The Food Industry Wants the Public Confused About Nutrition

The Food Industry Wants the Public Confused About Nutrition

Daniel Yohans

98 thoughts on “The Food Industry Wants the Public Confused About Nutrition

  1. Michael Mankong says:


  2. Patrick Bateman says:

    Money controls everything, i dont see change happening anytime soon on a government scale

  3. MisterBassBoost says:

    Keep it up!

  4. Jack the basenji says:

    Crony capitalism is the problem. Whenever the government gets involved either funding corporations or Public Health Care that's a problem.

  5. MisterBassBoost says:

    Fantastic video! Keep it up!

  6. BitPuffin says:

    Wouldn't subsidising grains etc for animal agriculture also be an instance of a "nanny state"? Pretty hypocritical.

  7. Erin Gigi says:

    Netflix has "Cowspiracy" and "What the Health" for an expanded view of this.

  8. Sayuas says:

    Tbh a saturated fat tax is stupid. It's such a widespread macronutrient.

  9. MisterBassBoost says:

    I enjoyed your video 🙂

  10. Jae Curly says:

    Let that sink in.

  11. Kathy Fausett says:

    The same conditions exist in the vaccine arena. Informed consent is supposed to provide enough information to accurately assess the risks versus benefits. Anti-vaxers are ok with this arrangement, as long as the information is accurate. Pharma acts like corporate food though, and misrepresents the safety and efficacy of their products, resulting in public confusion. In addition, their partners in government are beginning to assume the nanny role.

  12. Gene Hendrix says:

    If saturated fat is so bad can someone please explain why Iceland continues to be in top of the life expectancy list despite a diet high in saturated fat?

  13. MisterBassBoost says:

    I enjoyed the video! Keep it up!

  14. Chris C says:

    Best revenge is to live well.

  15. Chris C says:

    The solution is simple: AWARENESS. The masses have zero awareness of their own physical bodies. Heck, they think that headaches, stomach aches, need-for-caffeine, sniffles, sore throat, fatigue, pimples, odors, cold, flu, toe fungus etc. is all somehow "normal". Food causes any of it from runny nose to severe pain and ALL chronic diseases including cancer? Nahhhhhh… much for simple basic awareness of your own body!

  16. MisterBassBoost says:

    When is your next video? 😀 Keep it up!

  17. James Clerk Maxwell says:

    Its not only the food industry about nutrition…

    its big pharma confusing the public about the true efficiency of their "medicines", banks confusing the public about the real working of economy and the scam of paper money, pseudo-science academics pushing ludicrous theories (such as multiverse, holographic universe) against true science.

    Decay. We see it everywhere around. The system is falling apart.

    States were meant to organize and regulate society, but what happens when corporate power and powerful interest hack the state and try to promote confusion in the public ? Concentration of the power in a state means also a much simpler target for those who want to rig the game.

    Widespread corruption is everywhere. I don't even bother to switch on a TV, I know that on most fundamental subjects, logics and facts are twisted to fit certain agendas.

  18. Xerxes 666 says:

    You..are….. Awesome…. Doctor!! … Thank you for…these..Videos!!😄😉👍🌟💛💛✨👍👍💫✨🌟💫🌟✨🌟✨💛💛💫✨✨🌟😄😄✨💫💫💛✨✨💫🌟💎😄💫💫💘🌟💫✨😉💫🌟✨👍

  19. Thalía de Montserrat says:

    WOW! this was so powerful and unfortunately so relatable to what's happening in my country, Mexico. Everyday I'm observing young doctors and medicine students getting fatter and fatter. I have been attended by a obese doctors and I'm astound about how they can't make the connection about being a "healthy respected figure that it's being payed" with what they not only look, how they live their lives o.o

  20. Flash Man says:

    We're kept in the dark for just about everything cause in the midst of ignorance knowledge becomes power.

  21. Tim Jansen says:

    Thanks alot for the clear information doc!

  22. ceramictiletonight says:

    when historians look back on this era, they will call it the corporate dark ages.

  23. Botha Lissom says:

    BEST SOLUTION: national healthcare contingent on low levels of bodyfat, cholesterol plaque, lung-tar, etc. get yourself super healthy and be rewarded with free healthcare.

  24. Near Air says:

    5:49 what? wait. If they ate french fries, then they ate vegetables yesterday. Fries come from potatoes which is a vegetable?

  25. Andrew Lively says:

    forcing tobacco companies to say something that they don't want to say is far worse than banning their product because it sets a precedent that will be exploited by big corporations the next time. the government already says and thinks meat is a part of a healthy diet. this could theoretically lead to broccoli companies being forced to run an ad saying so.

  26. Doug bananaboy says:

    Tax animal products , label warning in large bold red ink .

  27. Andrew Lively says:

    when have people ever made fully informed decisions? what does that even mean. no decision is ever fully informed because all the information is impossible to discover. there will always be more information, more research, more knowledge gained.

  28. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ says:

    Great video, Doc

  29. Vegan For The Animals Ⓥ says:

    Who would give this a thumbs down?…. Someone from Smithfield Pork? Tyson Industries? Angry paleo dude?

  30. The Green Creator says:

    Amazing content….again! 😉💫🌟✨👍

  31. marcos cerri says:

    Gracias por subtitular!

  32. Flower Bin says:

    Love this video! I am so disgusted at the greed I see in the whole situation. It is almost like some big nefarious enemy stepped in and implemented a plan to kill off the most powerful nation in the world. The food barons are from another country and they want to take us down one heart attack at a time. Keep exposing the lies we are being fed Dr. Gregor and team! Love you!

  33. nirvanamouse says:

    man, I'm so happy you exist. thank you.

  34. vitamindubya says:

    Is it the governments job to influence what we eat?

  35. Charlotte Blanche says:

    The quality of your videos, the broad scope of content, the analysis are all so consistently good that it´s quickly turning this into my fave YT channel! Keep up the good work, this changed my life 🙂

  36. Big Gucci says:

    The sooner you learn the Government and large corporations don't care about people, the happier you'll be. 👊👊👊

  37. Jock says:

    The guy on the thumbnail is probably on steroids anyways…

  38. Toby Russell says:

    This excellent video gets to the very heart of the problem. Health, in the true sense of the word, is bad for business. Yes, wellness resorts, supplements, health insurance, etc., sell on health worries, but TRUE HEALTH of mind, body, spirit, career and relationships up to and including the creation of genuinely mature human beings across society, is bad for business, bad for capitalism. Capitalism cannot function with a healthy society. Capitalism cannot produce a truly healthy society.

    The connection between money and power is largely ignored or glossed over by orthodox economics. Large, sustained profits = power and influence. While this remains true, we the people will get no help from the so-called state and its many corporations. It's up to us to self-educate and self-reform. And the more of us doing it, the more disruptive to the dominant system this process becomes, until, with luck, we co-create a new system. I wish us all the very best of luck!

  39. Red Pill Vegan says:

    Learn more about diet Guru misinformation #WorstOfTheFoodIndustry

  40. Zack F says:

    Nonsense. People are not sheep. They generally know that eating more fruits and veggies are good, but they may prefer to eat junk food. In a free society, we should accept that some people won't make the same choices as you; they have other priorities.

    Yes Dr. Greger, you are purveying/promoting the nanny-state. Keep talking politics though; you are clearly out of your depth and your facile arguments are amusing.

  41. Jumana Lee says:

    could you get information about the Neuro toxicity of TVP ( textured vegetable protein)?

  42. Eelke Aptroot says:

    I recently unsubbed some plant-based nutritionists confusing the public here on youtube. I'm sure a large portion of their work relates to solving puzzles for people who are clearly clueless about nutrition, so keeping it that way is also their best interest.

  43. Kent VanderVelden says:

    The food industry spends 10x on lobbying than the drug industry? Wow! Love the new highlight-zooming effect, much easier to read on small screens.

  44. Reemster says:

    It's been great seeing you attack some of the corporate interests helping to create the conditions for an unhealthy society more lately. Keep it up!

  45. Maple Flavor says:

    why are you* (edited to correct grammar) appealing to authority in these recent videos? are you suggesting that the state should micromanage our diets? the different food industries wouldn't hold the power that they do if it weren't for the state providing them artificially with the privileges that they are given.

  46. Burning Bananas says:

    Dr. Gregor- this is so true! Deception at its best. Still waiting for the Big Broccoli rally…

  47. Jim Pitts says:

    Bigger government is NEVER the solution.

  48. Raigou says:

    tell that to the retarded vegans, who seem to be against "government control". they want the government out of their lives. dumb vegans are confused about ethics. they think it's unethical for the government to ban trans fats, or saturated fats, but it's ok for the food industry to make profit at the expense of uninformed or poor people. stupid vegan SJWs.

  49. cruciferousvegetable says:

    We should have the freedom to do what we want with our bodies and it should be criminal to mislead the public. Any good that creates a cost to society should be taxed sufficiently to fully pay the burden.
    Also, researchers should never know where their money comes from.

  50. androz38 says:

    People are lazy by nature, if you dont force them to eat healthy then they will just eat what is easy and makes them feel good at that time

  51. Grog's World says:

    Same thing with Global Climate change.

  52. Apollo 440 says:

    heey where the 60fps at?

  53. Gediminas says:

    Meat industry is pure evil and destroying planet

  54. Apollo 440 says:

    nanny analogy to corporate lobby:
    Why think? Ask CORPO!

  55. 2013general use says:

    WOW, great video! I am also interesred in the history of the food pyramid and how it evolved into what it is today.

  56. Bill Morris says:

    Bravo, Dr. Greger.

  57. Clifton Painter says:

    God bless you Dr. Gregor.

  58. Lichtblick says:

    At the end it turn out, the tobacco industry is the food industry

  59. Claudia G says:

    This was great!

  60. los1wochos says:

    Knowledge is power

  61. JE Hoyes says:

    If these companies don't like state intervention controlling them, it must be a good and probably necessary thing to do.

  62. Peter Rabitt says:

    People love to be lulled into cognitive ease when it comes to their deadly habits.

  63. pdude1911 says:

    Thanks, doc!

  64. downbntout says:

    "Predatory industries". They nearly killed me. That's why I have supported this channel and their website.

  65. Vegan Buddhist says:

    I wish this focused more on how the food industry is exactly deceiving us concerning healthy, like examples given of what's healthy and then the unbiased data showing otherwise. Of course I already know this but I would love to show this to the people I know who are still relying on a false sense of security

  66. Will Pearce says:

    People also fall into the 'it's in my genes' or it's genetic because it 'runs in my family'. Big pharmaceutical eats this up as they get to sell more pseudo fixes. The government goes along due to ignorance and compliance due to greed. People have to stop following blindly, and learn to stop their cravings, if they want to be pain and disease free.

  67. Tristan Devereaux says:

    Urgh. How is clear, accurate labeling treating us like children? Isn't the informed choice the adult choice? Just sayin'.

  68. Andreas Schmid says:

    I just want to comment on your video cut. Great video (content) btw..

    Maybe you, as a creator of the video, understand everything you cut and think the time is okay to read and comprehend what the highlights show, but it is not.
    If you see this video for the first time the timings are way to short and most often i can't follow you and read the highlights.
    Maybe think more clearly about your presentation style and maybe just post those papers in the comments/infobox.

    Your way of highlighting is pretty good in my opinion. It hold a bit of authority, by showing real research and pointing out the most important parts.
    As i said.. just think of a first time viewers point and try to improve your cuts.
    Otherwise people just skim over your work and don't appreciate it.

    PS: hope you see this as constructive critic and not just harrasment. Keep it up, your doing good work.

  69. Zee Zag says:

    Thank you so much for all of you efforts for providing the most correct bits of information through studied research.
    May you make a video or more about athletic industry talking about supplementation with protein, creatine etc "if needed" and the image they portrait about the need for this vs reality (especially for vegans or non-meat eaters)
    So much appreciation

  70. Wak Job says:

    I reprogramed my brain years ago… "Food… Is… Medicine"!!!
    Once I disconnected the pleasure center in my mind in reference to food, it was easy.
    Unfortunately for most people, food is like a narcotic. And they can't get enough of it.

  71. Alexan N says:

    Thank you Dr. Greger for all that you do. You and your team have made and are continuing to make a huge contribution to health for humanity.

  72. closertothetruth says:

    industries food groups

  73. Canna Shiva says:

    70 percent of deforestation of the amazon is for animal grain feed lol its a fluoride nation!

  74. lmwrt says:

    People with no awareness or poorly educated, is the way to keep the masses under control. Big companies and governments just love to do the thinking for the people….and most of the people like it, because that way they don´t have to think for themselves, as thinking has become a nuisance these days. Fast life demands no thinking, prepared (fast) food, fast action and fast everything in order to let people do only what the status quo want them to do, that´s why wise people, well educated people, people that like to think for them selves are considered a liability by the powers that be. Eyes open.

  75. nevadaxtube says:

    Corporate profits are the altar upon which government kneels. If the politicians are bought and paid for by corporations, it is the corporations that will call the shots. Under the current climate of anti-science, no regulation, fake news and corporate knuckleheads ruling Washington DC, we are doomed!

  76. Rahul's Vegan Cooking says:

    This is why we must not allow Corporations take over anything. Because once they do, their greed is sickening. Now they hijack political positions and pass their own laws. They dictate everyone. such as Monsanto owning the supreme court and now steals farmers lands without paying them a dime. Now look at our foods? GMO's. Meaning the DNA of the seeds are changed by man. They act like food is raised/grown in a farm and the food is all natural. Barley any real foods, they force people to eat what makes them profits, what leads people to resort to using big pharma. This is why we must grown our own, cook our own. I got a channel if you want to learn a few home made dishes. Peace and Love, Rahul.

  77. masi says:


  78. 07/16/14 says:

    14 teachers disliked this video.

  79. goldsilverandiamonds says:

    It's not only the food industry but religious industry and a certain religion and its followers that have a religious agenda based on their bible and the teaching of a. their " female prophet" who spoke with God and was told to covert people to a plant based diet not matter what you have to do even if it means lying, fraud and deception.

  80. Rhyothemis princeps says:

    In case anyone is interested, here's a list of the top sources of saturated fat in the American diet:

  81. Mathieu MacAdam says:

    A corporation never pointed a gun at me and told me what to do. You a forwarding a false dichotomy. Love your content but your off on this one Dr.

  82. luis villanobo says:

    love dr greger 😘

  83. Jakob Hepke says:

    amazing video!

  84. Des Troya says:

    You support taxing components of food? And you call yourself a nutrition expert? LOL, how short sighted and foolish

  85. Des Troya says:

    The analogy to tobacco is silly, since despite lobbying it is now widely accepted that cigarettes cause harm. So what if industry makes their own studies, the only real problem is when they can lobby the FDA or put their people in government position.

  86. Buck says:

    Nanny state is almost always hurtful in the long run. Two wrongs do not make a right. Just because a corporation pushes studies to benefit them doesn't mean gov't is good. Government is force at the end, and free market is choice. I wouldn't want the government censoring this sales pitch by the doctor. As much as I follow the good doctor, I dislike when he goes into his liberal rant, like a professor at a University.

  87. KinderBueno Bueno says:

    Love the editing on this Michael.

  88. Allen Cohen says:

    I personally do not understand how anyone in this day and age of information availability, can use tobacco and not understand that it may kill them.  KIll them, not quickly, but very very slowly with big pharma, and big surgeons having a field day in the huge costs to treat their unhealthy habits !

  89. Betsy Cosmos says:

    Thanks to Dr. Greger and Nutrition Facts we don't have to remain uninformed!

  90. 張海鷗 says:


  91. lbh3d says:

    It's fat, right? Fat has more calories.

  92. john kellen says:

    the whole thing is insane these people's greed is destroying us not just physically but emotionally,spiritually,and psychologically as our bodies are connected to these other parts they have people so brainwashed that even when there overweight and in pain they still think junk food ain't gonna hurt ya it can b hard to take the truth pill though but it's better than having to b on meds 4 life like so many people are and depressed

  93. olgadiniz says:

    The colorscheme is presented in foods here in Portugal

  94. Vamavid says:

    They love nanny state when the government subsidizes their operations and pays for their ads.

  95. German Munera says:

    Just like children we swallow the food industry’s regrettable propaganda along with the food they produce. It seems that the most important factor concerning food is the value for their taste.

  96. Cristian Perelló says:

    This video should have millons of views. Damn, this world.

  97. Alain Cliche says:

    great job!

  98. T- Bone says:

    The problem I have is that everyone I talk to about the beauty of whole food plant-based diet, their responses are: “well for every study you can show me, I can show you a study that says just the opposite “ “who knows what the truth really is”

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