The Power of Optimism | Man on the Street

-How would I define optimism? Um…man. -That’s a tough question. Um, to go
in seven job interviews and not get a call back, and still be optimistic that
you’re gonna get a call back. -Optimism is how you deal
with any negativity, period. -An optimistic person
sees the good in things, sees the hope
in the future, wants to be
part of a solution to make the world
a better place. -It’s hard to explain.
But I guess optimism’s just — it just brings the light
to a person. -I would define optimism as finding the joy
in everything. -When I wake up,
and I don’t feel like that, my mom helps me because
she sends me, “Good morning,” and, like, “Hi,
my little flower,” every day. [ Laughs ] -Yeah, it’s challenging
to be optimistic when the entire support system that you rely on
is looking at you and thinks
you’re absolutely absurd. Or, “Who does she think she is
to just leave such a comfortable job?” -You know what?
When I was a kid, I was definitely
a bullied child, I’d say,
especially in middle school. But I always knew
that it would be okay because sometimes you have
to really believe that you see
what is special in you, even if other people don’t. -There is something going on,
and it’s kind of different in a w– It’s like — Okay. I found —
I found a lump in my breast. And I don’t know what it is yet. And I think this is one
of the situations that you have to be
optimistic about it. -Because I know
deep down I have that belief that I’m meant to be
going through all of this to inspire other people. -It’s important
to send out positive vibes. And I think everything you put out into the world
will come back to you. And that’s why
optimism’s very important. -I have tons of friends
who are — who have pessimistic views. And I see them not getting
ahead in life. -I think you attract
what you send. So I have to be
optimistic about, like… Oh, it’s fat. Or —
Oh, that’s good. That’s gonna be the first time
I’m gonna be happy about fat. -You have to be.
I mean, you don’t have to be. But it’s better if you do.
You’ll be happier. -It’s contagious in general. And the way
you have an outlook on life, it’s portrayed
to the people around you. -And in the end,
it doesn’t turn out the way you put it out there
to turn out. There’s always something
to be learned. -If you keep thinking
good is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen. I don’t know the science
behind it. But I can just say, when I say,
“Okay, I’m gonna wake up today. It’s gonna be a good day,” I put in the effort
to make it a good day. And usually,
it’s a good day. So… -I hope I’m
as optimistic in 20 years as I am today. I’ll probably have kids. So…Yeah, I will be. I’ll be populating the world
with more optimistic people. So that’s good.
[ Chuckles ] -I am optimistic
that I’ll be successful in life. I’m optimistic about my future. -I’m optimistic
about the unknown journey ahead to inspire other people
through the power of my music. -Genuinely, I do believe
that people are good people. And you waste so much time
thinking about how it go wrong or how terrible people can be. But if you just have that
little optimism, it gets better. -I was in the police academy. And I got injured. -My grandpa has prostate cancer. -I lost my dad
in January of this past year. -On April 19th, I faced
a life-threatening surgery which had caused me
to be paralyzed. And my major concern was
that I could not walk again. But as you see, I am here. And I’ve got work to do.

Daniel Yohans

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