The Fastest Way to Find Happiness – Teal Swan

The Fastest Way to Find Happiness – Teal Swan

Daniel Yohans

73 thoughts on “The Fastest Way to Find Happiness – Teal Swan

  1. OpiateTaylor39 says:

    I know

  2. Mandar Powale says:

    Sounds like a lot of intellectualization which isn't the key to happiness.

  3. Dragon_3 says:

    I miss this Teal 8:53 :'/ she was so "we're in this together", not that the new 2.0 version is bad.

  4. let_go let's_code says:

    Thank you Teal. You do care about those of us watching.

  5. rashmi raghu says:

    Thank you for these beyond the world videos Teal.. feel enlightened.. elevated and blessed! Thanks again.

    So, you said happiness comes from freeing yourself from painful thoughts. Could you please tell me more.. did you mean.. freeing yourself by changing those painful thoughts in to seeing the brighter side of the same or.. just getting rid of those entire set of thoughts and divert your mind to think of things that make you happy.. which goes back to LOA, so once you are happy in your thoughts, those happy thoughts bring in more happiness as a result?? Hope my question was understandable and I look to hear from you.. Thanks again.. love, Rashmi

  6. Graham Loines says:

    She's grown a lot in the last 5 years. 🙂

  7. Julia Twentyfive says:

    Highly recommended and respected. A true gift of ability to express a medium balance of expression, intuition and truth. Keep making a difference Teal.

  8. BreakFree Addiction says:

    What a great video.

  9. Coco Nut says:

    If I project my reality why am I not in Hawaii, drinking from a coconut right now? That's what I want, why can I not just project it like you say I can?

  10. GirlsLikeFairies says:

    Teal, can you be my friend please. Goodness I need you. I need your physical presence. Girl please be my friend.
    But i will manage with your videos for the time being. :*

  11. lamagiduneinstant76 says:

    @2:28 PERFECT! Effect. I can use that in choosing what I'm seeing from my projector. Merciii!!!

  12. lamagiduneinstant76 says:

    and Yes! Absolutely to Byron Katie's The Work. I know everyone's got their own path; I just need you and Byron.

  13. lamagiduneinstant76 says:

    and Yes! Absolutely to Byron Katie's The Work. I know everyone's got their own path; I just need you and Byron.


    Lieve Teal Swan ik wou jou vragen of jij Een native American bent daar ben ik trots op zij hebben een een een liefde voor natiive human te samen het is een goed volk wouter joannes

  15. Georgia Young says:

    I go to other things…then i watch Teal again…and its like shining a light in the darkness. Hope you are well, tiffsaver…yes, she is good.

  16. I Definitely Don't Worship Satan says:


  17. Noodilious says:

    I loved somone very much and found him cheating and trying to cheat behind my back few times. Was this my fault? Someone please answer. If we manifest our own lives, was this my fault? If we must 'allow' and not resist, what point would manifesting serve?

  18. Angelina Quilimaco says:

    I love you. I wish I could get a hug from you because I'm at the point now where I can do what you teach. It took me 37 years but I think I'm finally there to release all those negative thoughts I have and try to behappy

  19. Masoud Ekhterai says:

    In the beginning of this video is an add for KETOFINE which is an antidepressant. this company uses your popularity and followers to promote his medicine which contradictory with your effort to find a spritual way to get to happiness ????

    thanks for videos

  20. PaulAlan Cornelius says:

    I understand.😂😂😁😁😁

  21. Kaaren Remley says:

    you rock! thanks for the book suggestion!

  22. José Gregorio Zapata says:

    "What would make you happy to believe of your reality, and then your reality will change to match that believe". Awesome

  23. glowing star says:


  24. msbutterfly1010 says:

    My thoughts are untouchable – thank you, Teal.

  25. BlessedSoul🌟 says:

    What if the person was a serial killer? Killing surely makes him happy, that doesn't mean he should be doing it … I'm confused a little

  26. Richard Johnson says:

    That was really good!

  27. robert taylor says:

    your information is truly inspiring I love your videos, you have the most amazing Eyes Teal . thanks for your work….Robert

  28. PaulAlan Cornelius says:

    Love your channel but my channel doesn't have any adverts.😎😍

  29. jovee Viernes MoTus says:

    thanks you

  30. Radhika Prasad says:

    I admire you. You always talk sense… But to say that we can change pain into pleasure by thinking!!?? That's a tough one.

  31. stanzband says:

    6:04 !!! Hitting the spot

  32. Gottfried007 says:

    What is "pollyanna" ?

  33. Abo Scharief says:

    ♡ 👈😉 grisliest
    Where to find happiness

  34. Cristina Daniela says:

    From my experience, constantly 'questioning your thoughts' is what brings suffering. Allowing is the key to happiness, not trying to change your thoughts.

  35. Abdulrahman khalid says:

    By just watching you 😍😘

  36. Energy says:

    ARGH you just cut a chunk out of me!… hahhahaa that's going to leave an awesome scare safe! Thanks mate can you pls untie me now cheers 😉 Namaste

  37. Ethereal Aerials says:

    Yeah Teal 🙂

  38. Ethereal Aerials says:

    Teal Swan totally is hot! She is a gorgeous projector of source energy!

  39. Pam Bennett says:

    I think feelings generate thought not vice versa

  40. Pam Bennett says:

    Babies feel pain before having thoughts about whether or not they are hungry wet or being eaten by a lion
    Soooo how is that how they are choosing their belief about it
    Calling BS here

  41. Pam Bennett says:

    Despite your failings you are leagues above Byron Katie she’s awful

  42. Gig Gong says:

    Lol truth is never been subjectice, when you get slapped across the face? Does it hurt? If i does, it isnt true that it hurt? Then thats an objective truth,since youre the object observer who got hurt. So you like to be slap again? Coz i dont think, it doesnt hurt you. For me you dont look hurt, subjectiically speakind. Since truth is subjective for you, right? So who cares to your subjective views since its only subjective truth. It cannot be truth to all. Facepalm : )

    So mindless, no woonder you people are still fighting to be happy, coz your interpretation is not even close to it dynamics. But you do all your might and wil fail

    If people cant even figure out whats subjective and object? What chance do you think you will be happy? 1% is aready over generous

  43. Joseph Marton says:

    a female version of the oracle …..

  44. gerafina li says:

    I was raped 30 years ago. To deal with it I decided to change my way of looking at it, and decided to view it as just a crap one night stand. I never thought much about it, but my life and sex life went down hill for no reason I could understand . Till I went to a (good) psychologist, and finally faced the truth and the pain of what had happened to me. I know that Teal also believe in feeling the pain, so I can't work out this contradiction.

  45. LoveLight Shining says:

    Your outward beauty is divine, but it pales in comparison to your inner beauty. ty. for the incredible knowledge and fresh perspective.

  46. Kasey Chappell says:

    Give it up

  47. Sometimes Reviews and thinking out loud. says:

    The fastest way to be happy is def to realize this. Thoughts that are negative Never lead to positive things.

  48. Ha Nat says:

    There is just one REAL reality!
    One REAL truth.

  49. Niva-Or Ruvio says:

    Thank you 🙏

  50. josephine Murphy says:


  51. Zara Evander says:

    Great topic Teal! Can someone engage me in this dialogue, please? People in my life don't seem to understand this, this community probably will, whether you agree or disagree.

    Our current society seems to be hApPy CRaZeD, (almost manic about it) meaning, we put pressure on our second-to-second lives to always be happy (ABH). We even expect others to ABH! I think this leads to depression and rejecting self others if we're not constantly joyous! Instead wouldn't it be great to embrace the highs AND lows. Why do always want to live on just one side of the yin/yang sphere?

  52. Miss Sattva says:

    Love the earring.

  53. Malia Jones says:

    So good! Where have you been all my life? Feeling Happy 😊 and grateful for you.

  54. aziz aljishi says:

    I love evry word she say she is so good.

  55. stitch says:

    Ur awesome thank you for this incredible knowledge that they don't teach at Public Schools or Colleges

  56. Chi Mom says:

    Thank you❤️

  57. Catherine Bellaire says:

    Thank You Teal for your great video. Bright Blessings!!!

  58. Willem Hendrik Van Greunen says:

    I am so [email protected]&&&&&#ing over it…. I have been thrue 99% of the videos.. And everytime. I find myself looping back and suddenly aaahhhhaaaaa moment and then implement that and then again later…. Urgh

  59. theChartist says:

    I like the idea of a humans eyes being projectors instead of windows in however, you are delusional like the religious people to say there’s no such thing as objective reality. That’s like saying if a scientist were to work at a specific sale of a specific organism it would look different from one person to the other. Which it does not. There is most certainly an objective reality, just depends on what the subject matter is

  60. Natália Costa says:

    Brilliant! Thanks Teal!

  61. Josh Cims says:

    So if I keep thinking that my crush likes me, they'll like me?

  62. A Hall says:

    Quickest way to dissociate and become a deluded asshole..

  63. Lilly says:

    We first experience emotions before we develop a mind.

  64. Helen says:

    Love your work Teal, old videos & new, so thank you from England! One question about this one though…I’m relatively new to all this so trying to get my head round it all still….if there’s no such thing as reality, it’s what we create….surely I didn’t create the death of various people close to me in life (4 of them including both of my parents within 3 yrs) The external reality IS that they’ve gone from out of this physical reality, I don’t think my thoughts created those circumstances so how does this sit with the theory please? Many thanks

  65. si qu says:

    positive focus vs shadow work? sometimes thinking good thoughts can lead to bottled up emotions which then explode but too much focus on trauma causes major depressive episodes. how to we heal and be happy

  66. Ema Ambition says:

    I love your amazing thoughts 💯❤️

  67. Milena calabrese says:

    ShE iSmy star😊flash beauty

  68. Brittnie Belcher says:

    Byron is a BEAUTIFUL Sagittarius and Teal’s a Gemini 😍 they are opposites and I love them both!

  69. Cartel Mendoza says:

    This bitch talk to much

  70. Cartel Mendoza says:

    Look like she can suck a mean one tho ya know I mean ? Good head on her shoulders

  71. Oxlip says:

    No one can cause you to think something you don't wanna think!

  72. Aria Mai says:

    Thank you 😊😙

  73. John MacFarlane says:

    I like it

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