“The Happiness Manifesto” By Julien Blanc (How To Let Go & How To Be Happy All The Time)

“The Happiness Manifesto” By Julien Blanc (How To Let Go & How To Be Happy All The Time)

Daniel Yohans

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  1. JulienHimself says:

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    ►►► And please share this video with anyone you think might benefit from it! Thanks for the support!!!

  2. Roman Gav says:

    I've recently had a "satori" experience but i'm not sure what to call it. It was 3 days ago, I was feeling overwhelmed emotionally with everything and I said I can't live like this anymore, I just felt so emotionally trapped and boxed in and what I started doing was breathing to let out all that negative toxic sludge. I still feel like I have to continue doing it but I've realized from what Julien is saying is that happiness comes internally and once it does you feel inspiration come up to go and do things from an inspiration type of frame versus before I would feel bad internally and I would do things because I felt like they were the right things to do but I would necessarily not stick with them. What I am saying is that I feel much better and sooo optimistic about the future ! Good luck!


    (Julien's story) "How did you do that?" And I would tell them, "just be cool." — yooo, sharing from the heart. Thanks!

  4. flo_plstr says:

    Please tell this rsd max

  5. Josh Hawn says:

    40:00 He musta done mushrooms thats only way to understand how your subconscious mind works like that. When on Psilocybin it forces you to deal with your subconscious and deal with your worst fears head on. But its supposedly very therapeutic. Well "bad trips" Are very similar to what hes explaining.

  6. Daniel Torres says:

    still coming here to watch somethimes.

  7. kobeshoot says:

    OMG! that's life changing staff right here! A BIG THANKS to all RSD team! I sincerely love you guys. I am gonna do mindfulness meditation right now! I am gonna try and eradicate my subconscious limiting beliefs about my weight loss! Julien thank you. And all this for free… THANK YOU!

  8. flo_plstr says:

    its so crazy cause when you really geht the "process to function" you know it's the right thing cause you then feel what he is talking about all the time! That feeling after like emotionally letting go is so calming or somewhat i can't even describe it, thank you very much Julien Blanc!

  9. SADBOYS Archives says:

    Feel it, don't hide it.

  10. james cooper says:

    On my way home I always buy something to eat. Hej , I am proactive….

  11. Jorge Anibal says:

    Learn to die and you shall live. Holy shit Julien thank you, i wish you that state once more. The ego is a tricky thing, you should look into total fasting if you haven't already. I'm grateful for the wisdom my man

  12. Tristan says:

    Happiness makes you lazy.

  13. Juan Gabriel Saiz Varona says:

    Mindblowing piece of truth.

  14. Reality is Fake says:

    this is actually dangerous info

  15. Fawz Hani says:

    how is this dude qualified to talk about this and how can u be sure that what he is talking about is really true and hes not just making money of of u loones

  16. j says:

    Modern day Buddhism lol

  17. Irineu says:

    I fucking love you Julien, one of the best videos i've ever seen

  18. Eduardo Caldas says:

    Damnnn dude, fuckung awesome!

  19. avegasmurder says:

    You just contradicted all the motivational and self help videos of imagination and believing and how that emotion makes you feel good and gets you i state, by saying it's temporary and everything that makes you happy is temporary. The only thing that can make
    You happy is your self and nothing else and getting rid of
    The barriers and life traumas we suppress.
    Conscience and sub conscience. Thanks for clarifying and just know we are all equal and we are all enough. This is why I like pick up because I never thought I was enough but felt I was awesome that people don't see. I started approaching and I didn't feel to awkward walking in with confidence knowing I am enough and not seeking approval, but enjoying the experience. The energy between 2 people when you at calm relaxed and creating tension through confidence and man to women. There is more to pick up and I enjoy that brief energy I feel from people and the experience. Pick up is almost spiritual but I am just approaching for starters. You guys have been awesome with helping people and it is more than just getting the women. we all deserve what we want and get it, not to be happy but you deserve it and create experiences and memories. YOLO. All in all thanks for clarifying chasing rainbows and getting gold for happiness is an illusion.

  20. Mac Says says:

    I love this it never gets old. If your happiness depends on the external then it is not true happiness

  21. rAY M'Aunakas says:

    letting go/-/ is a selling a cra' (–)u manipulate them julian. there isnt such thing and"WILLTell u why" letting go it means putting even more layers. stuffing things deeper inside us. u make more harm at long term level/–/yeah at surface it is looking cool. but a same way like u whole life were manipulated yourself"when i observe your eyes i has sae sight a self hate like a people who i know from past. u do the samme just good covereage."so yeah i prefer suffer than cover myself even deeper layers of manipulation.ray m'AUnakas1.02 u may talk whatever u want but i see "IKnow how tense u are" when u are saying u may be loud but every wise man will get noticed that your abdominal muscles are at cramps. so u stiful.2.01 u arent accountable 2.02i wrote this to your guru image .3.01i may do only this to show people that u arent had epiphany after scandal at media. u'jUsT become more stful and your image had changed form .your heart isnt able for handling what youhaving at soul and still ashame being brave for deal with it. more wisdom at my profile. 5.01u may delete this comment

  22. Jo Mo says:

    I've been studying spirituality since I was a kid. Julian is spot on thanks man!!! great reminder

  23. Lou Dangalov says:

    Julien, I’m just 26 minutes in, but all of the knowledge that I grasped from you guys for the last few months you are summing it up right now. You just made everything clear!
    Thank you all RSDNation for what you do! The world need more people like you guys! Shoutout to Tyler, Madison, Max, Luke and all of you lads doing this for you and for us!

  24. Vegetable Police says:

    This guy's my new guru 😉

  25. King Satya says:

    Father J at his best 💓

  26. Chris Turcios says:

    Can someone explain this in a simpler way

  27. iCockaine says:


  28. Kasper Christensen says:

    Nothing happens when i sit, no sensations, no nothing – nothing comes up
    If all im just feeling relaxed… What am i doing wrong

  29. William Magnusson says:

    This truly reminds me of my learnings from buddism

  30. Bloodi e says:

    "If the answer is no, why do you keep seeking it in all these things, in all these people, in all these objects, in all these green juices…"
    I died on mentioning "green juices".

  31. Sono Kip says:

    We are biologically wired to seek wellbeing. Exactly how are you going to change millions years of evolution?

  32. soffer says:


  33. Andiel Amaro says:

    Less is more

  34. Israel-Did-9/11 says:

    Very good Julien

  35. Ray Hoodoo says:

    46:46 Lmao, that's so painful and true it made me laugh

  36. HugBunnies says:

    Respect. Mad respect.

  37. ENTRIFICE says:

    @Julienhimself your knees look 10/10 on the comfort scale

  38. Jari Roomer - Personal Growth Lab says:

    I've never seen any other video about happiness that drops this many truth bombs.. Thanks for the inspiration and valuable insights Julien!

    – Jari

  39. L. C. says:

    If I look worried, and my eyes are really showing that I'm scared, and I feel worried about people noticing it, what should I do in order not to resist the resistance? If I let go of the fear behind the resistance I will be letting go and succeed, but what if I go out letting go but there is still tension in my eyes? It means that I'm still resisting, shall I keep letting go of the fear behind the resistance. Is it like curing the disease instead of patching the cut, right? I am considering that the resistance behind the fear has been let go, but there's now the resistance to another fear, that of being found out, of social devaluation. Do I have to let go of the fear ob being found out or it's better to to stick to letting go of the primal fear? I guess that the correct way is letting go of any fear as it arises, so that social humiliation fear needs to be let go of, too? Shall I now focus on that? Thank you Julien for this video!

  40. Matt Brook says:

    Hey, I was thinking. I believe that the moment we subconsciously rationalize that our parents are not happy by default is the moment we flip in our child hood. BOOM answered a paradigm with any other untestable paradigm! @High Key discuss this in the replies to this [email protected]

  41. jamal shahid says:

    You are fucking awesome man 😃😃 you are my hero

  42. Mr.Trending Media says:

    i always come back to this video when i lose myself

  43. Social X says:

    If you ever took a look at any of Bob Proctor’s videos, he says you may never know or get to the root cause of a thing. He said that all we know is it’s a thought lodged in the subconscious mind that can be replaced through repetition of a new one.

  44. Eddie Allen says:

    I see happiness as experiencing the full spectrum of our emotions with a stable sense of self that's not at threat plus a coherent worldview in line with your values

  45. Al Bal says:

    Julian try to solely mediate on the Creator of the heavens and earth.

  46. helloMRdj1 says:

    So I have a question, if we´re supposed to be abundant, why do we need to let go of those traumas. Shouldnt we just strop trying doing anything altogether? I feel like trying to get past traumas is still the same as chasing happiness, thus we have the same problem. There shouldnt be any goal at all. Julien himself has said that abundande/enlightenment is a state of full acceptance and embracement, so we shouldnt work on ourselves to solve those traumas/insecurities.

  47. adriel gomz says:

    4:00 well it worked

  48. Prasad Jadhav says:

    Julien you explained it to the best level of intellectual which shows you reminded me the teachings of Buddha keep it up !!! You're man of Good Thoughts !!!

  49. MrOliverTube says:

    great, Thank you!

  50. Rusty Rockets says:

    Fixing your hair would make me happy.

  51. elgireth says:

    Julien rediscovered Stoicism from first principles, good stuff 🙂 Consistently letting go is at the core of it.

    Seneca "meditated" (not the modern meaning) on losing all he had, and spent a day per year or so in deprivation of all luxuries to remind himself that all he has are not essential to who he is. Touching base with his core identity, striping out all the ornaments around it.

  52. elgireth says:

    Reminds me of Alan Watts "The goal of the teacher/"guru" is to no longer be able to trick the student into believing that the teacher has more to teach". The student already knows, the teacher just removes the illusion of ignorance.

  53. Super Human says:

    I’m the 800 comment 😂

  54. Super Human says:

    I’m the 800 comment 😂

  55. Mor Dvir says:

    I'm having trouble with the root Chakra part. How do I breathe from somewhere other than my lungs?

  56. batman66ism says:

    This guy is so deep in this im a new sub

  57. Yuri Rodrigues says:

    thanks for portuguese subtittles❤❤❤

  58. Ryan Mora says:

    At the end of this video during the breathing technique i felt so relieved i literally would've loved to hug you and cry on your shoulder tbh. Such a strong sense of hope and feeling that everything is going to be okay i don't think i have ever experienced to that extent. Much love and appreciation Julien, thank you.

  59. Hot4Me says:

    Amazing thank you for this talk

  60. A_Ready_Body says:

    Timestamping 22:09 so I can look back to it

  61. Marwan Helal says:

    Thank you Julien !

  62. Daniel Pacheco says:

    Epic stuff man! 😉

  63. bankroll papi says:

    I'm pretty happy….i feel content…just restless…i have so much stuff i want to do but dont know where to start

  64. Erinaldo Nascimento says:

    Melhor vídeo seu Julien

  65. Kikuchan says:

    After watching the interview of Julien on CNN I knew this man was it. Deadass though, he didn't even get mad when the interviewer was literally trying him and taking everything out of context, literally from an interview to an interrogation, assumption and bullshits. For Julien to keep his cool through a 10 minute interrogation trying to paint him as a rapist, shit is fucked up. Ion never watching CNN again, shit is sad.

  66. The X says:

    He is great

  67. Wade B says:

    "Don't escape from the Pain, Go into it". Father J

  68. Pymf says:

    Best video yet by Julien, you’re the best, all of you, I love you guys!

  69. Joey dofus says:

    Thank you

  70. Manuel Lanthaler says:

    fuck i didnt let go i pushed myslelf up on the cliff where i was hanging thats why that was so fucking hard… Psychologists called it depression…

  71. dazzykin says:

    Have you tried charity? I've heard that can give a person a lot of contentment

  72. Jasmine J Clifton says:

    Realist fucking video ever!

  73. president trump says:

    No julien, why do i want to eat tasty food, is the same reason why i want pussy.

  74. r x says:

    we are not here to be happy, but to evolutionate

  75. Nom Cognom says:

    Guy has a point, huge point, but the fuck, shit etc throws the whole message off

  76. jeff jeff says:

    after watching all the videos in the happiness series and applying what was said, a few days later I felt more true happiness than I had in the last few years. thank you so much Julian!

  77. Andreas erik says:

    Yes, most people are on a happiness quest, not a truth quest.

  78. Luis Gonzalez says:

    You are running from the fact you are going to die, so its a race we know we will lose sooner or later, we cant dodge death forever, so lets keep running but we the acceptance we will lose this game, have fun.

  79. Andresmeetslife says:


  80. MauM / Mauro Miceli Consigli says:

    Meditations based on the acceptance of the present moment as it is, are the best answer to this, fellows. And I particularly recommend Vipassana meditation (you learn it in 10 day very silent retreats). It's what has helped me (and still helps me) the most in my life. I wish everyone give themselves the chance to try at least one full 10 day course. 🙏🏼💛

  81. D says:

    I think those people that go to Ayahuasca ceremonies, do just this. Facing their fears, demons and self doubt head on. Majority get to the heart of the problem and rectify their thought processes, and then heal. However, some can go insane through the onslaught of fear, brought about by the Ayahuasca/DMT, and never recover. Essentially, It's a massive gamble with your life.

  82. Alex Sava says:


    Julien in media scandal: Im the baaaadd guyyyyy :)))

  83. Dan O says:

    When are you coming to Washington DC ?

  84. Andrea Seferi says:

    He is Puddha went from PUA to Buddha

  85. Axel Schultz says:

    The problem with this vid is that Julien is talking about some stuff that he doesn't have the credentials (for instance psychology) to talk about, maybe he doesn't have the intelligence to understand it. He had some experience , yes, but he draws conclusions such as, don't try to accumulate more knowledge because that is also seeking validation… umm what?

  86. RSD Dillon says:

    Im happy all the time and my head hurts!!! Lmaooo!!! Hahahah

  87. Andreas erik says:

    I Wonder what you think about these statements?

    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Nobelprize winner and himself victim of the Bolshevikparty in Gulag.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred, they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media in the hands of the perpetrators.”

    “We cannot state that all Jews are Bolsheviks. But without Jews, there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew, nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists have murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957.”
    – Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    Putins statement: 80-85% of the Bolshevik-party were jews. (jag skulle säga att det var över 90%)
    Quote from the jew Leon Trotsky and the founder of the red army.

    Leon Trotsky intentionally drove Europeans to "cannibalism"
    In 1921 messengers representing starving peasants asked Trotsky för help he said this:
    "You are starving? This is not famine yet, when your women eat their children then you may come and say we are starving."
    For example Almost all media, banking, and influencial bransches of the world is owned by jews. Is that not very risky knowing from the Talmud that the jews secretly hate: 1. Christians 2. Whites 3. All non-jews. 4. Want world domination.

    All MY statements can you find in the jewish Holy book the Talmud.

    Have a good day!

  88. A L says:

    I watched this a few years and it really didn't click with me until recently. I was chasing self improvement so hard until I got really physically sick.

    It ruined my relationship and nearly cost me my job. My life felt stagnant and I was in a deep depression. For years I was running away from all the negative feelings I had about myself and with the illness they all hit me like a tidal wave. I realized I needed to address these feelings and search for happiness in myself. Not in external goals or purpose.

    Now life feels better than it ever has before. I feel proud to be my authentic self and I am working toward to loving myself unconditionally.

  89. PETZZZ says:

    This is Game changer

  90. A Cat says:

    Siddhartha reborn

  91. Dario Weinberg says:

    The best video you ve made by far. Cant express how grateful and thankful I am for watching this!

  92. Kamran Khan says:

    We do not do what we do because of happiness.
    We do what we do because of fear.

  93. Eric Kim says:

    this video has changed my life

  94. a8lg6p says:

    "So: first you familiarise yourself with the view. Then, second, you internalise the view through experience. Third, you prepare to ‘catch yourself out’ in the act of conforming to pre-set emotional patterns. Fourth, you stare into the face of the arising emotion.

    "This is by no means an instant cure, but it is an immediately effective method. Failure is axiomatic when it comes to attempting what is usually thought of as impossible; but so is success – right from the beginning.

    "Every time you try to stare into the face of an arising emotion, you confirm yourself in the practice of cutting through conditioning. Even wanting to start is success. Even a first failed attempt is success; because, in a very real sense, there is no such thing as a bad meditation session. We learn something, as long as we remain open to learning. So this must be our attitude if this practice is to make any difference to our lives. We are bound both to fail and to succeed many times; rather like the salmon that have to leap up waterfalls to reach their spawning grounds. Trying to change a lifetime of internal and external conditioning is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. However, your journey can be a little more joyous than the salmon’s! If you begin to practise you will experience a difference in your life. The ultimate goal is always both very close and very distant; and when one day you come to realise that the path is the goal, the concepts of failure and success will no longer have any meaning.

    "Those who have experience of meditation may find this method easier than those who have never attempted it before. But whatever your level of experience, the existence of painful emotions is a spur to practice. This is especially the case if perception of cyclic patterns allows disenchantment with the habits of duality. Everyone has their own individual capacity, and there is no saying whether people who have sat in practice over a period of time will excel over fresh practitioners confronting their emotions directly for the first time. Motivation is absolutely necessary. Without the firm decision to embrace emotions as the path, even those who have vast meditative experience will not succeed.

    "It is sad to reflect on the number of people ostensibly engaged in spiritual practice, compared to the number of people who are prepared to work on themselves as they actually are in an everyday setting."

    Chogyam, Ngakpa. Spectrum of Ecstasy (pp. 241-243). Shambhala. Kindle Edition.

  95. Bfg Slinky says:

    How to manifest happiness according to Julian Blanc: sexually assault women

  96. Pretty Boy says:

    It’s like Dorothy in wizard of Oz? Wow

  97. angel abadzhiev says:

    GJ man very eye opening

  98. Orinoco says:

    Easily the best you've ever done and the most poignant advice I've ever heard. Thank you Julien!

  99. David Vazquez says:

    Look at his eyes

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