State makes inroads to catch welfare cheats, recover millions in overpayments

State makes inroads to catch welfare cheats, recover millions in overpayments

THE STATE IS DOUBLING DOWN ON ITS EFFORTS TO FAIR SHARE OF THE BENEFITS MEANT TO HELP INVESTIGATING HAS LOOKED INTO FOR YEARS. GINA MANGIERI FOLLOWS UP ON WHAT’S CHANGING…GINA? JOE, STATE AGENCIES AND AUTHORITIES HAVE GOTTEN TOUGHER AND MORE METHODICAL IN RECENT YEARS GOING AFTER TENS OF MILLIONS POWER TO MAKE SURE THOSE TRULY IN NEED GET THE HELP. the state distributes billions of your federal and local tax 00;13;45;44 GINA of all the people who get the kind of benefits are all of them doublechecked for their Yet somehow a fraction slip through who the state later isn’t caught and fixed right away becomes a money chase later. PANKAJ BHANOT, DHS DIRECTOR 00;30;36;38 we believe that we are the TRUSTEES of public funds and public trust and we must do everything to overpayments topping 50 million dollars — many of those debts go back decades and are uncollectable due to recoverable out of this large amount because some of these debts GO BACK 42 years, 44 years! the overpayments that are actually increasing it’s VERY been making concerted efforts to STOP overpayments before they start and GET BACK FIRST — re-engineering the processing of applications, which used to be handled by one worker, now it’s a something funny with these things they won’t be able to do it because someone will always be able to see what’s entered online, or hard-copies scanned for databases. And THIRD, all of it can be providing, we can check it with various local or federal technology platform out for bid right now for a benefits platform that would tie into the medicaid eligibility system. that could be in place by the As for GETTING BACK more from past welfare cheats — after our stories on the problem a few years ago, the legislature funded investigator positions slashed in the TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE to our outreach and a sum that is notching upward. Some of it takes some law enforcement muscle, too, and DHS has been working with the attorney general’s office to prosecute more of the most serious cases. 00;01;05;33 i think we’re being because again we’re The Ag’s civil collections staff works on the bulk of the nearly 00;04;08;36 we’re working a 00;02;54;07 we’re finding A LOT OF THEM ARE WORKING so we’re garnishing their wages now. DHS and the attorney general’s office say they plan 00;19;32;56 so is it FOOLPROOF no. are we i think we are continuing to make a tremendous 00;19;46;51 difference THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES RELIES suspected welfare fraud, LEADING TO DISQUALIFICATIONS, REPAYMENTS AND EVEN CRIMINAL CASES. WE’VE POSTED THE CONTACT

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  1. Hawaiianbyheart says:

    What bugs me about this is, welfare fraud is big deal. However a 11 billion + heavyrail that should of cost taxpayers 4 billion only is ok? And any other project that goes way over so that gets investers rich is ok too? It's Lolo

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