okay Ryan,
we’re gonna switch things up today and start with your fridge then we’re gonna see
the gym, and finally end with our rapid fire questions. Ready to get started? (upbeat, energetic music) – So here in the opulent dressing room of Live with Kelly and Ryan my refrigerator is located in the corner and inside it’s packed with H2O. (ding) And then also, some of
these really healthy snacks. This is the raw vegetables. I eat these raw vegetables,
well their raw vegetables so kind of never. No, I eat them when I
want a crunch and a snack. This is water crest, ginger,
tumeric, lime, pineapple. Ooo that sounds so good, I should have it. – [Camera Man] Oh and
when do you drink that? – I usually have these in the morning. Not before the show cause it burns but after the show. Here these are wraps,
just vegetable wraps. So it’s all really healthy in the office. – [Camera Man] What time do you eat those? – I eat these for lunch,
so if I’m being honest there were already 2
in there and I’ve had 2 and I might eat these
2 later in the day too. – [Camera Man] Okay, what do you snack on? – I snack on, I eat too many of them I snack on almonds. So, this morning this was full. Probably too many, right? But I love nuts, nuts crunchy
and nuts are my favorite snack – [Camera Man] Is there
anything you’d never have in your own fridge? – I don’t have dairy. I like cheese so I cheat with cheese sometimes. – [Camera Man] What’s your gateway cheese? – I like Gruyere cheese, Swiss cheese I kind of like all cheese. I’m not a fan of the processed cheese but real cheese, and if it’s stinky. Like if it smells like dirty feet and it makes you sweat when you eat it. I like it. – [Camera Man] It’s 2 AM what
do you eat from the fridge if you’re super hungry? – If I’m hungry at 2 AM,
that’s almost time to get up. So, if I’m hungry at 2 AM, I will go and I have almond butter in a jar and I have this natural fruit spread. I’ll take a spoonful of the almond butter and a spoonful of like the jelly and eat em together like that. So its kinda like a
peanut butter and jelly or almond butter and
jelly without the bread. – [Camera Man] Alright
Ryan, where we goin’? – After the television show is
over I go do the radio show. Which is 4 hours, and after the radio show I head to the gym, and I grab
my lunch purse and I’m off. (soft upbeat music) – Alright, so we’re leaving
the dressing room area. Kelly Ripa’s dressing rooms there. Men’s room is here. All the pictures from our show are here. This is the hallway
that leads to the studio where the audience is and where we do Live With Kelly and Ryan everyday. (upbeat music) – Alright, here we are. This is the gym. This is where the real work is done. (intense music) – [Camera Man] How often do you workout? – I workout 4 or 5 times a week here doin’ different body parts. – [Camera Man] Why do you work out? – Because I want to
look stronger and larger than a thirteen year old kid. – [Camera Man] Is it true what they say? The TV adds ten extra pounds? – They say television
adds pounds to you, sure? I wish it added height though. – [Camera Man] What kind
of work outs do you do? – So it depends on the day of the week. Some days we’ll do pushing some days we’ll do pulling. Sometimes if I feel like my
arms are getting really small we’ll do arms almost every
day, do the bi or the tri. And then I dread the leg
day but we do the legs once sometimes twice a week. – [Camera Man] What’s
your morning routine like? – My morning routine is
to work out with Reece my trainer here. Let’s see
the arms. This is the goal. A little humble, okay?
That’s the goal right there. He tells me someday I’ll have em and then we’ll come in
here and get it done. – [Camera Man] Do you always
work out with a trainer? – I do always work out with a trainer because I find that I don’t have to think. I have to think with
every other part of my day and this makes it easier
for me to get through. Reece, go put some baby oil on. I’ll catch ya in a little bit. – Alright, Gotcha. – Oil the abs. – [Camera Man] How do
you keep your mind fit? – I keep my mind fit by –
I’ve discovered this thing that I didn’t do for the
first forty years of my life. It’s called sleep. I try
to sleep as many hours as I possibly can, but
I’ve just discovered it and I’m getting better at it. – [Camera Man] So what
are your fitness goals? – My fitness goals are
to have a healthy body so I can make it through my schedule. And I’d like to live to be one hundred but not one hundred and five because those last 5
years, who wants those? – [Camera Man] Do you listen
to music when you work out? – We listen to all
different kinds of music. Hip hop, Pop, EDM, but
I jog to love songs. I run to slow ballad. Most recently I’ve been
listening to Opera while I run. Don’t judge. – [Camera Man] What’s the
best part of the work out? The beginning or the end? – The best part of the workout for me I’d like to say is when I’m
actually accomplishing it and doing it and throwing
up massive weight. But, that would be a lie. The best part is when I’m finished, and I’m
picturing a meal afterwards. That’s the best part. (intense music) – [Camera Man] Okay Ryan, its time for our rapid fire questions. 7 AM workout or 7 PM workout? – 7 PM workout. – [Camera Man] Squat or Deadlift? – Neither. – [Camera Man] Favorite song on playlist? – Khalid “Talk” – [Camera Man] Crossfit, yes or no? – Uh, not for me. – [Camera Man] Pull ups or Chin ups? – Um, pull ups. (laughing) – [Camera Man] Kettle bells or Dumbbells? – Kettle bells. – [Camera Man] Run on a treadmill
or in the great outdoors? – The great outdoors. – [Camera Man] Cardio or weights? – Weights. – [Camera Man] Big legs or big arms? – Big arms. – [Camera Man] Biggest compliment? Jacked, ripped, swole or cut? – Ripped. – [Camera Man] If you
could workout with anyone dead or alive who would it be and why? – If I could workout with
anyone dead or alive. Well for me it would be Frank Sinatra. I don’t know if he worked out or not but I never had a chance to meet him and I always wanted to meet him. Thank you so much for hanging out but I’ve got to get
some work done, alright? Let’s get it. (intense music)

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