The Receptors & the Hormones of Happiness.

The Receptors & the Hormones of Happiness.

Imām Ṣalāḥ El-Dīn al-Tījānī al-Hassanī.
The Receptors and the Hormones of Happiness Treasures of the Quran Series.
Chapter 24: The Light. Lecture #1
December 27th, 2019. What does the word “surah” mean?
In the Arabic language, it means a “lofty status” And because the chapters of the Quran
have lofty status, they were called “suwar” (sngl. surah) Each chapter of the Quran is a surah. but when our Lord
refers to this chapter by the word “surah” [Quran 24:1] then you must pay (some extra) attention and increase the level of your
hormones-of-happiness “(This is a) Surah”, [Quran 24:1] “which We have sent down” but this also applies
to the rest of the Quran: sent down by our Lord increase (them) even more …
“which We have sent down” “and made it obligatory”
again, this applies to all chapters so He wants to increase your ….. Okay. “and revealed therein verses of clear evidence
that you might remember”, [Quran 24:1] Obvioulsy, happiness where does it originate?
Happiness is (actually) inside of you and when you listen to the Quran; listen to Allah’s Speech
that happiness increases where does that happiness originate? In the past, about 3, 000 years ago,
the Egyptians discovered that there was a plant now called opium. They extracted its juice Only the priests and the magicians
knew its secret When the sick children or people were brought to them,
they would give them a drop or two, and the sick would leave (in a good state) and then (the priests and the magicians
would brag about their abilities) Yes. So they used to deceive
the common people with it Then in the year 1805, a German scientist
was able to extract from the opium a sap that he called morphine. Morphine comes from Morpheus,
the Greek god of dreams It was perceived as a very nice substance
(because it was effective as a painkiller) But they found out (later) that morphine
is also very addictive so they set out trying to find a substance that
does not lead to addiction In the year 1874, they extracted from it (morphine)
the heroin They initially thought that heroin does not
cause addiction, and so for about 30 years, they used to treat people with heroin, even children.
They used to add it to cough syrups and they used to call it the ‘safe medicine’.
They didn’t realize that it was (very addictive). The word ‘heroin’ comes from the Greek word “Hero”
meaning extraordinary. (For them) heroin was an extraordinary medicine. Also, in the past England (the UK) used to export
large quantities of opium to China They didn’t know (its danger).
The Chinese found out the dangers of opium and hence they destroyed all the opium that
England exported to China which lead to the Opium War
between England and China at the end of which, (the Island of) Hong Kong
became a British colony The war broke out because of ? Opium
and was called the Opium War. Later on, they discovered that we have
inside of (our bodies), on our cells, there are receptors for opium, heroin, and morphine The mere existence of these receptors means
that inside of us we must have opium, morphine and heroin The body wouldn’t have receptors for substances
unbeknownst to it So since there are receptors that receive these
substances, then there exists in our bodies a factory that produces these substances. And indeed, we do have the pituitary gland,
the brain and other parts that secrete hormones in our bodies.
They called the ‘hormones of happiness’ These hormones – and there are many of them –
that are produced within you And when they are released inside of you,
you feel happy and you feel tranquility and serenity. You also find that you have an open appetite Aslo these hormones strongly affect your social life;
your relationship with the society around you Your relationship with your father and mother;
your emotional and intimate relationships are strong affected by these what? (Hormones)
These hormones affect everything. A spike in the levels of these hormones is not good
and having them at low-levels is also not good. They are organically secreted and at certain instances,
our Lord (ﷻ) causes them to be secreted even more For example, what causes these hormones
to be secreted more? Devotional acts: the prayer,
recitation of the Quran, meditation also sports/exercising
increases these hormones. (For women) when giving birth,
these hormones are secreted more When one is subjected to strong stressors/pressure,
these hormones are increased e.g. during wars, you find one whose hand was cut
or another whose leg was cut-off Do you think that our Lord (ﷻ)
is neglecting them? No. The moment his hand is cut, our Lord (ﷻ) causes large
quantities of these hormones to be secreted in his body
to offset the pain i.e. he doesn’t feel the pain to the degree
you might be imagining his experience of pain is lessened.
It is not as great as you might assume it to be And when (the injured person) sees that his hand is cut,
he might be mentally terrified, but his physical pain is not at the level of
(his mental anguish) Our Lord keeps his physical pain at a certain level that
it doesn’t exceed. He (ﷻ) causes these hormones to … The woman that is giving birth to a child
needs some tranquilizers, and hence these hormones are secreted
(in large quantities inside her body) Also, chocolate …
It increases the secretion of some of these hormones and you feel happy So here, we are going to increase the levels of our
‘hormones of happiness’ once we hear: “[This is] a surah”, [Quran 24:1]
This chapter is special So we must increase …
“[This is] a surah which We sent down and made [that within it] obligatory
and revealed therein verses of clear evidence that you might remember”, i.e. all of this
is for our sake (a gift) for us from our Lord (ﷻ).
Hence you must be very happy.

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