The Squat: Ideal Exercise to Build Leg Muscles

The Squat: Ideal Exercise to Build Leg Muscles

Daniel Yohans

45 thoughts on “The Squat: Ideal Exercise to Build Leg Muscles

  1. Shari Nelson says:

    Is this safe for osteoporosis? I have osteoporosis my last bone density scan my t-score was -3.1

  2. Kim Reed says:

    I need help with my thoracic it just burns like fire unless I put my legs up. There's something not right. Please help!

  3. 1865Cowboy says:

    How about for L5-S1 neuropathy?

  4. Kwiat As Kept says:

    Another fun and informative video. Thank you.

  5. Caius Scipio says:

    Those were sound squat progressions and good back cueing, but it’s perfectly fine for the knee to come forward. In most athletic movements, that has to happen. It’s fine under load as long as the whole foot remains flat. You just can’t drive the knee so far forward that you don’t use any hip engagement whatsoever.

  6. Jackie Bohannon says:

    Yes Just Love these Thank you Both So Much ❤❤❤❤Bob Brad 😎😎

  7. Jesse Hicks says:

    front squats at the gym today – love em

  8. Shannon Fogarty says:

    now for the weights I had a question. Is there a proper way to hold them while doing the squats since you guys were holding the kettle bell a certain way. Please let me know because I am a true believer in having proper form no matter what.

  9. Nanaof5 says:

    How many are you supposed to do?

  10. Smile Smile says:

    Why Bob?! 😂 Prerty good singing
    Squats are really helpful w good form, thanks guys.

  11. Mary Ann Brown says:

    I can kneel on the floor on one knee, but cannot get up AT ALL without using support. I am assuming my thigh muscles are very weak. I am hoping that practicing squats will strengthen my thighs. If I am wrong do you have any suggestions?

  12. Rod Palmer says:

    Bloody brilliant Bob and Brad👍

  13. Caroline Reichard says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try it to get my balance back and strengthen my legs.

  14. koik min says:

    @Bob & Brad make a video about exercising for cardio and burning cholesterol for the people who lives in a flat

  15. Sporty Trisha says:

    You two are the BEST!!!! Bought the booyah. It's great.

  16. timmd909 says:

    This is creepy. Just adopted this form when doing squats to night before seeing your video…

    You doing a video on pull-ups next?

  17. Sleepyer2681 says:


  18. kar wye ng says:

    Advantages of having 2 kids at home.
    I piggyback the first one and hold the other one like the Lion King Opening pose.
    And then do squats with it.

  19. Diana says:

    This channel doesn't get enough likes! Thanks for your work, guys. (All the way from down here in Uruguay)

  20. Michael McCoombes says:

    Love your videos! A video on Popping Sternum would be great.

  21. Anjelica Webster says:

    🎶bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet 🎶

  22. Nishant Kumar says:

    Sir i am from indian , i have been following your channel from last 7 months or so you both are awesome and doing a great job.
    I am 24 years old.
    I have a minor posterior bulge in l4-l5 and mild disc bulge in l5-s1.
    Gradually i have reduced the pain going down to my feet now i am far better but the tingling in the fingers it comes back every now and then can you please suggest something.

  23. Ger Kerkhoven, PtP Nordic Health Fitness says:

    To start a good squat, use your kitchen counter.
    Place your toes exactly under the counter doors. Than your knees stays above your toes.
    Sorry for me terrible English.

  24. L Mc says:

    can you do a video on the hex bar, hugely underrated especially for novice or average gym goers. best of squat and deadlift with low risk of injury

  25. Jannell Meagher says:

    As always, thank you!
    "Why Bob, why?" 😂😂😂

  26. betzi b says:

    So what happens when squats cause incredible lasting knee pain

  27. Charlie ZzZ says:

    Am i wrong in thinking your feet are too wide apart at 8:15?

  28. april martinez says:

    Good job boys! Started my day well. Love this one a lot.

  29. Hero says:

    Hello Bob and Brad! First, thank you for everything you do! I started doing cardio exercises thanks to you and feeling much more energetic.
    But recently I discovered CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) disease and I have constant pain in my legs and my stamina dropped a lot. I can only act in Vertical position until about 6-7 pm and then pain becomes severe. As I understood, only exercises can help me to stay more. People say that it's the most popular genetic disease… so If you have experience with patients that have CMT, I would be very glad if you make a video of some example exercises 🙂

  30. J R says:

    Squat On my Brothers!!

  31. Xdeb Jones says:

    Very informative on mechanics and progression.

  32. Susan Eirthug says:

    While being disabled I also am stronger than most people. Before surgeries I was a beast. pt doesn't address the whole body and it's bullshit because of lawsuits I suppose. I have learned a lot from Bob and Brad . TY

  33. Susan Eirthug says:

    Arthritis warm up for walking and biking.

  34. cb7 says:

    Can I do it with sciatica Bob and Brad

  35. hana ploe says:

    I love squats but ever since I started doing them, my hip flexors have been in severe PAIN, and I'm only 18 years old. Please help ):

  36. Harley Quinn says:

    Bob and Brad, I noticed that a lot of people have this problem shown on 4:08

    I have this problem too! I'm an artist (drawing) and last year I started to have impingment in my brachial plexus because my back and shoulder muscles couldn't hold my collarbone anymore and it starts pressing my nerves. I'm working out 4 times a week and my shoulder is less uneven, but my collarbone continues to be misaligned. Could you guys do a video about this? Putting excercises to help people heal of this condition? I would be so grateful! Best wishes for you guys, you are the best fisio on internet!!!

  37. Linda Harrison says:

    Don't stick your butt out.

  38. marlene kerrmarlene says:

    I like your rambling- makes my day -thank you -m,k wis

  39. ZeusBeer says:

    Bob and Brad, please stop quarter repping, ass to grass, hip grease below the knees! (unless butt winks)

  40. Dave Macarty says:

    Why Bob? Why? You guys crack me up! But seriously, great video! Was looking to incorporate squats into my habits and needed tips on the best form. #score!

  41. FromFlabToFourteener says:

    How about a pre-ski workout? Downhill and Nordic!

  42. Denise Davis says:

    Do you have exercises for feet and toes?

  43. Destination Fucked says:

    Both of you need a leg day session with Tom Platz

  44. A MH says:

    The sleepovation maaattreeeessss! ❤❤❤

  45. MsFirefly1952 says:

    Please explain to me where I went wrong with my leg building squats. After practise almost daily, damage happened to my knee with swelling below inner side & out couldn't walk for days, this was at the beginning April I still feel a disconfort today if i walk for longer periods or sit on the floor that leg folded ( in September now) In advance thank you

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