The Milkshake – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Milkshake – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

*slurping* *slurping* *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* *smooching* *thud* *slurping*

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “The Milkshake – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. D Smith says:

    Moral of the story don't celebrate to soon

  2. Keisha Black says:

    Gross dude

  3. NateSlothHoney • says:

    He is knot a so good guy after all

  4. Alexisx says:

    Wtf jajajja

  5. Hypergod Productions says:

    I tried to tell her that hes KNOT her type…

    help me

  6. Francesco Scrofani says:


  7. MIGZER & MIGZ29 says:

    0:11 and 0:15 this the joke part

  8. The Fnaf_Foxy says:

    The fu k.

  9. coolguy123456789 Mary Poppins says:

    This sure was a TWIST

  10. Rawrtv On ig says:

    Srry miss

  11. Briana Jackson says:

    I guess you could say that guy really sucks bam bam ting okay I’m leaving now

  12. Geralda Guerra Guerra says:

    No q fdp

  13. engie boi says:

    That girl better take an shower.

  14. Jaylin Wou says:

    I’m knot very early, am I?

  15. Elaine Lesure says:


  16. Freeman Michelle says:

    My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard there like its better than your damn right its better then yours

  17. jr Cruz says:

    How knotty

  18. Nigel van Zanten says:

    this was knot what I was expecting

    (I’m sorry)

  19. RDC_ tres says:

    This boy's real knotty!

  20. Carlos Alfredo Calderon Martel says:

    No entiendo PALILLO

  21. Lee Phillips says:

    I guess you called it the milkshake because it sounded better than the tongue

  22. Christina Said says:

    I hate you guys you guys are stupid dumb stupid and dumb I hate you guys so much the people who made this video and the people who watch this video dumb

  23. Hollow Shortez says:

    If the tounge twister guy was gay, his boyfriend would not want him sucking his dick…

  24. DjAlonDevil says:

    Yo what his mouth do to a vagaina

  25. Mendoza Jesus says:

    Hot dog gay ..

  26. MidgetIdiots says:


  27. lumiere rouge says:

    Bruuuuuu por girl

  28. Kajh fzyhsj says:

    The Milkshake
    A Cyanide and Happiness Short

  29. Maritza Diaz says:

    Soo bad at this

  30. ẞrúttá Æ says:

    Did she think that hair-do would be free?

  31. Mylie Moo says:

    But imagine if a random but came over to you AND ATE YOUR CHERRY anyone else notice he ate the seed inside the cherry

  32. jorge Beans says:

    Wow I don't remember this episode of Scooby Doo

  33. Phani Kumar says:


  34. Kobe Beef says:

    0:12 uwu

  35. SEHAM SLEMAN says:


  36. Debalina Biswas says:


  37. Logan Rose says:



  38. razzberry says:

    What a nice knotdog

  39. Nathaly Moraski says:


  40. Alice ericksen says:

    Well that’s gonna be a painful operation

  41. Lps kassipoeg S says:

    Stapet tes vitijous

  42. Nada BM says:

    My play was a to bit great a the play of of a for on with for on way to a your the a your a a the you the a the you a the you the a the the you a the the you a the

  43. Editing b o i says:

    And this is the story of how Fred and Daphne met

  44. Florxi says:

    Jajaja jajaja jajaja 😂😂

  45. Lucas Yan says:

    I hope they will marry each other and have a baby and the and the baby will do the Same as well

  46. Mushroom_hunter says:

    9.98mil subs bruh moment

  47. Sans The Skeleton says:

    All these puns are knot funny

  48. Bryce Farr says:

    0:54 thanos to thor when he snapped half the universe away

  49. Ragheed Al Qaderi says:

    See that's what I call gold diggers

  50. Miami Thug says:

    He was really showing her what that mouth do

  51. Demonic Akumi says:

    I was close to predicting it.
    I thought he was going to wrap her arm around and she would start rolling around on the floor in pain.
    But you just HAD to still make it unpredictable and get him to go down to the fingers, didn't you?

  52. ahmad ad says:

    i guess her milkshake doesn't bring all

  53. Jester Joseph says:

    Your guys’ jokes are TWISTED. They’re not even original, just BRAIDED into something dull.

  54. Bob Ross says:

    How does one get so experienced with putting things in their mouth?

  55. Tibby Day says:

    I want to kill him

  56. Hk Tk says:

    Im a ladies man and one of the things I would play is hand shake arm shake milk shake one of girls tought me that they all really nice to me and like me this video reminds me of them

  57. _NIGHTMARE DRAGON_ says:

    That's how you flirt on girls 😂 XD

  58. Shahkarif100 Gaming says:

    Irrelevant, but any of you guys ever drank coconut milkshake? Yeah, coconut! Real delicious.

  59. ColonialPancakesGaming says:

    What that mouth do?

  60. geoff morgan says:

    Will close to ten mil

  61. CxXP70 Agario says:

    Iws thewe a senpia hewe? uwu if thewe iws i dont cawe

  62. Estela Cisneros says:

    0:53 me when i blackmail my teacher for touching me

  63. Little Cactus says:

    That’s knot how you eat hotdogs

  64. Zinkeron says:

    That sucks

  65. Caden Elkin says:

    They had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

  66. I’m bad at vids says:


  67. kermit not real says:

    Lol what a bitch

  68. - SpaceMan - says:

    This guy hasn't got shit on Kakyoin.

  69. Vincent Lee says:

    Sucky sucky one time one time

  70. Neirin Greer says:

    Health Inspection Guy: NO

  71. M- Ali Khan 47 says:


  72. al Suarez says:

    such a twisty boy

  73. Kasabe says:

    Fred and Daphne got really freaky over the years

  74. Tanzerite Nye says:

    Jack sparrow was here

  75. trekie4747 says:

    He's got oral skills

  76. Bubaiel says:

    Is no one gonna talk about how depressing that was

  77. ethan cobabe says:

    That cop has the right to say " i have seen some messed up shit"

  78. Jason Nooty says:

    I just sort of herd a sans sound at 0:23 in the video

  79. Angelica Clark says:

    This is so dumb 😂

  80. Emma Neophytou says:

    Well ok then

  81. sonic plays BR says:


  82. Juan D'Marco says:


  83. A D says:

    That guy is a true entrepreneur.
    He sees the opportunity, mangles shit up and run away with whatever he can get

  84. Vincent Wei says:

    How is the milkshake half empty and then full?

  85. legalize homicide says:

    Ummm… Need a pun oh boy… Umm. Guess that was knot.. What she was expecting.. Ha ha. Umm… Yeah

  86. Khánh Đặng says:

    A sucker

  87. Only Here For Memes says:

    anyone else wondering what goes on inside that mouth?

  88. Zoey10 Swag says:


  89. Khiara Teoxon says:


  90. Bass Galaxy says:

    That guy sucks! 😑

  91. Douglas Gables Jr. Benjamin says:

    I think this man such as a monster that eating into his stomach, the policeman cached him and he ate him from his mouth, I’ve had been disgusting this cartoon episode but I’ve had been waiting for following what happens next.

  92. Morine Kyle Alf Bloodfang says:

    Can I learn that?

  93. GIACOMO D'ATTOMA says:


  94. SachyBachy Rachy says:

    And a new super villain is born, John Battman to the rescue!

  95. Lalo Jaime says:

    He really like sucking stuff dry

  96. CoolJohnnyGamer 1 says:

    I feel bad for that girl she just wanted a man

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