SpeedyTime #2 – Advanced Resistive Exercise Device

>>Today, we’re going to
talk about exercise in space. We have three different exercise
devices here, and I’m going to talk about one of them. Of course, in zero gravity,
we can’t lift weights, so we have what’s called a
resistive exercise device, but it’s got a really
important feature. In order to protect
the experiments that are going onboard that
might be sensitive to vibrations from us lifting this resistance, it’s got a vibration isolation
system that’s actually very cool. As you move on that machine,
it isolates any vibrations that we would have
away from the stretcher and protects the
sciences going on. And so we had to work out about
two hours every day in order to maintain our bone
and muscle mass. And this is my favorite,
the ARED, the resistive exercise device. Squat. Sumo squat. [ Machine Sounds ] Heel raises. [ Machine Sounds ] Dead lift. [ Machine Sounds ] RDL. [ Machine Sounds ] Bench. [ Machine Sounds ] Military press. [ Machine Sounds ] Tricep extensions. [ Machine Sounds ] Sit ups. [ Machine Sounds ] Curls. [ Machine Sounds ] Forearm extensions. [ Machine Sounds ] But you know what the best part about doing exercise
in space is? The view. [ Machine Sounds ]

Daniel Yohans

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