The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. PJ A says:

    This is the first cyanide and happiness I've watch

  2. Black hole With 80 subs says:

    So where not gonna mention the fact that there is a hole entire store dedicated to just chairs

  3. Jan With Banan says:

    This dude is like 27 and he just realised that he can sit anywhere he wants to… He has been living for almost 30 years without sitting anywhere…

  4. Abysmal Gaming says:

    “Cliff Miller!” Ahahahahahahaha! Very clever.

  5. Finéssé says:

    you have ass cancer

    Now he has to sit with the you eat ass face

  6. typhoon says:

    Would sitting on a dick in your ass be comfortable?

    The horny girls: yeah

    The man with the comfortable ass: yeah

    The gayyy meme guy: gayyyyyyy

  7. Safaeit Hossain says:

    The fact that he sat on Abes dick, kinda makes him gay!

  8. DJ Solomun says:

    Fuckin dumbass

  9. Beepman 9000 says:

    I remember this it was so old

  10. Heidi Barker says:

    Yo when did cliff decide to donate his ass to the store? It must have been after he found out about the cancer but before his really quick death.

  11. MarGameZ l Animation Machinima & Gaming says:

    Took me 6 years… 6 years for me to recognize that that was Egoraptor's voice I had heard here.

  12. D.V. says:

    Anything is a dildo if you're brave enough taken to a whole new level

  13. H Chang says:

    Why was this even in my recommendation today? ….And this video is already 6 years ago?!

    Hot damn 😀

  14. stabby stabby says:

    His ass my rest comfortably on that grave and chair

  15. GoldPlays says:

    This is enbough these videos are just too violent
    @[email protected]'~~:[email protected]'l#[email protected]@L#

  16. SlyVixenFox says:

    1:13 I’m sorry….WHAT!?

  17. John Visnovsky says:

    The store is just rows of chairs

  18. 10k subs with videos? says:

    Imagine on Christmas you open your present to find a butt chair

  19. Logan True says:

    Voice acting: Arin Hanson

    Me: Whhhaaaaat?

  20. JC says:

    10 year flies by so quickly and these r still so FUNNY

  21. SuperTeddy Show says:

    U can’t tell if u have cancer in that world cause… of

    You know

  22. Jack Daniels says:

    just came to pay respects, its been so long without the man who could sit anywhere.

  23. Jordan Garcia says:

    So… He has never sat down before in his life?

  24. Rorion Saucedo Rompe Narices says:

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 i Can seat wherever i want!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Salim Ata Topçu says:


  26. Hitguy 43 says:

    This has literally become a classic

  27. Saleem Khan says:

    This video is ASStoniting

  28. Kitty Crusher says:

    I know that you didn't search for this. So do i.

  29. S a d _ w o r l d 999 says:

    Cliff Miller
    He had a Comfortable Ass

  30. Justindude2342 Roblox says:

    2:27 What The Fu!!!

  31. ram jacob says:

    uhh sweet memories

  32. Ziqi Shi says:

    my first episode of cyanide and happiness. Ah the good old times.

  33. Zynexion says:

    So uh, he had a comfortable ass what?

  34. Papple40 says:


  35. Quantum Radiation says:

    0:45 The joker

  36. Everyone Hates Me and it’s FiNe says:

    Stacy silva from 90 day fiance ??

  37. Samuel M . Waithaka says:


  38. hatime naddifi says:

    What an experience that…makes the customer love himself.

  39. TwistedNinja says:


  40. Lama Drama says:

    2020 and this is still AMAZING

  41. ChampionDonut23 says:

    He died in 2010 when the video was posted in 2013

  42. Derek Holden says:

    Oh, Arin.. You make me so happy

  43. Steven Guy says:

    Throw backs

  44. Dan Marl Cadiz says:

    Wasn't expecting ending 😂

  45. Mariah marino! says:

    1:17 we just not gonna talk about that

  46. Liz The Foxcat says:

    0:06 eyebrows magically appear
    0:12 eyebrows disappear

  47. 37 Sludge Revamped says:


  48. Surviver Michone says:

    This was the first cyanide and happynies I ever saw.

  49. F9An says:


    When my parents looks at my history on my laptop

  50. no way says:

    Je pleure

  51. GhostMiner says:

    What a shame they're not doing them like this anymore.

  52. Kristen Freeman says:

    That guy was in a store for only 30 seconds,then he ran out laughing.

  53. Ding Darn says:


  54. Devin Vanvliet says:


  55. Chris Thistle says:

    Should have made it more twisty give him a wife who originally sent him for a chair after all the events show the wife finally getting her chair only it's his ass and she's fine sitting on it.

  56. Sanga Panda says:

    My ass hurts watching this

  57. Onyx Helena Ember-Graves says:

    10 years without a comfortable ass

  58. leporidae says:

    10 years ago he died as he lived sitting down. Rip

  59. Patrick Arenas says:

    I expected something at the end

  60. Ryan Natuor says:

    When you realize its 7 years ago..

  61. musixx says:

    Omg all these old clips make me nostalgic.

  62. Andy Torres says:

    finally found the original

  63. Ashley Wade says:

    Wouldn’t his ass still be radioactive though

  64. Mr. X says:

    1:13 gotta warm up the perfect ass 😝

  65. ClimateCTRL says:

    "I have the most comfortable ass in the world!"
    That 100% sounds like something Arin would shout in the middle of a game grumps episode, much to Dan's confusion.

  66. Kristen Freeman says:

    Who goes to a store for only 30 seconds and than runs out laughing?

  67. John Lost says:

    A surprise end! (See what I did there?)

  68. Ferris Film says:

    It's been 10 years I think it is about time for a sequel

  69. Isaiah Amos says:

    I should’ve just got a Terance and phillip

  70. hatty hattyngton says:

    That guy is the moust insane person in cyanide and happiness i ever seen

  71. levotinela says:

    At the end he is siting on the bed

  72. MrYenip says:

    I love how the book he is reading at 1:25 is cyanide and happiness.

  73. Intergalactic Howl says:

    1:13 lmao

  74. Danagis says:

    Arin has a comfortable ass, hanson

  75. X-90 says:

    Rip mans been dead for 10 years

  76. Classic M and S says:

    He lasted 26 years

  77. Regular Invader says:

    The alternative sitting montage was deleted then re uploaded by someone else.🙁

  78. Mega edge says:

    0:50 when you’re crush sits next to you
    What happens inside you’re head:

  79. Vlad Anghelache says:

    This was gold back then.

  80. Solangelo says:

    I love cyanide and happiness

  81. Giokyo says:

    Wait a minute i thought all this time his ass was comfy cuz of the cancer .

  82. Gold Justice says:

    Rosa parks will shit herself when she sees this

  83. Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile says:

    Can he sit on lava? Acid?

  84. Baconmanthecute Its my Roblox profile says:


  85. Pakkunen says:

    0:59 this is what i see when i check my brothers history

  86. VonBlade says:

    BUT WAS THE CHAIR COMFORTABLE? (all caps post 7 years too late)

  87. alie Jcn airline says:


  88. Fyack says:

    sits on pinecone

  89. wlogan0204 says:

    back when life was so much simpler

  90. Derrel4 Me says:

    2:26 WHAT THE FU-
    aliens: What you haven't seen a Chanus?

  91. Chipsitis says:


  92. PETSEY says:

    I saw that coming because of your sadistic minds

  93. LizzieWolf says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Am I right?

  94. TheRedRubyGaming says:

    The seat is most likely comfortable he does have most comfy Donkey

    I like shrek if you dont get it what is another for a Donkey

  95. Kyle Russell says:

    The man who could sit anywhere


  96. Space Cadet says:

    YouTube recommended a video about an ass

  97. anonimo por dos says:

    I liked how in the trailer he sat without pants

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