The Decision – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Decision – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

– Hey, Honey? – Hmm…? – Can we talk? – Sure.
What’s up? – I was just thinking and uh… …do you wanna have kids? – Where did this come from? What’s on your mind? – I was just thinking, I guess. We’re at that age where we
should come to a decision, right? – (sighs) Right,
I agree. I mean… do you…
want kids? – I don’t know. I mean, on one hand,
kids are such a handful but– – But they can also be, like, the most
important thing in a parent’s life. – Right! That’s exactly
what I was about to say! Then again,
the world is crazy out there. – (chuckles) You can say that again. With everything going on,
it’s a dangerous world out there. – It’s true. Plus if we didn’t have kids, you and I could focus on
our goals and each other! – Do you think we’re…
you know… ready? – To be honest? I don’t think so. – (sighs) Yeah. You’re right.
Maybe we shouldn’t have kids. – [jokingly] Yeah, like we make
good parents anyway. We are way too irresponsible. – [jokingly] We could never be good parents, not with the way you drink! – (chuckles) Exactly! – [normally] So…
it’s decided then? – [normally] Yeah. Yeah, I guess it’s decided. We don’t want kids. Alright,
you heard her! [threateningly] GET THE FUCK
(ball bounces) ♪♪ – Hey, sweetie? Do you think we’re ready for a dog? (dog whines) – Hello there.
My name’s Dave. – Hi, I’m Rob. – We’re from Cyanide
and Happiness. – We’re gonna be on
streaming ourselves. – Wednesday, September
the fourteenth. – Three PM CST. The link is in the description. – IT’S RIGHT THERE! – We’re gonna be answering
all your questions, sketching horrible things, jerking off.
(both laugh) On Follow the link in the description
if you wanna download the app. – Did you get that?

Daniel Yohans

10 thoughts on “The Decision – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. ItsSPH3R1CAL says:

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  2. sakura midnight says:

    Decide if u don't want a husband

  3. Komadoo says:

    The plot twist 1:43

  4. Jake- Minecraft says:

    1:39 All right you heard her get the fuck out

  5. Jimmy Müller says:

    people from the public, the family is the wonderful thing that can happen to you in life, do not imitate or listen to this, just take it as a joke or else GO TO THE DEVIL

  6. JKM2468 says:

    1:46 I know that it doesn’t really prove anything on its own, but knowing cyanide and happiness, I wouldn’t be surprised if the blonde girl isn’t the guy’s daughter

  7. Kshitish Sorte says:

    When Cyanide and Happiness video shows a happy moment:
    Me: 'Suspicious Tom face'

  8. crαzγᕙ says:


  9. ►What r U Waiting◄ ☺◘♪☼ says:

    maybe be the set up would be longer we would have laugh who knows?

  10. AbdullahYaquob El says:


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