The Future of Healthcare Infrastructure; HPE Synergy

The Future of Healthcare Infrastructure; HPE Synergy

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a long history providing technology and services to the global healthcare industry, with digital healthcare experts helping providers prepare for tomorrow, today. But we know that future-proofing a hospital isn’t easy. To find out more, let’s meet Amira. Amira is the CEO of a large hospital that serves 800,000 people and is also a leading medical research center. Amira is looking to the future. Her staff have got a lot of great ideas for new digitally-enabled healthcare solutions. But these new ideas raise concerns, too. Her doctors worry they will cause disruptions to patient care. Her researchers are afraid the new tech will drain resources they need for their work. And her IT team think it will mean new security and reliability headaches. It is a balancing act. Amira needs modern infrastructure that can support traditional applications and has the flexibility to meet new demands. To find a solution, she contacts Pointnext, HPE Services organization. They help her decide on HPE Synergy composable bladed infrastructure. Synergy is flexible and secure, a single infrastructure built to run any workload or simplifying IT administration, which makes Amira’s tech staff happy. Synergy frames increase agility and free up resources. As the hospital grows, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity services help them scale their infrastructure seamlessly with Pay-as-you-go economics. Doctors are satisfied knowing they will always have fast access to patient data because there is always capacity to meet application needs. Synergy also boosts efficiency for the hospital’s biggest IT resource users. Previously, graphics-intensive applications, like this one for MRI visualization, would have had a dedicated GPU. If doctors used it 10% of the time, the GPU sat idle the other 90%. With Synergy´s composable architecture, the hospital’s high-performance and video GPUs are virtualized, meaning they can switch workloads much more easily and stand up new workloads in minutes. So when this doctor is done reviewing their patient´s MRI, the GPU can be released for use by the research team on some very complex data manipulation. This lowers hardware costs, freeing up funds. Finally, and most importantly, Amira now has the flexibility to adopt new medical applications and future-proof her hospital. It all happens seamlessly, without downtime that could impact patient care, because HPE Synergy keeps everything in perfect balance.

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