Special Delivery – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Special Delivery – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

*Doorbell* Oh boy, that must be my… girlfriend *Door opens* bum bum bum It’s not me. No no, it’s you (no it’s you) and all the very stupid things you do You’re out of luck (out of luck) We’re breaking up, and I’ve already found somebody new, please don’t call. No don’t ever call (Don’t call) Cuz I don’t wanna be your little baby doll. I know it stings but here’s the thing I really need a man with bigger baaaaaalls How much did this even cost? It was all freeeee Because she’s fucking meeee *cries in pain* *unusual but awesome outro music*

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Special Delivery – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. PhantomKiller76 says:

    It was all freeeee
    Because she's fucking meeeeee

  2. Carlo Pannone says:

    This gives me an idea

  3. Nathan Thurstenson says:

    If someone broke up with me like this I wouldn’t even be mad I’d just start laughing

  4. The Patriotic Scotsman says:

    Is he actually a she or is he actually just fucking her.

    Before you know it he will realise she was only seventeen

  5. Ethan Constantinescu says:

    they are actually good singers

  6. Ryley De Wire says:

    They remind me of the delightful children from down the lane for some reason

  7. Kai Wolfie says:

    Shit! Thats a god tier burn. If you wanna hurt someone thats a good way to do it

  8. minnie mandy says:

    That song was actually pretty good
    It'd be pretty hard to top that for just about anyone

  9. ST372 Mark III says:

    This was the most heartbreaking song ever sang

  10. ST372 Mark III says:

    Like the outro song though

  11. YoMark says:

    Because she’s fucking meeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. NapkiinsA Nguyen says:

    Favorite characters here please make more vids of the,m

  13. Esaias Arana says:

    What are those people called?

  14. King HOTCOCO says:

    I just like the theme, pretty nice job man.


    Using this song to break up with peeps

  16. Grayson Yank says:

    It’s not me no no it’s you and all the very stupid things you do you’re out of luck we’re breaking up in of already found somebody new please don’t call no don’t ever call because I don’t want to be your little baby doll I know it stinks but here’s the thing I really need a man with bigger balllllllls “how much did this even cost” It was all freeeeee because she’s fucking meeeeeeeee-

  17. Bianca Bote says:

    We need this in real life

  18. Titus Jaffe says:

    Because she’s fucking meeeeeeeee

  19. Titus Jaffe says:

    0:42 notice how the mustache gets bigger by the person

  20. provokedRobin 60 says:

    The origin story of sad sad Larry

  21. Lance Mayuga says:

    That maybe the best breakup song I've heard so far

  22. Shante Bell says:

    Omg that is a barber shops singing men

  23. Dr. Darlink says:

    0:17 why does everyone look like bowling balls? 🎳

  24. Team_Edward says:

    What do you call these kind of groups? Really like group song like this

  25. Toa Hero says:

    If someone was gonna break up with me, that's the way I'd choose to learn about it.

  26. Jaden Von Bat says:

    The twist in this short…Ouch.

  27. isak Bernard says:

    I’ll subscribe when this gets on to Spotify

  28. King HOTCOCO says:

    They did amazing singing and why I rewatch it.
    a lot

  29. Im in need of HELP says:

    This is my favourite one………

  30. Grand Duke of Edmonton says:

    They Protecc
    They Attacc
    But Most Importantly
    They make your heart go craccc

  31. Anbun says:

    I've watched this at least 50+ times. Can I just say the singers are amazing? I'd love to hear more. Honestly.

  32. Joyl3ss says:

    That's savage Lmao

  33. Imidoit [IDIOT] says:

    what if the girlfriend was the barber shop quartet

  34. E-Fam Animates says:

    I really love that song way too much

  35. DjChrisMorris 2007 says:

    The guy that got the message probably sent them back with another 30 sec message

  36. penguin ECHO says:

    who wants to be in a barbershop quartet

  37. AfghanistanGuy101 says:

    Dont you just love it when your girlfriend breaks up with you via Telegram?

  38. Lifu 21 says:

    I love the harmony

  39. The Coin Channel: Coin Roll Hunting, and more! says:

    Wait, that ending bit, does that mean he met his ex's new boyfriend, or if not, does that mean he was dating a trap? 🤔

  40. Scooby Douche says:

    My favorite C&H

  41. Andre McKenzie says:

    That was some mad sync. It's hard to believe there was no music 😂

  42. Cameron Gist says:

    Should have done this when I dumped my 2nd girlfriend for the second time.

  43. The Storyteller says:

    The ending killed me lmao 😂

  44. Blue Oceans says:


  45. Jazy718 says:

    I want to learn how to play this on the piano

  46. Allen Z says:

    What's that song in the outro?

  47. Rafael Checchia Moreno says:

    Who are the voice actors? They are very good.

  48. Chelsea Lovette says:

    I’m gonna send this to my boyfriend

  49. Halit El-Haj says:


  50. LEGO NAT7AN says:

    Not going to lie I want to be broken up like that because it’s funny

  51. The Gaming Ace says:


  52. Comic Maker Briggs says:

    Am I the only guy who spent so long memorizing this?

  53. Benjamin Nagy Kasza says:

    Ding Dong

    Oh, Boy! That must be my girlfriend!


    Bam, Bam, Bam

    It’s not me, no no, it’s you, no it’s you

    And all the very stupid things you dooo

    You’re out of luck (out of luck)

    We’re breaking uup

    And I’ve already found somebody new

    Please don’t call, no don’t ever call (don’t call)

    ‘cause I don’t know wanna be your little baby doll

    I know it stinks, but here’s the thiing

    I really need a man with bigger baaalls

    How much did this even cost?

    It was all freeeeee

    Because she’s fucking meeeeee

  54. Chippy says:

    Minor detail: Their mustaches goes from no mustache at all (the guy on the very left) to very luscious mustache (the guy on the very right)

  55. amateur match says:

    im debating if it would hurt more to get this song or the You have Aids song

  56. ST372 Mark III says:

    Well that was heart breaking

  57. edwin narvaez says:

    if that was real that sucks

  58. hector says:

    Ain’t that some shit

  59. Joks iZantos says:

    I am confused on the "cause she's f*king ME", its either her gf is f**** him or the girl is HIM

  60. DarkRed says:

    I thought they were gonna get shot immediately after he opened the door
    Reference to Clue

  61. Kris Young says:

    Ouch, man! 😂

  62. BoeindeGamers says:

    Literally the worst and best way to dump someone

  63. mr big cheese says:

    That look he gave him at the end do

  64. Deppy Deprox says:

    Im selling replay button

  65. DatOneMarvelGeek 0 says:


  66. Dancing Banana says:

    Dude this is so addicting to watch and repeat explosm
    You dude a great job

  67. Dancing Banana says:


  68. David Ambrose says:

    0:53 Holy shit you fucking killed him dude

  69. Savage marine guy says:

    ha I loved the part i relliy need a man with biger balls

  70. Rustyred_ScrapHeap :] says:

    Am I the only one who put this on a music playlist?

  71. Jacob Miller says:

    4000 likes away from 1 million likes!

  72. Enlightener of Cryptozoology says:

    Barbershop Quartets always bring a smile to my face hearing them sing. And even more when it was for a funny or comical moment

  73. [SLO] Sjrček says:

    best voices together

  74. Marcus Johns says:

    What was the song at the end

  75. trekie4747 says:

    I'm sending this to my ex

  76. beanii says:



    Bum, bum, bum
    It's not me, no no it's you (no its you)
    And all the very stupid things you do-o-o
    You're out of luck (Out of luck)
    Were breaking up
    And I've already found somebody new
    Please dont call
    No, don't ever call (Dont call)
    Cause I dont wanna be your little baby doll
    I know it stinks
    But heres the thi-ing
    I really need a man with bigger balls~

    How much did this even cost!?

    It was all free~

    Because she's, fucking, meeeeeee

  77. The crazy Kids says:

    Bell rings
    Oh boy that must be my girlfriend
    Bum bum bum
    Its not me, no no it’s you
    No it’s you
    And all the very stupid things you do
    Your out of luck
    Out of luck
    Where braking up
    And I’ve already found somebody new
    Please don’t call
    No no don’t ever call
    Don’t call
    Because I don’t want to be your little baby doll
    And know it stinks
    So here’s the thing
    I really need a man with bigger balls
    How much did this even cost
    It was all free
    Because she’s fucking me

  78. SheKraveMaestro Balling says:

    Me 0:53

  79. iannickCZ says:

    she's fu***ng me! How is that possible? Oh man, rather not to imagine.

  80. MC Scar says:

    I think he should have kill them all

  81. Yuan Reyes says:

    0:14 ye

  82. yumi citany says:

    Cette vidéo m'a tué🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  83. tony cee says:

    Can someone make a real life version of this?

  84. I Hate my Own Channel says:

    Give me a 5 min version of this now

  85. Seth Gile says:

    I wonder if they can they can play at my grandma’s funeral.

  86. Alex Mifflin says:

    0:13 replay button

  87. Enclavious Firaga says:


  88. MisterSpooks says:

    if somebody broke up with me like this, I wouldn’t feel bad

  89. TheNahum says:

    I can’t get over the ex boyfriends small cries while they are singing 😂😂

  90. Khalil Winston says:

    The “I need a man with bigger balls”
    It was perfect

  91. xXElite_TedzX x says:

    This one is good
    That harmonise when he said I need a man with bigger balls

  92. Alex Mifflin says:

    0:14 this is for me keep scrolling

  93. Elisabeth Ochoa says:

    That end. chef kiss

  94. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that says:

    0:15 That is the opposite of what you're supposed to say during a breakup! It wasn't even funny when South Park did it.

  95. aberson william says:

    I hate when my girlfriend break up

  96. Guys says:

    Please don't call, no don't ever call is the best part

  97. XxOk_BuDDy 69 says:

    What is the type of singing called?

  98. Shaun Mooney says:

    0:39 I really need a man with bigger baaaaaalls 🎊⚽⚾

  99. mr5kicksass says:

    I will pay to have this as a POV video

  100. Drew Mon says:


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