The American Council on Exercise (ACE) Brand Anthem

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) Brand Anthem

What moves you? Is it crossing the finish line of a 5k? Keeping your throwing arm in peak condition? Or keeping pace with your grandson? Whatever it is that moves you, ACE is behind
you every step of the way. We believe in the power of movement to bring
families, communities, and co-workers together. To help us destress after a long drive home. Or zone in before studying. We believe that even a little movement everyday
can play a big role in turning the tide on physical-inactivity related diseases like
heart disease and diabetes, which now affect billions of people worldwide. As the leading nonprofit advocate for achieving
lifelong healthy change, our mission is to get people moving. With our growing family of over 70,000 ACE
Certified Professionals across the world, along with passionate individuals like you,
we can work together to rally our families, to ignite our communities, and to inspire
our co-workers, to move toward a healthier, fitter and more active way of life, for everyone. We are the American Council on Exercise. Getting People Moving since 1985.

Daniel Yohans

4 thoughts on “The American Council on Exercise (ACE) Brand Anthem

  1. Irene Z Goodman says:


  2. Ros Elder says:

    Love the moving legs logo!

  3. 1cajun79 says:

    Excellent! Normal folks with normal bodies, including the pros!

  4. Peg Hameltt says:

    Love the new branding! Especially like the story behind the logo. Great work.

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