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Aeris – Cyanide & Happiness Minis

♪Aeris’ Theme ♪ -Phoenix Down. -AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! OH MY GOD! (-screaming continues) -Dude, what are you doing? (-screaming continues) -Just let her die in peace! -AHHHHHHH!!! — blegh ♪ Aeris’ Theme ♪ -Phoenix Down. -AAAAHHH!! IT HURTS!! IT HURTS SO BAD!! AHHHH!!!—blegh -Ugh! Stop! You fucking idiot! This is sick! You’re sick! Hugh! ♪ slow music[…]

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The Tragedy – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

(people screaming) – Okay, Rose! Here it comes! Count to three and hold your breath!! One, two, three!! (both inhale deeply) – Phew! – (coughing) (puck clicking) – (surprised yell) Oh. (grunts) – Ah! (groans angrily) – (chuckles) (slaps self and groans) (puck clicking continuously) (both grunt) (puck clicking continuously) (both grunting) (plays air hockey[…]

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Cyanide & Happiness Compilation – #3

“Seagull” “Flapping bird” -Oh..Ha ha “Squawk” “Flapping bird” Uh?..What the…? Oow? What?!! Uh!! What??!!…uh!! Ah!! Mmh..Alright! Aaaaaaaaaaahh “Tense Music” Aow!!!!! MY FUCKING SANDWICH!!! “Tell My Wife” “Fire Shot” “Heavy Fall” -Hu Kof kof.. -We need a medic!!!! “Sad heroic music” -I’m Hit… -No no no NO Come on!..Come on.. You can’t die Obby!! Don’t you[…]

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