The Effects of Hormones in Dairy Milk on Cancer

The Effects of Hormones in Dairy Milk on Cancer

Daniel Yohans

27 thoughts on “The Effects of Hormones in Dairy Milk on Cancer

  1. says:

    Here's my previous on the dairy-cancer connection:

  2. tamcon72 says:

    The trolls who pepper plant-based YT comments with "soy boy!" insults will be incandescent with rage. Here we go!

  3. Dimensionalconsciousness says:

    Amazing the most advanced humanoid on this planet but still justify sucking cow tit .. “it’s raw bro” “healed me after I almost died”

  4. Hotep Imho says:

    would you fail a drug test if you eat a block of butter before?

  5. Marc Milton-Talbot says:

    ..and you get people refusing to drink soy milk because of the [plant] hormones in it LOL.

  6. esteffannyh says:

    I try really hard to inform people about this. I really do, but I am so sick and tired of being ignored.

  7. CBB says:

    Dr Greger is a Rockstar. Our baby girl is one year and if anyone scrolling through these comments can suggest alternative "milks" rather than cows milk formula, I'd really appreciate it.

  8. Mike B says:

    So, is this study #6999?? We only need one more to finally get that 'Surgeon General's Warning'… hahahah! (7000 for the Tobacco industry after all..)
    This is just absurd… WHY this hasn't hit front page n….. ooooh right, they also own the News Media outlets through 'donations' and 'commercial' ad revenue…

  9. Jessus Christ says:

    let me guess…. CANCER

  10. Some Soul says:

    Quit drinking other animals milk folks, the milkstache ads are more crapitalist bs

  11. Lewis Moore says:

    It's a shame that is taste good

  12. bigjokerhere111 says:

    I'm nauseated 🤢
    EVERYTHING is telling me to quit this KETO gimmick I've fallen for

  13. lisa Whent says:

    I have no stop buying any dairy for my kids they had are not milk drinkers but Heavy on yogart and cheese. Myself I don't touch the stuff. But from here on replacing with the coconut and almond yogart. Better choice👍

  14. Shady Pikachu says:

    ever since I saw I saw what they do to the poor cows to produce milk, I never went back

  15. Newblish says:

    Ok enough, the bias is absolutely insane. Grass fed meats and organic meat/eggs BLAST your testosterone and this guy makes it seem like low quality versions are all that people eat. Dr greggor, who cares about factory farm steroid injected cows? Enough. Intelligent people eat grass fed beef and they thrive. Enough with the bias, start comparing organic meats/dairy and not factory farmed estrogen/steroid injected garbage. We all already know its not good.

  16. Daniele Card says:

    Thanks for sharing!!

  17. STOCK HIPPIE jan says:

    are birth control pills unsafe for transgenders?

  18. Craig Hull says:

    I enjoyed two glasses of a2 raw milk today. Very healthy, but I'm sure non of you know jack shiz about raw or a2 milk. The you're not a baby cow is a weak argument. If your basis of arguement is that…you have been brainwashed.

  19. NaGym says:

    Could you make a traduction in french ? Thank you.

  20. Melissa Meyer says:

    I wonder what affect the hormones have on the fetus and their future sexual preference if the mother is consuming cows milk. There's a lot to learn here…

  21. Rex Buyeo says:

    Hands down, the single worst thing you can put in your body after bleach.

  22. Marisa C.L. says:

    We need more studies. I can digest fat yoghurt and ghee butter. These are one of the few foods I can digest. When I eat a lot of vegetables, I feel sick. How do you explain this? And I know dozens of people like me.

  23. Joseph1NJ says:

    And yet, while milk consumption is significantly falling, pizza consumption is rising.

  24. HeyShaded says:

    No wonder, they dont want us to be able to fight back.

  25. April Hall says:

    👍@ 1:53 = Telling people what goes on in the dairy industry does not result in high rates of approval.

    The bit of good news there is that it indicates that a lot of people do indeed care about what goes on in the dairy industry, but they don’t currently know, and if they are given the facts, they might be inclined to stop consuming and supporting it.

  26. LIFTING THE VEIL says:

    I love how dr greger always make it a comedy show out of these upsetting revelations. Makes it worthwhile

  27. kingmike40 says:

    The difference between Tobacco and dairy. It's legal to give kids milk.

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