Tea Vs Coffee Which One Is Better for Health and Weight Loss | HealthPedia

Tea Vs Coffee Which One Is Better for Health and Weight Loss | HealthPedia

Have you heard the rumor that tea or coffee can help with weight loss Is it true? If so, which is the better option and how much should we be drinking for the best results? dear viewers in this video We will compare them to find out which one is better for your health and helps you in weight loss as well So please stay with us and don’t forget to like and share the video Now let’s see the comparison between coffee and tea so that from the next time you can easily decide which one to drink caffeine content Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that has been associated with protective effects against some chronic diseases tea contains more caffeine than coffee, but when brewed the amount of caffeine in coffee increases Caffeine is not bad for you But if you have it in an excessive amount it can cause troubles in your sleeping patterns, and you can even get anxiety So we can say that when it comes to caffeine content tea is a better option diabetes Drinking coffee every day can help to prevent serious disease such as type 2 diabetes researchers believe the caffeine content of coffee helps to control the blood sugar levels and improve the use of insulin inside the body on the Other hand tea is good for your overall health, but it doesn’t help much in dealing with diabetes Antioxidants both coffee and tea contain different types of polyphenols Which are powerful antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer but tea contains more Antioxidants than coffee and that’s why tea is the better option Quantity now, let’s see how much coffee or tea you can drink in one day We know coffee contains almost double the amount of caffeine than tea and drinking it a lot can harm your health You can drink up to 5 cups of tea and 3 cups of coffee per day so in that case we can say that tea is the better option to take weight loss If you try to lose weight, then green tea can be the best choice for you because green tea contains almost zero calories Which can help in boosting your metabolism And improve your body’s overall ability to burn fats Coffee on the other hand can make you feel full and increase your metabolism speed but not so much that it helps in weight loss So tea is the better option here again final word We can say that it is always difficult to decide which drink is better But if we look at the pointers tea is surely a winner However, if you’re a worker or have to work hard at the gym coffee can be a good choice for you Thanks for watching the video. Please share your valuable opinion in the comments your feedback helps us to do better in the future You

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