Take This – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Take This – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

-Take this, my son. For it is my body. -Thank you, Jesus. -And take this. For it is my blood. -Yes, Jesus. -Take this, my son. For it is my hair. -Uhhhhhhhhh… Okay, Jesus. -And this is my head! -Jesus. It’s ready. -It’s perfect! -Oh shit! Here they come! (muffled laughter) -Look everybody! He’s ascending!

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Take This – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. Britto Britto says:


  2. The Chunchunmaru says:

    DISGUISE : 100

  3. Maximum Effort Gaming says:

    Well at least they didn’t make Jesus white

  4. Fire Son says:

    Let’s make a religion out of this…

  5. bronyferien minuet says:

    Huh… so that's what really happend….

  6. Robert Aylor says:

    That was really good

  7. Bill Nguyen says:

    i like it when christans get offended by this.


    Wtf haha but is abuse

  9. CRAB says:

    Thake this my son, for it is my fist!

  10. The Cubey channel Dasher says:

    Take This Bread As It Is My Skin…
    Take This Wine For It Is My Blood…
    opens a jar of mayonnaise
    Everyone: OH HELL NAW

  11. Cryonic says:

    Our lord and saviour is made of food………I dont know what to expect next

  12. MasterL Player says:

    If only…

  13. The One With No Face says:

    So THIS is what would have happened of Jesus didn't sacrifice his life.

  14. ManXD TOOO says:

    What the…..

  15. John Webster says:

    They should do Mohammed next

  16. TerraMerc 73 says:

    *christians when we make a meme about their religion : lmao this is funny
    *muslims when we make a meme abiut their religion : yOu WaNnA dIE yOu fUckInG tWaT? Imma stone u to death

  17. Crippling Pig says:


  18. - RoBB - says:

    Сука, слишком годно.

  19. Prenzo says:

    well that didnt happen outside read the bible

  20. ST372 Mark III says:

    And this is how Jesus faked his death

  21. Parham R.F says:

    Take this, for it is my like.

  22. Peace Forever says:

    This is so offensive to Muslims!

  23. hobo 76830 says:

    if only

  24. Midnight cat reaper Time says:

    People should believe this

  25. Erik Bregnsbo says:

    Hands Milk
    "Okay Jesus that's too far

  26. SysGhost says:

    This might be a lot closer to actual reality than what's mentioned in "the big book".

  27. SRVM Multimedia says:

    Its a bit disrespectful for the whole Catholic people. But funny, interrupting the timeline🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Phil H says:

    So the FSM is just Jesus’ hair. Who knew!?

  29. Liju pallipuram Pallipuram says:

    It's. not. right

  30. kazkasa inca says:

    You know the funny thing that you guys are Christians and making fun of jesus like that


    I love they made Jesus and his people brown skin

  32. G. GROUP says:

    भारत मे हिन्दू मुस्लिम के भगवानों के बारे में बोला जाता तो अभी तक क्लेश हो जाता यँहा गांडू भरे हुए हैं जो धर्म को इन्शान से बड़ा समझते हैं।।

  33. Nico arabe says:

    استغفر الله القصة محرفة

  34. King Treedede says:

    Wow I can’t believe you would draw Jesus as a brown man
    I can’t believe Jesus was a fucking degenerate

  35. dude bro says:

    Fuck you.

  36. REALResident Gamer says:

    Leaked footage right here

  37. Not your typical weeab says:


  38. KNGAMING says:

    Where you dic… Never mine

  39. Bub Vision says:


  40. Quinn McDonnell says:


  41. Doctor straing Strange says:

    When I saw the sausages link I thought ''what a big weiner he has'' then I thought ''oh, right. He's Jesus''. And then it turns out it was his legs

  42. David Osoria says:

    I need to rethink my life….

  43. Roju Cadiz says:

    What the fuck do not show that to public bulshit this video shows disrespect all catholic

  44. mr Gopnik says:

    Did you guys just solve the mystery to Jesus's reincarnation?

  45. Tronald Dump says:

    Captain America should’ve came in and Jesus should’ve gave him his shield

  46. Igor Dabrowski says:

    take this my son :
    gives sosauge
    for it is my dick ! XD

  47. Zavex says:

    xD im dying lol

  48. ArmoredAce666 says:

    I bet he did that in past!! xD

  49. MrChase115 says:

    On the sacrelig though, this is pretty funny.

  50. Zydra says:

    🤣stupid lol😜

  51. Kristanto Dwinugroho says:

    This is bullying jesus

  52. RemnantShard says:

    Wait, are those African or European swallows at the end?

  53. Project Trinity says:

    And………..he end up in japan and pass away there!! Amen….

  54. Hipoleto Jr. Siega says:


  55. Hriata Tlau says:


    Please dont make any other joke on Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    i love ur videos and watch every single one of it, but this one is very very serious and a big mistake..for you are almost about to see him.

    Pliz dont do this again..

    Ur fan

  56. fulcrum 29 says:

    Explains a lot

  57. NSA national security agency says:

    Jesus:how do you know?

  58. Logic _ says:

    Oh its for the arms 🤣

  59. PrussianZwei says:

    Now this is an interpretation of Jesus and his crucifixion I can get behind.

  60. Perfect_Poop says:

    Well this explains everything.

  61. neyoBEAR. says:

    This is more likely.

  62. JBGaming says:

    I picture this would trigger Christians

  63. Matthew Alden says:

    Is this blasphemy?

  64. stelios giannokos says:

    Perfect love it

  65. Nick Batutay says:

    ExplosmEntertainment had to be atheists to make this vid,no offense,btw.

  66. Wendell po says:

    It was creative and I always loved this channel but I disliked this particular vedio because I feel it's not good to make a joke about it I don't want to be a spoil sport but it kind of doesn't feel right

  67. Adam Caleb Aguirre says:

    This is offensive Christ died for our sins your making a mockery out of his blessing

  68. The Awkward Potato says:

    Do some on other religions, too.

  69. Kerline Francois says:

    I dont like it 😡

  70. Jimmy Valencia says:


  71. ejijojo says:

    Where is penis?

  72. Hiền Trần says:

    more viet sub

  73. Maryam Ucal says:

    Es war cooool😂👍🏻

  74. Sebastian Reynolds says:

    ''Aww shit, here we go again''

  75. Mark Heraclitus says:

    Total heresy, but a small giggle happened. A request for forgiveness was made. Try that with Mohammad and you will have a Fatwa on your head. Christians are more forgiving and fun.

  76. 黑白 says:

    Is the soldiers too stupid?

  77. Im Perfect Mars says:

    Imagine if Jesus did that. He might live till now. But then he did it to save us from sins…. Damn jesus would do anything to keep the world in tacked

  78. Mohammed Imran says:

    You should be ashamed of your self for making this about jesus Christ

  79. Judson Gooderham says:

    When they're laughing behind the rocks 😂😂😂

  80. SsmartgamerYT says:

    🌼but believe in jesus really exists….AMEN

  81. Purrune90 says:

    Too soon

  82. Timothy Morrison says:

    I have the right to have meaning in life

  83. Rejoice in the lord Ministries Pakistan says:

    that's not what i expected from the banana

  84. Momee sheikh. says:

    That was a fuck

  85. Gamer Gabe says:

    LMAOO man

  86. Gamer Player says:

    That is a terrible thing to do or say why would you make that

  87. ST372 Mark III says:

    This video is an offense to christians and jews. It's basically…

  88. ST372 Mark III says:


  89. A mills says:

    Lol do budda and Mohamed 😉😉🤣🤣

  90. ÆKillerDJ69 says:

    Ahhh yess DARK HUMOR

  91. Panzor of the lake says:

    Y'all thought this was a thing only for jesus, the jews did the same thing

  92. m28 987 says:

    You do it fun about Jesus you disgusting

  93. Jesus Casillas says:

    Water melon is his head.

  94. Christina Hamilton says:

    And that is how Jesus "died".

  95. Bass Galaxy says:

    They really made the Roman soldiers look stupid. 😂

  96. normboynormboys world says:

    I knew Jesus was black

  97. scientistmumu z.k.lp. says:

    I feel so many sin here.

  98. Tavis Highfill says:

    I was there. This is about how it happened.

  99. Jean Funny games says:


  100. Oliver Casey says:

    religion exposed!

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