Stability exercises to help incontinence leaks | Pelvic Floor Exercise Techniques | Kegel8

Stability exercises to help incontinence leaks | Pelvic Floor Exercise Techniques | Kegel8

Now lets look at why pelvic floor and abdominal
muscles could be a really good idea for you if you get some leakage when you’re on the
move. Especially when you’re walking, climbing stairs or running. So what we are going to
do is, don’t use any muscles at all even though you know what you could do with them. Just
leave them all hanging out and relaxed and pretend that you are going for a walk. So
let one leg go out straight just along the mat and then bring it back in and now you’re
other leg go out and back in. And it’s a bit stylised but it’s a pretend walk and as you
move your legs, can you feel what’s happened to the middle section of your body? It’s moving
up and down. Your pelvis is tipping backwards and forwards and if there was a glass of champagne
on your tummy, what would happen to it? It would fall over. I think it would fall off.
There’s a bit of a wobble. Now if you pause, imagine yourself walking along for real, your
pelvis is moving with every step you take. That means your bladder is moving with every
step you take and the problem with the bladder is it’s a bit like a lemon jiffy bottle, it’s got a tiny hole to the outside but if you shake it, it’s very vulnerable to leaking.
So now watch what happens if you held your abdominals and pelvic floor in just that light
extra pants feeling. So let your tummy muscles be relaxed, breathe in first let them swell.
As you breathe out think drawing in pants at the front and pelvic floor underneath like
a gusset and make sure you can breathe. Now keep those extra pants on and straighten your
leg out again, bring it back in and then your other leg and keep holding the abdominals
and pelvic floor. And does it feel like you’re moving a bit less? Yes, it feels a lot
more stable. Now it’s often not a dramatic difference but if after this next one you
stop and let go, and now don’t hold your muscles in and move your legs. Yes, definitely more
wobbly without your muscles. But the thing to practice is what I call one hundred
percent perfect walking. Glass of champagne dead still. Because if you practice perfect
walking as an exercise you will get about 75% of it when you really do go for a walk.
So picture your glass of champagne stood on your tummy, think breath in let your tummy
muscles swell. As you breathe out think lower abdominals in towards you, little bit of pelvic
floor underneath and breathe. Now keep that glass of champagne really still and straighten
your leg. Bring it back in, careful as you swap feet, other leg and your job is to try
to not let the champagne move. Nice, and though that feels a bit awkward or different to normal.
If you can get the hang of that action – tummy in pelvic floor and moving your legs, it will
really help with walking. One more each leg. Back in, stop and let go. Nice. Now the other
thing we do loads of is climb stairs. So when we climb stairs one leg comes in towards us
then you put your foot on the step, then for a moment they are both there then your other
leg comes up and your foot goes on the step. And now think about that glass of champagne,
not only does it want to wobble this way but it also wants to wobble that way. So stairs
can be a bit of a hazard and people often say they have gone to London for the day and
all those escalators and their bladder was really not happy. Then your next job is to
keep your glass of champagne still while you climb stairs. So you can put your finger tips
on top if you find that helpful. So you can do breath in and let your tummy swell, as
you breath out think lower abdominals pelvic floor just a little bit so you can breathe
really nicely over the top and then fold one knee in knee over hip, pause. Now put that
foot down just for a moment both feet are on the steps together, and then without losing
your tummy bring your other leg up. Slowly down feet side by side, keep the glass of
champagne steady, bring your leg up. Slowly down, have a breath if you need one and then
pick up and it takes a bit of thinking, and down. And Ideally we are going to blow put
when we lift the leg up and we will always breathe in again as it goes back down and
then breathe out pick up, that’s it. And back down, so one more each leg. It won’t feel
like you are doing anything that interesting but keep holding and then when you put your foot
down let go of your tummy, let go of your pelvic floor and you will feel them drop away.
Yes. So it’s getting your brain, your middle, tummy and pelvic floor and your legs
to all work as a package. Not just go brain, legs and miss out the bits in the middle.
And the last one I like to do in the sequence is particularly good if you like to run, because
when you run at a moment in time both feet are off the floor. Now this one is quite a
lot harder, so find your tummy muscles with your fingertips, breathe in first let them
swell. As you breathe out think lower abdominals in, find your pelvic floor, make sure you
can breathe. Fold one leg up in to that table top position and that’s quite easy to do and
we just keep your knee over your hip. Now you’re going to have to think really hard.
Can you keep the tummy flat and the pelvic floor lifted as the second leg comes up to
join it. It’s a lot harder to do. And you’ve got to be careful to keep a really good hold.
And breathe and now going down is tricky too. Slowly down with one leg, slowly down with
the other leg. Pause have a few breaths. So bring one leg up first leg up is quite easy,
have a breath. You need to be breathing out as you use your muscles and bring your second
leg to join it. And breathe and then as you breathe out slowly lower your first leg back
down just for one and then lower the other and then have a rest. You will find two at
a time makes you think haww, and there is a bit of a temptation for the tummy to bulge,
so your goal is to learn to hold it really steady as you move your legs. As a beginner
I wouldn’t do too many in a row just two at a time, have a rest, two at a time. So would
this exercise be safe if you’ve got a prolapse? If you do it very carefully and I would spend
some time practicing the leg stretches and the one before the stair climbing one first,
until you’re really quite confident with that before you try that more advanced one, because
that can make a bit of a bulge in the tummy and if it bulges in the tummy it’s going to
bulge underneath.

Daniel Yohans

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  1. Ragin Mariya Jose says:

    I'm a women's health physiotherapist from India. These videos are very helpful. Thank you so much. Waiting for more updates ☺️

  2. mac salvor says:

    Hi I struggle with swayback and I'm off work sick ATM. I'm a postman and my lower back spasms and I can't seem to walk normally the back arches inward it's so painful

  3. Ashley Queen says:

    It was good, and I am not a therapist and looking for such kind of videos for the very first time for my mother. Can you please advise over if she should be doing this exercise on a daily basis or three times a week is enough?


    Thank you for the perfect guide for pelvic floor exercise…my mother 85 y need badly this exercise to prevent urinary incontinence ..I will teach her ..thank u so much for very good guidance

  5. SNEHAL KAMBLE says:

    Hi!Can you please show some exercise videos for uretral stricture

  6. K M says:

    Its hard to walk and tighten your abdomen

  7. Ashley Hankins says:

    OK ladies so I was having issues with a drizzling every time I sneezed and coughed. Nothing is more embarrassing than having to use the bathroom and can't hold it for too long. I came across this Pelvic muscle exercise tool on Instagram. So I decided to look and see if it was on amazon. They had it so I decided to order it being that it was only $24. It has been a month… when I tell you it has helped me so much with my pelvic muscles, my posture and shaping my booty right. I couldn't be more happy. If you would like to take a look go to this link and check it out. It may help you or it may not. Good day ladies.

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