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The Importance of Good Nutrition

[Warms up] Count me in! – 3, 2, 1, action! – Hi everybody, it’s Herbie! Welcome to a very special edition of IT, Inspirational Therapy. Because today, we’re here with a world-renowned nutritionist, he has written a lot of articles, and won international awards, hello Françoise! – François. – Francewa? – François. – Franswaze. –[…]

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The Tragedy – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

(people screaming) – Okay, Rose! Here it comes! Count to three and hold your breath!! One, two, three!! (both inhale deeply) – Phew! – (coughing) (puck clicking) – (surprised yell) Oh. (grunts) – Ah! (groans angrily) – (chuckles) (slaps self and groans) (puck clicking continuously) (both grunt) (puck clicking continuously) (both grunting) (plays air hockey[…]

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