The Human Pursuit of Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

The Human Pursuit of Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

– People quit all the time, ’cause they’re doing it for the money. (emotional piano music) There’s a debate, right now,
going on Twitter of like, how many years do you
have to work until.. The hard work until the
thing, this guy’s like, “Gary Vee, you said you
hustled your face off “for 10 years,” he’s
like, “I only had to do it “for two years, I couldn’t
imagine doing it for 10.” And I’m laughing at him, and
another guy jumps in and goes, “Well, Gary said it best,
‘Eat shit for blank years “and eat caviar for the
rest of your life.'” Like, are you enjoying, is this fun? I’m sure he’s a lovely dude, is this fun? (they laugh)
That you’re filming this? Or are you doing it because you think it’s gonna get you to the
next level of success? Do you love your process? The gateway to happiness
is to love your process, whatever that may be,
whether that creates wealth or doesn’t, if that creates
legacy and art or doesn’t, that creates impact on
the world or it doesn’t. You’re clearly driven, like, you know, first you wanted to be
in the NBA, (laughs) then you wanted to be in the
PBA, then you wanted to act, like, I think the thing that you need to understand is that you’ve got a gear of motivation that makes you do. The first two things in
sports didn’t work out, the thing that worked out in acting, it did work out, whatever the definition of what you’re trying
to figure out right now, it may or may not work. What I’m excited about is the fact that you’ve got a gear that
makes you want to do. I think one of the biggest
problems right now, especially for people under
30 who want to be influencers or entrepreneurs, which
is almost everybody, there’s a lot of vanity metrics that they’re trying to
achieve to that mean nothing. “I raised 15 million dollars.” So? You might go out of business. “I’ve got a million subscribers.” So? “I’ve got 10 million subscribers.” So? I think, right now, we live in a world that has so much data, that people are living
towards the numbers. How many likes, how many followers, how much capital I’ve raised. It’s a, it becomes a numbers rack race, and it usually leads to bad behavior, because when you’re chasing a number that people can see, you
often take shortcuts. For me, the shit is the caviar. Like, I love the fuckin’ process. I love building. A very big reason acting
probably worked out was you both thought it could bring you something you were looking for from the level of attention and success and fame and dollars,
but you also liked it. Because otherwise, if you didn’t like it, you would’ve quit after the
third “no” at auditions. When you do something for money, you quit. When you do it because you
love it, you do it forever. People win when they’re self-aware. Some wanna make their bed, some don’t. Some have this strength,
some have that weakness. You need to figure out who you are and you need to execute against that. You have to love the
process, not the stuff that the process buys you. – [Woman In Audience] Yeah! (audience cheers) – People quit all the time, ’cause they’re doing it for the money. I think the bigger question is, “what do you want the money for?” Is it blocking an insecurity,
is it to get the girl, is it ’cause you’re trying
to mass as much as you can ’cause you actually don’t like
working and you wanna live– The reason so many people
fail in life and business is, their model is, “Let me get the money, “so then I can enjoy and relax.” They think of it as, like, hoarding it, and then eating it all over
time, it’s why retirement, (mumbles) it’s such a bad
way to think about it, because then you’re feeling
the pressure of, like, massing, so that you can then enjoy. I think the bigger question is, like, what are you up to, why are
you doing it, what’s up? I just think a lot of people
are trying to achieve success and use fame or money as makeup for a situation that they’re
just not happy about. You have to figure out how to make your day-in and day-out happy. It’s all an inside game. You need to be enjoying
the amassing so much, that you never get to the enjoying part. Otherwise, you’re gonna be impatient, and trying to be out of
it as quickly as possible, to buy those things, or
you’re gonna regret it later in life, right? I will never retire,
’cause it’s not as fun as working. Like, it’s not as fun. Like, it’s very… It’s not as fun for me to lay on the beach and play golf all day, and lay on a yacht in the
middle of the Mediterranean for a hundred days in the summer, and go to vineyards and go
to concerts, and see friends, that’s not as fun as fuckin’ 15 hours of meetings all day. I don’t wanna lay in a swan in a pool. I don’t want to. That is what people have to figure out. Whether that’s singing, or being a mother, or teaching a classroom,
to me, the game matters. And by the way, somebody
may be looking, being like, “Gary, looks like shit, four
AM, six flights in Asia, “and I’m sitting here in Ibiza.” And for her or him, that’s
winning, and that’s great. You’ve gotta try and figure that out at all costs, and if
you’re not happy right now, you need to do something different. I just don’t understand how… People think wealth is
the gateway to happiness. The gateway to happiness
is to love your process, whatever that may be,
whether that creates wealth or doesn’t, if that creates
legacy and art or doesn’t, that creates impact on
the world or doesn’t, you’ve gotta try and figure
that out at all costs. That if you’re not happy right now, you need to do something different. If you are not happy right now, you have to break your patterns. You have to look at life
from a different perspective. You have to find a different
angle to look at it from. Because this shit goes
fast if you know it’s long. Figure out what your fucking winning is. My winning is different
than a lot of people’s. I don’t get envy, I get
excited, I get competitive, I enjoy it, I enjoy my thing. What’s your thing that
makes you the happiest… – [Man] You just focus there. – Only there. (emotional piano music)

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    Incredible in it's simplicity!

  2. yash sheregare says:

    This Hit HARD! Thank you so much Gary! @GaryVee
    number 1 Take away is – You gotta love the process more than anything else.
    2) We all have strengths and weaknesses, better focus only on the strengths and build upon and around it.
    3) Shit is the cavier!

  3. Sterling Lowery says:

    "What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning, and goes to bed at night, and in between does what he wants to do." Bob Dylan

  4. Best of Vines says:

    I'm happy watching is video because his talks is really meaningful is a real man he care about people he care about everyone even yet to come god bless you Gary vee

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    But that aside, thanks Gary, now I'm getting my things straighter. Damn I actually hate you because you appear so alien, artificial almost, but your words resonate with what I want yet I'm not consciously aware of it appearently.
    Being a huge advocate of simplicity like Marcus Aurelius it's imperative to break down stuff into simplest terms. After all, that's what most scientists do, eh? The world under the microscope, the atoms and electrons and stuff. Understanding one's desires of pursuit of money and wealth and hapiness, independantly one from another or not, is the road map to success.

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    I'll just make it simple. If everyone was perfectly 'secure' there would be no point to life. Everything is just an adventure where you learn and express and the way you go about it is a spiritual one. It's how you feel in the process. When you said 'hoarding money' it's not so they can neccesarily retire, but have options to do 'MORE' of what they love without the restrictions. That is very valid and real and Gary is out of touch with that by being privledged but not everyone has the resources he has. More can be done let alone freedom. Plus it's all a process you can argue. You get more out of it if you have the freedom and money to do so. You are limited in virtually all cases without it in terms of freedom and expression of your being and passion. Self-awareness is key regardless but getting a lot of money isn't that hard if you want it. It buys options to expand your self awareness and freedom without limits, it's an expression. You learn all throughout. You can't abandon one or the other. You have to be yourself. Money s cientifically buys happiness if you spend it right. On experiences and others. Meaning. It's been researched throughly by now.

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    What is the secret to solving these conundrums? There is no secret. There is only trial and error. You must try, and fail. Then keep trying, until at some point for no apparent reason, you do not fail. The secret, if there is any, is to not give up when you fail — and you will fail. Once you accept this, once you have no expectations of success but you keep trying anyway, you will succeed.

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