The Science of Happiness | UC BerkeleyX on edX | Course About Video

The Science of Happiness | UC BerkeleyX on edX | Course About Video

DR. KELTNER: Imagine that
scientists have created a happiness machine, a machine that could
make you as happy as you’d like with just the push of a button. Would you use it? Would you push the button? I’ve asked that question
of my students for years. And most of them say, no. Most of them want to find true
happiness on their own in a genuine way. But how do you do that? EMILIANA SIMON-THOMAS: That’s
where science comes in. For the past decade,
researchers have been developing a roadmap for
the pursuit of happiness, suggesting, for instance, that
roughly 40% of our happiness is determined not by our genes,
but by our daily activities. It’s up to you. I’m Emiliana Simon-Thomas. DR. KELTNER: And I’m Dr. Keltner, here
at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. We’ve been part of the
scientific movement to identify the sources of
a happy, meaningful life. And we’ve made some
valuable discoveries. And we would like to share
these findings with you to help you unlock the secrets
to a happier life, healthier relationships, stronger communities. EMILIANA SIMON-THOMAS: That’s
where this course comes in. The Science of Happiness
is the first MOOC to teach this research, with
presentations from some of the world’s top experts on the subject, like Sonja
Lyubomirsky, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Paul Ekman and Barbara Frederickson. They’ll join us in covering topics like
mindfulness, compassion and gratitude. DR. KELTNER: Together
we’ll tour this field that some call positive psychology. We’ll explore why writing down
things you’re grateful for can strengthen your immune
system and improve your sleep, how meditation can actually
change your brain for the better, and why spending money on others is
actually better for your happiness than spending on yourself. EMILIANA SIMON-THOMAS:
Along the way, we’ll devote special attention to
the links between happiness and human connection, kindness,
a commitment to something greater than yourself. DR. KELTNER: But we’re going
to do more than tell you about the science of
happiness, we’re going to help you experience it firsthand. Each week, you’ll try out
research tested methods for boosting happiness and strengthening
your meaningful connection to others. And you’ll be able to track
your progress over time and discuss it all with your classmates. EMILIANA SIMON-THOMAS: So please
join us for The Science of Happiness. We’ll put the secrets to
happiness at your fingertips with just the click of button.

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21 thoughts on “The Science of Happiness | UC BerkeleyX on edX | Course About Video

  1. edX says:

    Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof. Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth. Clap along if you know what happiness is to you. Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do."

    Or you could sign up for The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley. #InternationalDayOfHappiness

  2. Ashray Malhotra says:

    Please put the direct link of the course on edX in the description of your videos.

  3. Sumita Lothongdaeng says:

    I wanna learn this course but i don't have enough times 😭

  4. Riva A says:

    I don't think you could achieve happiness, it's way more complicated than that

  5. JustSomeObject says:

    I used to think no, I will not push a button, but now that I'm in depression. I will be glad to push the happiness button on the machine anyday.

  6. begilda vasco says:

    I think this is a part two of my last course, How to become a resilient person. I am so psyched about it! Happiness! Bring more of it on!

  7. Nadine Smith says:

    I am sure in some small way that the science of Happiness is related to the  Neurosciences

  8. edX says:

    Did you know that up to 40 percent of happiness depends on habits and activities? We're starting our #100HappyDays with the #ScienceOfHappiness from @University of California, Berkeley starting today: 

    How will you start yours?

  9. sweetiepienumber1 says:

    Aloha, I am familiar Jon Kabat-Zinn read his books and I use his and these practices. However, since I became "disabled" (they tell me) moved away from the beach and gave away my surfboards, why not add some more happiness and learn how learning online works a little more? Who can't use more happiness…… no one that's who 🙂

  10. edX says:

    #MentionPeopleYouAreThankfulFor. Expressing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to boost your happiness. Today, we're thankful for all of our edX learners. 

    Tell us what you are thankful for and sign up for The Science of Happiness from UC Berkeley, starting on December 1st.  #HappyThanksgiving

  11. Dedicated Person says:

    this course was absolutely amazing. thank you for all the effort

  12. Faried De Bruyns says:

    One of the first and best MOOCs on Edx. There are many YouTube videos on Happiness, and also those published by the Greater Good Science Center, but in my view, it's better di this course. I did it when I went through divorce. It was my first MOOC. Since then I have completed more than 20 MOOCs with good results, have developed a peace of mind, and a better relationship with my wife, and watched her progress, and coukd have a positive input. This was not due to thus course, but it was certainly the best start to view things in a positive way that was not delusional. There are so many things that I could touch on that helped me in the course. In short, every bit of it helped me, included the lecturers and speakers, and the feedback and discussions. I started in December 2014 and completed in May 2015. Thanks again.

  13. Mr Pupp says:

    happiness is a choice? tell that to a starving person

  14. Ritesh Patel says:

    Indeed happiness come along with the Disinterested ACTION we tend to perform,

  15. zerosandones says:

    The next session is in September 2018? Curious why this isn't a self paced course…

  16. Daya Gupta says:

    Can you send me this story in hindi

  17. Daya Gupta says:

    I shall be thankful to you.

  18. delunk says:

    I want the button!

  19. japp rivera says:

    it's all relative..

  20. Percival Sweetwater says:

    Pursuit of happiness … Is it not a fact that the "pursuit" is part of the problem? Iris Mauss apparently thinks so. Otherwise, thanks tons for putting this course together!!!

  21. Jorge Humberto Dias says:

    The course was very good. Congratulations! I really liked it!

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