Tell My Wife – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Tell My Wife – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Tell My Wife – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. MrBlargMaster says:

    I'm gone. I've gone. I'll gone.
    This made me die.

  2. Colonel Aaron Douglas Hanson Daniels says:

    Kill the wife

  3. Tania Nunez says:


  4. Jason rules says:

    Tell my wife I fucked my girl boss

  5. James Noodle says:

    "She's a bitch"

  6. Ashton The Boi! says:

    "Tell my wife.."
    "I M A D O P T E D"

  7. PhantoMace2012 says:

    This whole video had me dying of laughter.
    Except the part where he shot himself, that went too far

  8. PhantoMace2012 says:

    It's the small things that made this hilarious.
    1:31 slapping sarge awake
    1:48 sarge folding his arms in anger at his wife while he's lying on the ground "dying"
    1:55 pointing the gun away after she aims it at him
    2:21 being VERY tempted to shoot her then and there
    2:30 how sarge says gare-age in his british accent
    2:36 "Well it certainly isn't YOUR blood everywhere!"

  9. Margaret Yoong says:


  10. 3571 Subs with no videos says:

    Man:Tell my(cough)wife that I lo(cough)
    Wife:awe I'm sorry now honey
    Man:aghed onely at her jokes because she had big tits

  11. Mr. Night says:

    tell my wife (cough) i…. didn't really… go to…. war. it.. was….. just an… excuse… to… look… for… girls… better looking…. then her.

  12. Midas Silvius says:

    i thought at first he said “longshot”

  13. Heidi Esperanza says:

    I should be doing homework🤫🤫

  14. Rubiya Babu says:

    Actually the heart is in the left side not at the right

    Because the bullet actually hit on the right side not the left side.


  15. Alina Sandro says:

    Tell my wife ..I finally quit smoking

  16. Metha Angwatanapanich says:

    There was a Forrest Gump reference lmao

  17. Raphael Benjamin Amparo says:


  18. Rouge Campos says:

    Tell my wife cough cough…I pooped in her car….cough dead

  19. 20alphabet says:

    "Who shot that hole in my sombrero…

  20. Shubhankar Roy says:


  21. abdirahman adan says:

    Tell my wife 'she's bitch😂

  22. Darth Maul says:

    Tell my wife…i wasnt that into her

  23. Macken Yankee says:

    She's a bitch 😂😂😂, i can't stop laughing

  24. Sonic the hedgehog says:

    2:14 SHE'S A BITCH

  25. J.P. Eatan says:

    Woman doesnt know man dies

  26. Michael Morse says:

    Tell my wife . . . She is only . . . An Artificial intelligence.

  27. Snake Boy Shub says:


  28. Un Fun says:

    Match made in heaven

  29. l Ency l says:

    I can just imagine these 2 going out and buying these uniforms just for this

  30. Selig Fykspert says:

    Tell my wife… Cough! Cough! Cough!… I should have followed the doctor's advice and stopped smoking.

  31. Veng3r says:

    Looks (and sounds) like a 'typical' Brunette TO me…

  32. Akash Dhyani says:

    This is America!

  33. TheSwindler1998 says:

    Huh. Reminds me of myself when my grandparents would fight. Almost the same escape too.

  34. A udhfn says:

    "Tell my wife that my other wife is ….


  35. Jerry Rupprecht says:

    Tell my wife Hello

  36. Jimmy300 says:

    This makes no absolute sense

  37. darkball31 says:

    this was a mawk battle meaning no one was supposed to get hirt but no the wife had to use live rounds in a reinactment

  38. The Creator says:

    Legend says the garage is still dirty

  39. Starkill3r 306 says:

    Cough cough, tell your wife… I love her…

  40. Hrishikesh Ramjee says:

    "Tell my wife… that I'd like a plate of dicks for dinner!"

  41. Robert S says:

    2:23 how private pile killed himself in full metal jacket

  42. Badgaming 684 says:

    Tell my wife……i cheated on yo…….

  43. Don & Agha KM says:

    If you dead say to your solder Me:tell my wife she is a bitch

  44. Daniel Lewis says:


  45. Sophia Conwell says:

    there's a hole look my fingers in it, oh well it certainly isn't your blood everywhere lol

  46. Berenice Salas says:

    Legend says he still hasn’t cleaned the garage

  47. Infinite Shadow says:

    Tell my wife….

  48. Alessandra Montali says:

    Tell my wife… (Cough) i have a hundred dollars under the … (Dies)

  49. Shattered Reaper says:

    What happens when you have an American wife, and you're british XD

  50. a z says:

    I got it yaar who was trying to fool me 😐

  51. Michael Rodriguez says:

    Movie: tell my wife I love her
    Now: tell my wife that 2:14

  52. R F says:

    Poor guy he was just a messenger 😭

  53. DjAlonDevil says:

    How the hell did she get a G3 rifle

  54. Seth Brady says:

    "tell…….my wife……….TO GO FUCK HERSELF"

  55. No u says:


  56. Sammy boy says:

    So this is the video that started it all

  57. Zaddy Daddy says:

    they had us in the first half ..not gonna lie

  58. DJ Terminator says:

    Tell my wife… That… Im… Never… Going… To…. Have… A…. Wife….

  59. TheMrMussolini says:

    I like how they have a Brodie Helmet mixed with an M1 Helmet and ones British and the other is American I have many questions

  60. Brayden Murphy says:

    Tell my wife…

    I lied to her, I didn’t wear a condom

  61. Minhaz Khan says:

    Tell my wife…….that…….she is my wife……

  62. PAIN ERROR SANS says:

    Tell cough her cough cough cough cough cough cough cough she a bitch!

  63. stlslamgal76 says:

    Ww2 lol

  64. stlslamgal76 says:

    Turner and stiles

  65. stlslamgal76 says:

    Or Daniels

  66. Camyboy 10833 Ide says:

    Oh my God the wife is a butt hole

  67. DarkShima Upchan says:

    Tell my wife… (Cough) i want a divorce because she shot me in the lung

  68. Bass Galaxy says:

    Ridiculous! 😑

  69. Sa Fi says:

    "Tell my….wife…to tell……Other….wife…that…..she is…pregn-"

  70. Your Daily Grapes says:

    I make daily grape videos for no reason at all.

  71. Max Golder says:

    I’m confused

    Why is the idiot shooting him with a sniper when he’s only a few feet away

  72. Ranma LostworldGuy says:

    He should say this 'tell my wife i have no wife'

  73. Cody Chu says:

    So many jokes lmao

  74. Ao Chen says:

    Average American household.

  75. Qs Almohannadisn says:

    What am I watching call of duty?

  76. TrashPanda 365 says:

    Tell my wife… *cough*… tell her… creeper….

  77. Luke Brundidge says:

    tell my mom to sue that woman

  78. Jose SMITH says:

    Wow She is lazy

  79. why creepy says:

    F*** Samsung

  80. It's KitCat 2000 says:

    Tell my wife…i.i.i cheated on her…. (dies)

  81. Evelyn Adaya says:

    Tell……my …wife…that.i……..left my wallet inside the car (dies)

  82. bamezcua2 says:

    Tell my wife that she a bicth

  83. Tyler Cozzi says:

    Tell my wife… i- (cough)… want a restraining order…


    Hey… Its SLR rifle🤣🤣

  85. Willie Boyd says:

    So this is what Pat Benatar meant when she said "Love is a battlefield"

  86. LeafBerry UwU says:

    tell… my wife… I think we need…. marriage counseling…..

  87. MRV says:

    Tell my wife to…. sub…. subscribe to….. Explos… m… Entertainment!….

  88. secret meme says:

    Pleas telll my wifi
    You mean your wife?
    NO! my wifi

  89. randy 2323 says:

    Tell… my wife (cough) (cough) that she's a bitch

  90. VeteranMax says:

    The Wife sounds like Emma from the Ridonculous Race.

  91. Veljko says:

    "I will not make it, I'm going to die"

    Proceeds to argue with his wife for half an hour

  92. ꧁sCaŘLetT꧂ says:

    Tell my wife…

  93. LookSon! ItzAFlyingFuzz! says:

    This will be happy?

  94. Glitch64-Bits says:

    Tell my wife… We need… cough cough another baby!

  95. xXStalin BlyatXx says:

    "Tell my wife" the new wifi password is 0…..9………..3- (dies)

    Wife:oh the fuck

  96. WIZWIZARD 2019 says:


  97. Scott Greer says:

    Tell my …………..she's a (dies)

  98. WindowsXP Gamer says:

    1:22 he can’t, he’s shot dumbass. And dying is once

  99. Dan - says:

    Tell my wife…I had another wife

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