Shocker: Republican-Led States Are The REAL Welfare Queens – The Ring Of Fire

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely
no one in this country, a new study shows that red states, states that opposed President
Obama’s policies, states that continuously vote for Republican leaders, turns out that
those states are actually more dependent on federal government funding than states ran
by Democrats and states that actually support President Obama. Here is what the latest set of data shows
us. States run by Republicans, states that voted
against Obama in both elections rely on federal funding for about 34% of their total state
budget. States that voted for Obama twice, the average
federal funding for their state budgets is only 29%. That is not a huge difference until you start
breaking it down state by state. We have Mississippi and Louisiana, two for
the reddest states in this country that rely on the federal government to come up with
40% of their state budgets. Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Georgia 36%
of their federal budget comes from the federal government. Now here is the thing about this, a lot of
people say, “Well, okay, so what? What does it matter?” State governments have to balance their budget
every year and Republican politicians, Republican governors, state representatives, state senators
go out there during elections, like they are doing right now, saying, “Look, we’ve balanced
the state budgets.” Well no, no you didn’t. You had to get President Obama to come in
and bail your ass out because you gave tax breaks to corporations, because you can’t
bring businesses into your state to create jobs, that is why you are not getting any
income tax into your state, that is not why you are not getting any economic revenue,
any economic activity, nothing is happening in the state because you have destroyed it. You allowed corporations to call the shot
and then at the end of the year, you go crying to those big bad liberals in Washington to
bail your ass out. This election season, when you see a Republican
running for governor or state office and they say, “Look, we’ve balanced the budget.” Understand that that means that they crawled
on their hands and knees to President Obama, begging for cash so that their state didn’t
go bankrupt. That’s the side of the story that they don’t
want you to know but that is absolutely what is happening in these red states, these Obama-hating
states, these racist states all over the American South.

Daniel Yohans

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