Staying Healthy Is Actually Killing Us – The Jim Jefferies Show

Staying Healthy Is Actually Killing Us – The Jim Jefferies Show

>>These guys dying healthy
it seems harder than ever.>>For even the most basic
health advice seems impossible. Which brings us
to tonight’s big question what do you people
want from me.>> From May.>>First we need to get
enough exercise. In general adults
should get about five hours a week of moderate exercise
or two and a half hours or more of intense activity
or some combination of the two.>>It’s crazy that humans
have to make time to exercise. We have to go to a room and lift
heavy things just to be healthy. You know you didn’t have to
have time for exercise cave men.>>Because I were too busy style
his life. I didn’t need to spend an hour
walking up stairs that never went anywhere. They were just busy spending
the old day running away from a site tooth target. That’s why every week
I set a target free in the park just to help others. Find let’s say you find
a few hours a week to exercise. What else.>>Ages 18 to 64. Regular sleep 79 hours
is recommended by Gough 79 now just sleeping.
Sleep socks.>>When bad things happen.
People die suddenly. You can even sleep
and lose your job.>>No one’s ever cause
an accident by falling away at the wheel.>>Not. I’m not times
when the guys come out and stand at the foot of your bed
watching you sleep. Hey guys.
Why are you watching me sleep instead of holding a woman’s
locker room at the Equinox gym.>>You’re in guys.
You go I DIE DIE. On.>> Just enough to get
your impossibles Sevens owns consistent
and regular sleep health patterns are important
where you’re going to bed and waking up at the same time where you have
a cool quiet dark room putting your devices away. You’re not drinking caffeine
or alcohol right before bed and you’re exercising
on a daily basis who can do.>> Nobody goes to bed
at the same time every night.>>What if you’re out
with friends what if you’re
in a baseball game and it runs
into extra innings or you have to bury a corpse
and you go back to the car and you realize that you’ve
accidentally buried the key and also you go back you get the
cane you get back in the car. Now you’ve already lost
a couple of hours sleep so you tied your food
safety the wheel and you hit a skateboarding kid
kind of looks like a runaway. No one will miss him.
Sure. Not very good probably
should you bury the case and you get back to your car.
The. Key thing again
the my time you know I’ve got three hours sleep
and you can’t sleep because there’s a skateboard guy
just at the end. You paid.>> By far the hardest part
of staying healthy eating right. And for most of us
the damage is already done thanks to the good old fashioned
US food pyramid the wide bottom
of the pyramid gave me the impression
that eating a diet with lots of carbs was good.>>But decades later the fallout
from the food pyramid may have accidentally
made our diet less healthy and quite possibly
made the obesity and diabetes problem even worse.>>Try with the biggest WADAs
at the bottom as food fostered bread. If you ate that pyramid
your body you look like that. We. Were. High up in schools
and we were all taught the old saying and Alfredo’s sandwich
and die keeps the doctor. Oh the chest pains
mean it’s working.>> Now in all fairness
is better than the food pyramid from the 1950s were leveled to is just
a spastics and cigarettes. But. Now. We know.>>That everyone should eat
more fruit and vegetables. And what does mall
actually mean.>>Because research says I need
10 servings of fruit every day and that’s it seems like way
too much fruit not to self.>>Look up how many servings
a June of a berries are in a whole thing.
Jane I would say. That just aren’t
enough hours in the day. I can’t sleep and work at and
and tribal edible arrangement and drink a glass
of water each day and still have enough protein and vitamins and antioxidants
and probiotics and good fats and I need satisfaction
from a full time job. I also need to spend time
with family and friends but I can’t text them
or call them because screen time is bad.
And of course I need time for self care
like meditation and whatnot. Plus I have to white three times
a week to stop prostate cancer.>> That was pretty easy. We have three commercial breaks
during the show. Keeping. One for me.>>I’m doing my best
to be healthy but it’s only stressing me out.>>May be more stressed
than you want to be and it really has bad
repercussions on your health. It’s linked to all six leading
causes of death. We’ll be right back.

Daniel Yohans

66 thoughts on “Staying Healthy Is Actually Killing Us – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. Juan Carlos Gonzalez says:

    I find hilarious that the example given of a carb food is a huge stack of pancakes drenched in corn syrup with a block of butter on top. No wonder some Americans are so fat they have their own gravity well; even when trying to eat healthy you can't help but overindulge.

    It reminds me of when I went to the US and saw people pretty much submerging a salad in cheese-like sauce.

  2. Drum Ape says:

    I constantly fall awake at the wheel.

  3. Ivan Johnson says:

    And right after that, he wanked off for his health. 😂

  4. leprechaunluck24 says:

    I love how he always sounds drunk lol

  5. LudvigIndestrucable says:

    His stand up was better

  6. JDMime says:

    Just do a 15 mile run on a weekend morning. Done and done

  7. Angelica Cushing says:

    That gives me a business idea for Tiger cross fit.

  8. Lone Mic Productions says:

    Everything is killing us or bad for us, but it's great for fit white girls who want to tell you you're living wrong! Cause they can fart in a bottle, slap an organic label on it, and sell it to you as a way to supplement your exercise – which to the rest of us really means "take this instead of exercising".

  9. 564fjhgfigfjhgf says:

    He looks like Lewis Black

  10. Austin Zahm says:

    Just turn vegan. and workout every day. It's not hard

  11. Harban mital Mital says:

    die more

  12. Thomas Thompson says:

    That moustache though. I'm so glad it's gone

  13. B B says:

    I love how coal is paying to put ads specifically on jim jeffries

  14. Ryan says:

    😂 that skeleton tho

  15. autohmae says:

    Staying healthy is like a second job, especially if you include sleeping, just look at the hours.

  16. themaster408 says:

    I think we can all relate to losing sleep for burying your keys accidentally with the bodies.

  17. aLiquidReality says:

    I designed and animated that rotating 3 from the news clip!!! My graphics are on the Jim Jefferies show 😉 I feel complete now.

  18. Justin Thyme says:

    one of his best

  19. oogachaka says:

    Australian Lewis Black.

  20. LESismore says:

    I live on a farm and train horses so no gym for me! I'd rather smell horse manure than sweaty people.

  21. Not So Great Jagras says:

    Who sleeps in a quiet room? i always sleep witha fan on, to stop loud noises

  22. James Cole says:

    DAMN! JIM !!! Leftist´s money made you fat. THE JIM ESCOBAR SHOW.

  23. Uno Dos says:

    Please put online the drawing of Mohamed you did as a wobbly ghost!

  24. Black Wolf says:

    Isn't this that guy who was secretly filmed inciting hate and racism recently on YouTube??

  25. None Ofyourbusiness says:

    Staying healthy is killing us. Is that your excuse for being a fat fucker. I think after seeing your true colours in the avi interview, people know better than to listen to your shit

  26. Matthew Harris says:

    This bellend won’t be relevant for much longer. Thank fuck!

  27. RJay says:

    Fantastic sight gag @ 4:14 XD

  28. tat2edsinner says:

    Take this scumbags channel down. He’s a liar and tries to insight negative responses toward people he lies about. You got caught you piece of shit.

  29. SJW Merker says:

    You piece of shot. Only reason I know who you are is because Tosh leads you on. Go eat a Muslim baby you creep.

  30. Richard Spikman says:

    You suck, Jim. You are a dishonest hack. Not a fan anymore.

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    Jefferies is fake!

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    Piece of dog shit Jim jefferies

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    Oh yeah this is the unfunny twat that edits and lie about the people he interviews. Hey Jim tell us what you think about muslims…oh wait, you already did. Check out Jims Avi interview on Avi YouTube channel and see for yourself how Jim is a pathetic virtue signaling racist shitbag.

  36. Shane Carr says:

    Crooked Jim Jefferies…..

  37. Paul Mike says:

    Corporate shill

  38. Hobo Knife says:

    Jim Jeffries: the racist fraud of Comedy Central.

  39. Monterrey Bear says:

    You Fuck face , how does it feel to get destroyed by Avi, LMFAO, YUO ARE YOUR BEST JOKE BITCH!!, go ahead and erase my comment YouTube in 3 2 1.

  40. Killa Kable says:

    Fuck you Jim you p.o.s. Douche-Nozzle! With your FAKE ass canned laugh tracks 😂 asshole

  41. Brian McElroy says:


  42. 300bpm says:

    It's great how you've been caught out as a lying scumbag.

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    How is stress linked to "Medical Accident"?

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    Bigot Jim Jefferies edits interviews to push his bullshit agenda while making anti Islam statements when he thinks the camera is off

  48. Jace Cavacini says:

    Thanks to my last job, with the abusive management, I now have PTSD and most of my dreams are stress dreams. I already had problems getting deep sleep (slow-wave/delta sleep), and now I get almost none at all. I wake EXHAUSTED and irritable. I live next to LOUD ASSHOLES with shared walls, and no one thinks that shit is a fundamental problem with our civilization. Our CULTURE is what’s killing us.

  49. Sigma Geranimo says:

    The world strugle now, Stay Healthy or Stay Alive.

  50. Christopher Kelly says:


  51. ryan globlek says:

    Funny I'm surviving on 5-7 hrs operating forklifts and driving duallys

  52. Samson Otieno says:

    You're not right in the head… I LOOOOVEEEE ITTTT!

  53. LouistheHedgehog says:

    Sounds like Jim is endorsing the Atkins diet. Also on the 50's pyramid racism is at the foundation.

  54. matt prior says:

    The health standards set by Doctors and scientists , nutritionists are good but they are only meant for rich people !

  55. English Teacher says:

    Mustache: No.

  56. david jones says:

    The pyramid is fine. The problem is people are dowsing all their carbs with fat. Of course pizza carbs are bad, it’s mostly fat calories. Cinnabon? It’s not the carbs, it’s the obscene amount of fat that gets you. Bread isn’t the enemy. Drenching the bread in oil, butter, or cheese is what makes it bad for you.

  57. Cookoo Cachew says:

    Jim has the best molestache in the business

  58. Sean Cope says:

    “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”

    Hunter S Thompson.

  59. byron2521 says:

    No more guilt for spanking your monkey! If your mom catches you just say "mum i'm trying to stop prostate cancer!"

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    Is this guy ever sober?

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    Thats why i love Socialism. At the very least they want you alive and thin… Eheheh

  62. Fred Craven says:


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    Aye idiot caveman got their excercise from going out and hunting and doing they normal activities

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    Herd mentality is the real threat to everyones health… fucking sheep. Oh look there's a cliff

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    Keep feeding into the fat cunts victim mentality. You only have one body, take care of it

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