The BEST Pushing Exercise

The BEST Pushing Exercise

(light music) – What’s up guys? It’s Chris Heria, welcome to another vlog. Today I’m gonna be showing
you the best pushing exercise and how to train for it. That’s gonna be the 90-degree pushup. Now one of the reasons why I think this is the best pushing exercise is because you can train
it anytime anywhere. Technically, you don’t
need any equipment at all to train this exercise
but it would be helpful to pick up some parallettes which you can get at And unlike most pushing exercises, the 90-degree pushup also has
far more of a range of motion when it comes to pushing compared
to other pushing exercises as it engages your
chest from bottom to top all the way up to your shoulders increasing your stability,
balance and coordination, making other compound
movements a whole lot easier. Strengthening your core and training your full
body muscle connection. And because you’re using
your entire body weight, this is considered a heavy lift which will fatigue you way faster. Just like an Olympic lift, helping you reach hypertrophy
and tear more muscle fibers, building way more muscle
and strength with less reps. And by the time you
have this exercise down, you would have greatly
developed your upper body and you would have increased your ability to perform more rep of harder exercises like handstand pushups and
a lot more advanced skills like the full planche pushups. And these are some of the reasons why I think the 90-degree pushup is the best pushing exercise. If you guys think there’s a better one, leave it down in the comment
section and let me know. So now I’ll be taking you through one of my training sessions, I’m gonna show you how I
train for my 90-degree pushup and progressions that
you need to get started. Now when I’m training
technique for an exercise I’m still trying to master, I’ll start off with the
hardest progression, try to max that out for a couple sets. So that’s gonna be the 90-degree pushup, I’m gonna go ahead and max
those out for four sets. (upbeat music) All right, so there we
have 90-degree pushups. I was gassing out on that last one but once you’ve maxed out
this exercise for four rounds, you would go into the next progression. So after I’ve done four rounds
of the 90-degree pushups, I would then move into the
next easier progression and that’s gonna be the 90-degree press. So as you can see, I’m starting off with the hardest movement
I’m able to achieve and then I’ll work down to
the last and first progression and then finally max that one out. By the time you reach
the last progression, you would’ve maxed out
your pushing strength as well as all the
techniques for your 90-degree and if you train this way, the next time you try 90-degree pushups, you’re gonna feel a whole lot stronger and you’re gonna be able
to do a lot more reps. All right, so the next progression, we’re gonna start off at the bottom. Now we’re gonna go down
into a pushup, lean forward, hard enough, your feet
come off the ground. Press into a handstand,
come right back down, hold. Now you really wanna get
used to, for this exercise, holding in that position. So we’re gonna do this exercise one rep every 30 to 60 seconds. And for this progression, it
alleviates some of the strength that you’re gonna need for
the beginning of this exercise ’cause you’re just
starting off in the floor, you don’t have to waste so
much energy lowering down into the 90-degree position. And some might say lowering
down into that 90-degree and being able to catch and hold yourself into a 90-degree position is actually one of the hardest
parts of this movement, so this progression trains for that which is why as soon as you
go up and come back down, I want you to stop and
just hold that position. And the main three
challenges of this exercise is really just being
able to come back down, hold it, and also being able
to come up into a handstand. So we’ll be able to train
those aspects individually and in this case, we’re
really gonna be training the 90-degree hold and
being able to press up. So let’s go for a couple
reps and a couple sets and when we feel like we cannot go on with this progression anymore while maintaining perfect form, we’re then gonna go on
to the next progression, let’s go ahead and max these out. (upbeat music) All right, my body is feeling
a little fatigued now. So the next progression
we’ll be moving on to is the negative 90-degree plus hold. We’re gonna kick up into a handstand and then we’re gonna try to go down slow and lower our bodies into
the 90-degree and hold. (upbeat music) All right, so there’s the
negative 90-degree plus hold. And for this progression
we’re specifically isolating the part of the 90-degree
where you have to come down from a handstand and catch yourself in the 90-degree hold position. Now the more slow and controlled
you do this progression, the stronger you’re gonna get and the easier it’s
gonna be to push back up in the other harder progressions, so let’s go ahead, max
these out with perfect form, and when we feel like we can’t
hold that 90-degree anymore and we’re just dropping, we’re gonna move on to the
next easier progression. Let’s go for it. (upbeat music) All right so you guys should probably be feeling that by now. So at this point, you
might not have anymore pushing strength but we
can definitely still hold and that’s what we’re gonna
do for the next progression. We’re gonna hold the 90-degree. You’re gonna give your best and longest 90-degree hold five times. And if you like, you can
take 30 to 60 seconds between each attempt, let’s go for it. (upbeat music) I’m gonna start in the pushup position, we’re gonna lower into
that pushup position, just lean forward, squeeze tight. Squeeze your core, squeeze your hands, and make sure your hands
are by our waistline. If your hands are too far forward, when you come down you won’t be able to lift your legs off the ground. You have to have your
hands at your waistline at the center of gravity. Lean forward, tuck. All right, we’re moving on
to the very first progression and also the last exercise for me which is pushup plus 90-degree and this is gonna be the best exercise if you’re completely fatigued because it requires the
least amount of effort but it still engages and
targets the same muscle groups and connections that
we’ve been working on. So normally if you
couldn’t do any more reps, you would just stop but
we’re gonna keep on going. And that’s how we’re
gonna build hypertrophy and with this exercise
we can do a lot more reps to maximize our results and
get the most of our training and this also happens to be
the very first progression to start learning how to
90-degree handstand pushup. It’s low impact enough
that you can get started and start training for it right now if you can do at least
15 pushups in a row. So if you’re just getting started, definitely start
incorporating this exercise because it takes a really long time ti build the strength and work
your way up to progressions to eventually build the strength
to do 90-degree pushups. But the faster you get started
with the right exercises, you’ll get there in no time. So let’s go ahead and do
these pushup to 90 degrees. We’re gonna go ahead and do a pushup, lean forward, catch that 90-degree hold, and come right back. Let’s do these four reps. (upbeat music) And there we have the
pushup for 90-degree hold and what I’m doing is I’m lowering down from a pushup while
pointing my chin forward. That’s gonna help my body
stand in a straight line and keep that full body muscle connection. When I reach the bottom I’m
gonna lean slightly forward to make sure that my
hands are by my waistline. Once I’ve reached that point, I’m gonna squeeze my
hands as hard as I can, squeeze my core as hard as I can. Lean slightly more forward
and give it a second push with everything you got and
you’re gonna feel your feet raise right off the ground. And for the first time, you’re now holding your entire body weight while pushing, even for a second, control this
movement as much as possible and come back to starting position. The more you do this, that
one second is gonna turn into two, three, four, five, and eventually you’ll be able to hold a 90-degree position
for at least 30 seconds and that happens to be
the next progression. And this is how you train
your 90-degree pushup and all other techniques out
there like the handstand, handstand pushup, full
planche and so forth. You start training with
the easiest progression and once you’re able to master that, you would have developed your strength to start learning the next progression. And when you try the next progression, it will be a bit challenging but eventually you’ll get
the hang of that one too. By that time you’re training
with the hardest progression, fatiguing your strength into
you only have enough energy to do the easier progression and then completely bring
your body to fatigue again. With each time you train, you’re gonna be able to work your way up and achieve harder and
harder progressions. So start with the hardest progression that you can perform with perfect form, completely fatigue yourself out and start working down those progressions. There you have it, that’s how I train and how I continue to
progress and get stronger. If you’re always going to your workouts doing the same amount of weight, the same exercises with
the same amount of reps, you’re gonna stay the same and
see the same exact results. You need to push yourself and you need to stay in
a state of progression to make sure that you stay making gains and you’re consistently progressing. So for more workouts giving
you the best shape of your life just like this taking your
training to the next level, then sign up to, become a member to get full
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guys so much for watching. I’ll see you next Thursday
two p.m. USA Eastern Time, mad love, peace out. (upbeat music) – [Woman] Heria Music. – [Chris] Smash that like button, guys.

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