The Best Back Exercise For Strength Power & Explosiveness | How To Pendlay Row

The Best Back Exercise For Strength Power & Explosiveness | How To Pendlay Row

– What’s up? So today we’re gonna be
going over the Pendlay row. Now this row was invented by Glenn Pendlay who unfortunately passed away last year, September 5th, 2019, from
stage four metastatic cancer, but with what he did for the sport, he coached over 100 athletes
from youth to the adult level, international, national titles, and he was a USA
weightlifting level five coach which is the highest accreditation
you can get in the sport. But, what I wanna talk about is the move that was coined after
him, the Pendlay row, and we’re gonna get into
that in today’s video. (upbeat music) Thanks for tuning in and if
you don’t know me by now, my name is Frank Wall, I’m a certified
fitness-nutrition specialist, certified personal trainer
with my three main goals, helping you feel, move, and look better, through training, nutrition,
and mobility advice. So, in today’s move we’re
going over the Pendlay row. This is gonna be an awesome back exercise. One of the best for improving
your power, explosiveness, and upper body size and mass in your back and also it’s gonna help
you improve your deadlift. So let’s check it out. So as I’m walking up to the bar, I wanna treat this stance like
I’m in a Romanian deadlift. I want my feet about hip-width apart, my hands just to the outside of the feet, and I wanna keep my back
as flat as possible. So, as I lift the barbell up, I’m gonna pull it into
my chest keeping my core as tight as I possibly can. When I’m starting off from the bottom, I’m gonna explosively
try and row and again, pull my shoulder blades
back pulling the bar all the way into my chest. This is very, very important to have that concentric explosiveness. And what I mean by that is you wanna pull. We’re not worrying about
lowering the bar down slowly. We’re trying to pull that bar
as hard and as fast as we can into our chest, pinching those
shoulder blades together, keeping the abs tight,
and again that’s gonna get the best bang for your buck here. I just did about 10 reps there. If you’re really looking
for a power and strength, you can go about five to six. Again, this is a great move that you can do to help improve that upper body strength,
size, and explosiveness. So, I kinda have the movement like I’m in a Romanian deadlift. I’m trying to keep my
back as flat as possible. Sometimes when it’s getting hard, you may pop your chest up a little bit, but you maintain a flat back. And even be careful of the neck. Sometimes my neck moves up and down but I want my neck to be
parallel and inline with my back. And so also when you’re doing this move, be sure that you’re being very explosive. This isn’t about eccentric
and getting the negative, it’s all about the concentric
and getting that power. Whereas a normal, traditional barbell row, bent-over row, you’re working on squeezing the shoulder blades, pulling, but then you’re working on lowering it. So, give this move a go. Get super explosive
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