The Truth About Canadian Healthcare

The Truth About Canadian Healthcare

Why can’t America’s healthcare system
be more like Canada’s? Here’s what most people who ask that question
think they know about Canadian-style healthcare: 1. Everybody gets covered.
2. It’s free. 3. It’s great.
Number one is true. Everybody is covered. Number two is false. Nothing is free. Canadians
pay for their insurance through their taxes. And, as you might expect, the tax rates in
Canada are very high. And number three is… well, let’s just
say it’s questionable. Let’s find out how questionable. But before we do, let me
tell you a bit about me. I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.
That makes me French Canadian. I’m so French Canadian, my name—Alan—is spelled A-L-A-I-N.
I have also lived and worked in the United States. I have experienced both Canadian health
care and American health care. Here are some of my experiences with the Canadian system,
the one so many Americans aspire to. I believe they are typical. So do the Canadians I know.
Experience #1: In September 2000, my wife was seven months
pregnant with our youngest daughter. One day, my wife started having severe lower back pain.
She suspected kidney stones—she had them in the past. But she was very pregnant, so
we needed to check it out. Kidney stones are bad, but something going wrong with the pregnancy
would be a lot worse. We went to the emergency room of our local
hospital in Montreal. This was Thursday. She was admitted to the hospital and given morphine
for her pain. She couldn’t get an ultrasound the next day because the machine for this
procedure was fully booked. She didn’t get the ultrasound during the
weekend, either, because ultrasound operators don’t work on weekends. Finally, on Monday
afternoon, she got the test—after I begged her doctor to do something so we could find
out if indeed my wife had a kidney stone or something had gone wrong with the pregnancy.
Thank God, it was the former and not the latter. In the United States, a pregnant woman doesn’t have to
wait a day to get an ultrasound if the baby’s health is in question. And ultrasound technicians
are available on the weekend. Experience #2:
One of my friends struggled with back issues for years. Eventually, he needed surgery.
Like all people with non-life-threatening conditions in Canada, he was placed on a waiting
list. The pain got so bad, after a few months he went to see the specialist and pleaded
for an operation. The specialist asked, “Are you suicidal?” My friend responded, “No,
I’m not suicidal—I need a back operation!” The specialist concluded, “If you are not
suicidal, it means you can handle the pain.” Had my friend waited, his surgery would have
been covered. Instead, he went to Florida and paid $20,000 out of his own pocket to
have the surgery immediately. In the United States, if you’re in terrible
pain, you can get a back surgery within days. Experience #3
Several years ago, I was diagnosed with polyps on my colon. Since I have a family history
of colon cancer, I was advised to get a colonoscopy every year. I went to see my specialist in
May to set up my next procedure. After a brief consult, he told me to book the colonoscopy
with his secretary on my way out. She told me that the doctor could perform the procedure
in November. Being used to long waiting times, I felt that was rather short, so I said, “Great,
that works for me.” She replied, “Not this November. Next November.”
In the United States, you can get a colonoscopy in a few days, and certainly within a few
weeks. Experience #4
Just recently, a friend had a biopsy for prostate cancer. He had to wait three months to get
the results. Sadly, the test came back positive. The earliest he could have surgery was three
months after receiving the diagnosis. Needless to say, cancer doesn’t care about waiting
lists. It grows and it spreads, sometimes beyond the point when treatment can be effective.
I pray that my friend gets treated in time. In the United States, you don’t have to
wait three months to get the results of a biopsy. Or wait three months after that to
get surgery if you need it. But here’s the good news: Canadian hospice
care is first-rate—caring and compassionate. Once you’re terminal, they take very good
care of you. That’s the Canadian system for you. And
that’s what you aspire to? I can tell you who will be really bummed out
if you adopt it. Canadians.
When we’re in trouble, we know where to go: the USA.
Don’t go the Canadian route, America. Make your healthcare system better, not worse.
As our great Canadian singer-songwriter, Joni Mitchell, says in one of her most famous songs,
“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.”
I’m Alain Lambert for Prager University.

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “The Truth About Canadian Healthcare

  1. SlimThrull says:

    Why would you want it to be? You mean besides better outcomes and lower mortality? No idea.

  2. Preston Polen says:

    dude: tells 4 anecdotes and proclaims that suddenly, america=good

  3. Orbe University says:

    As a Canadian, I would say that even when you are close to dying, they don't take good care of you. They have recently passed a number of bills expanding assisted suicide, and when a patient asks for suicide assistance, doctors that are not in favour of suicide assistance cannot object.

  4. thomas yang says:

    because of the waiting list problem, so American healthcare system is better than Canadian, what a perfect logic!!!

  5. Steve says:

    If Americas healthcare system was more like Canada's, there would be alot more sick and dead Canadians because half of them come down here for medical treatment.

  6. Helen Orsanic says:

    This morning @ 4AM, paramedics came and helped my 91 year old mother. They were amazing. Thank God for their service.
    From 5 AM TILL 5PM my 91 yr. old mother, lay in the hospital hallway, no one looking after her. To be clear, It’s not the fault of the doctors, nurses, or staff. It’s government and our health system. Even doctors office visits are controlled.
    Our hospitals are short staffed and overworked. Every section of our health care system is a catastrophe.
    For the amount of taxes, we as citizens pay locally, provincially and federally, we should have a better health system. And we wonder why we loose doctors to the USA.?

  7. Sea Monster says:

    The real issue in Canada is not a lack of physicians or doctors it's a lack Operating Rooms. I talked to a nurse recently and he said that doctors fight all the time for "O.R time".

  8. SuperDestrier says:

    The truth about Canadian healthcare: There is no healthcare, only taxes and long lines

  9. Okoang says:

    I actually dont find the Canadian healthcare system that bad, it does depend on the wait time depending specialists you need to see. However when it comes to seeing my doctor I can see him that day or within the week when I call. Coming from someone who was born very premature I spent 3and half months in NICU and my mother would have been in debt in the millions of dollars had she been in the states but the nice thing was it didnt cost her a dime I Also broke my arm and was out and had surgery in two days also at no costs. Yes we pay more in taxes but its nice to know that if your injured I'm not going to go bankrupt.

  10. Illmatic Static says:

    We need help here in Canada. Trudeau is killing our country

  11. Adam S says:

    I'm sorry but this is just propaganda. I'd much rather be sick in any country with socialised healthcare – UK, Canada or Australia – and I'm a doctor!

    The US is suffering a great sickness – your healthcare system serves a small number of people well, but the rest suffer or end up saddled with huge debts through no fault of their own.

  12. bigresponse1 says:

    3:07 "In the United States if you're in terrible pain, you can get back surgery within days."
    Yes…IF YOU HAVE $20,000!
    Thought you'd sneak that past us?
    Government run healthcare is bad, but a system run by the health insurance companies is no better.
    What we need is a true free market. How would that work? I await your ideas.

  13. Sanjay Harrylal says:


  14. Xhon Keri says:

    Very True, My son broke his leg horribly and he was crying in pain. We waited for 7 hours, around the 4 hour mark I went to complain because he was still crying in pain. The receptionist asked “is he breathing” I said yes, she said “then wait”

  15. Taiga Kobayashi says:

    Look the Canadian health care is bad but that doesn’t mean America’s is good either

  16. Johnny Rotten says:

    Only surprise here was that Joni Mitchell is Canadian……had no idea.

  17. BIG DOG BITE says:

    🇨🇦 so true

  18. Kip Winner says:

    Libtards conflate healthcare and health coverage.

  19. Anthony Morris says:

    These are all anecdotal, and spuriously implies that nothing ever goes wrong in the U.S.. The fact is both systems have advantages and disadvantages. In the U.S. millions don't even get health care. In Canada we lack competition so there are also flaws. What many don't realize is that in Canada you can still purchase health care coverage through insurance as well. It costs more, but there are added benefits.

  20. Balgore8 says:

    So the REAL discussion should be how much more in taxes do we pay vs insurance? Also not mentioned is the fact you can casually walk into any clinic if you have the slightest cold and receive free treatment and diagnosis. The waiting times are def. brutal, and you never want to go to ER with a broken bone because you'll be sitting there 6 hours before even being seen. No doubt.

    However, if it's the same cost, or cheaper for the Canadian way, then I would have to argue it's better. I have heard the American way actually pay more per capita for their healthcare, and it isn't free.

  21. greg poulin says:

    Many Canadians come to U.S. for better, quicker medical. I have been told by clients from Canada that come on a regular basis.

  22. Mike Phillips says:

    Actually Canadian healthcare would be better than what the Democrats want. They want Russian healthcare.

  23. Anti Law says:

    Tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax tax

  24. Van Ivanov says:

    Let's be honest… both Canada and America are doomed, with this virus. Their health care systems won't be able to handle millions of cases that will build up over a couple of months.

  25. Shahji Mangalam says:

    This was not always the case more than 25 years ago.
    Back before government cutbacks in the mid 90's, you didn't have to wait that long to get any of these procedures done.
    It was only after the government cutbacks nationally, in the mid 90's, that these long wait times to get certain procedures done, became a common thing.
    Prior to that, you could see a specialist within a few days or a few weeks after seeing your main doctor.
    What happened?
    During the mid 90's, the government of Canada, as well as provincial governments, had to get Canada's financial house in order. As a result, there were massive layoffs in the medical field which put an undue strain on the system and as such, the quality of Canadian healthcare, declined markedly.
    But what i realized is that if you really want true healtcare, that gets to the problem, find a Naturopath.
    From my experience and from other people i have spoken, who have used A Naturopath, they got better and they didn't have to wait so long to see them. Most company insurance benefits, do cover the partial cost of going to a Naturopath.

  26. Stacy Brittain says:

    Thank you PragerU! Broadcast this one from the rooftops…drive by monitor screens on trucks parked on city streets. The stupid socialists need to hear some truth.

  27. Thecatnipproject says:

    Back when I had an infected toenail Canada's healthcare system would've killed me.

  28. Zachary Harder says:

    I'm an Albertan and I'm getting exhausted with people pretending like the Canadian health care system is garbage in order to justify bankrupting blue color Americans who are just trying to stay alive. Is the system perfect? No. But if we are just using anecdotal examples to prove our points here's one for you. My grandpa has needed three heart surgeries and 2 brain surgeries in his life time, post retirement. If we lived in the glorious United States either our family would be in financial ruin, or grandpa would be in the ground. But ooooh noooooo longer waiting times!? Give your heads a shake. The socialist health care system keeps the needy and downtrodden alive and healthy when they need it the most. I'm happy to pay my taxes if it means I'm helping take some pressure off of the hurting population. Monitizing health care is gross on its face. But please by all means keep trying to explain to me how gatekeeping people's physical well being is actually super cool and not morally bankrupt.

  29. Thecatnipproject says:

    Anyone who preaches Canada's healthcare system have poor financial management skills and don't contribute much to society to begin with

  30. Dale Ross says:

    Never waited that long for a colonoscopy, I'm in Ontario not Quebec which brings up another thing, we pay pretty close to the same taxes as California. Quebec is a very high taxed province, not like that in the rest of Canada. Typical Quebecois hating the country that gives them the highest equalization payments. Moron

  31. John Bailey says:

    Just to add to the colonoscopy case, in the USA any procedure a doc orders annually (any time frame) scheduled the hospital offers to scheduled as soon as that on is done. If you choose to wait and it gets close a month or so out the hospital gets ahold of you to remind you. At least they almost always have for me. If your like me and don't like going to the hospital even when you really should, they try to get everything set up to be taken care of on one day, so you don't have to take care of one thing this day and somethings else 3 week later then again in a month or so your back in. Unless you like having check ups, appointments ,shots , annuals every few month, which they will try to do for you. They can get a bit repetitive on test and stuff if you are not paying attention, but it is also a business so if you don't decline the second or third test for the same thing they will let you keep taking them.

  32. Nicholas De Bruin says:

    Speaking to a few US citizens recently they have all been complaining about how crap the healthcare system in the US is. All of them wished that it was the same as Canada's or New Zealand's (where I currently live). I have something that i need surgery to sort out, no, not life threatening but in absolute agony every single day. I have been on the waiting list since August 2017………

  33. johncasagranda says:

    3:26 – I had the same thing. A polyp in my colon. Had to remove it with the appendix =| Spent almost a week in hospital.

  34. Thomas Vosganian says:

    Of course healthcare can’t be free. That’s why everyone pays for it but the rich pay much more than the poor

  35. bp sun says:

    Axiom: Going the Leftist route, on anything, is Downgrading ⬇

  36. Link Age says:

    I concur.

  37. James Simpson says:

    Thank you for this information. Posted it to my Facebook (which is filled with friends and aquaintences demanding Canadian or British healthcare instead of our system ☹️

  38. spikedpsycho says:

    Wait times don't matter. The fact is the Canadian model has several less nerve wracking benefits. Congress could fix healthcare in 24 hours , they just don't want to because they're under the thumb of the medical industrial complex, it's not just pharmaceuticals but doctors and nurses organizations too. That's why hospitals have fought trump tooth and nail against transparent pricing. But you could solve the healthcare nightmare with a few simple laws.
    1: All healthcare providers shall operate under the same commerce rules as any other business that engages in transactions with "customers". To participate in; incluing medicaid/medicare/Veterans Administration/Tri-Care or any patient. Congress shall authorize ALL healthcare providers shall publish the prices of ALL services they offer; treatments/drugs/procedures/surgeries, exams, etc.
    2: It shall be unlawful to charge any third party or individual patient more than the posted amount or to discount said posted amount upon conclusion or agreement of business/transaction. (A 500 dollar invoice is a 500 dollars)
    3: To facilitate a competitive market where by patients/individuals can compare prices, Congress shall require that all healthcare providers publish said prices in an industry standard format accessible to all.
    4: No individual shall be forced to purchase a healthcare plan without their consent
    5: No Individual shall be deterred the autonomy to purchase necessary medicines and drugs even from overseas locations.

  39. Alex Deveault says:

    As a Canadian, this video is a Godsend! Yeah, we brag about how it's free, but the system is horribly broken!

  40. 007kingifrit says:

    stay away from my healthcare democrats

  41. dante dante says:

    I'm afraid your experience is not everyone's experience. I suppose my comment will be deleted.

  42. elmaxo says:

    Any empirical evidence? Or just more and more anecdotal evidence?

  43. Davante Stewart says:

    Who was surprised it was not Steven Crowder talking about Canada healthcare

  44. Anderson says:

    But wait…..Socialism and free healthcare and free education are awesome…..or so the people who don’t pay taxes (yet) think…

  45. ImperatorZor says:

    Canadians Pay less for Healthcare per capita and have better healthcare.

  46. Jsurfer000 says:

    However in the United States of America you need to be insured to see any form of quick medical assistance. If NOT insured it is unfortunately extremely difficult. Don’t forget about high costs for prescribed medication either.

  47. Rachel Rasmussen says:

    Hi. I know exactly why Quebec is such a crapshow. They have been on the dole of the whole country for decades and decades. They are the most useless province in Canada. That's why they are ALWAYS used as an example for how bad Canadian healthcare is. Except it's not. I live in Alberta. When I was pregnant in 2007, I couldn't feel my baby move for a few hours. I went into emergency, and had an ultrasound in 20 minutes.
    I've never had back surgery or pain management, but my kids tonsils were out in 6 weeks,and I know lot's of people who haven't waited for back surgery.
    As for the colonoscopy- I've had several. Usually booked within a week or two.
    Biopsies- again, I've had several. Results are usually in by the following Monday.
    Oh yeah, and taxes? Maybe you should take a look at how much Americans are already paying in taxes for the healthcare system they already had. Americans medical system is scamming you. You are paying the same as Socialized countries without the benefits of Socialized medicine.

  48. James White says:

    Ok, for the record I am neutral on this topic, yes a lot of evidence shows that there is rationing of care under single payer. However, you’ll never hear of people going bankrupt due to needing healthcare, or not being able to get treatment due to financial reasons, or being unable to afford medicine in particular insulin

  49. Donald Piniach says:

    The Canadian healthcare is a little worse than the American VA. Longer waiting lists, especially for ALL surgeries. An urgent cardiac stent in the US waiting time is 90 minutes, in Canada up to two years.
    The average wait to see your personal physician in Canada is 6 weeks. Be prepared for a 8-16 hour wait in the ER.

  50. Ruel says:

    If you got the money, then America's model works best for you. Having said that, not all of us have Thousands if not Millions in the bank to pay for healthcare. I'm Canadian and I understand the strength and weaknesses of both American and Canadian models of healthcare.

  51. fdjw88 says:

    In Canada we have a very large Asian population, and usually this is what the Asian Canadians do, if you are sick, and you don't have a lot of money, the Hongkongers fly back to Hongkong for treatment, the Taiwanese fly back to Taiwan for Treatment, and the Mainlanders fly back to mainland for treatment. and finally the millionaire hongkongers, taiwaneses and mainlanders all fly to LA, NYC, or Miami for treatment.

  52. Digital Evidence Expert says:

    I grew up in Montreal and my uncle was a doctor in Canada. He needed a heart valve replacement but because of his age, he was put on a waiting list. In the Canadian health care system, they prioritize operations favoring young people because the logic is that the money is better spent on the young because they had more years of life left. My uncle waited 7 years and never got the operation because the number of heart valve replacements had a quota each year and these were always used up by younger people. A government operated health care system is not good for older people because procedures are rationed and older people will never come up to the front of the line to get the procedures they need. As for my uncle? He had to leave Canada and pay for the operation himself because the Canadian system will never give him his operation. At least he had the money to pay for it. Less well off people would never get the life saving operations they needed. Let's get rid of Obamacare and give people the freedom to choose what health care they want to pay for.

  53. Noah Erickson says:

    Usually a huge fan of prager U videos. Always so informative and backed with empirical data. This video doesn’t have that. Very disappointing

  54. One Good Turn Gets Most Of The Blanket says:

    Commentary herein spot on. The Canadian Health Care System is on Life Support. And not for a lack of funding.

  55. Fandrie Koh says:

    Is American healthcare very expensive?

  56. Troy says:

    Wrong. In america a swollen gland in my neck that was possibly cancerous took me almost 7 weeks to get screening. Another 3 weeks for the results. This video is a lie. Plenty of examples of our system in the states failing everyone. Cute video though trying to make it fit the republican narrative even though its totally inaccurate.

  57. Les Smith says:

    We should make Sleepy Joe and Comrade Bernie watch this video. If need be "Clockwork Orange" style.

  58. Ric Liang says:

    Two year wait list in Vancouver BC for Orthopedic surgery

  59. This Guy says:

    Truth be told, Canada's healthcare system used to be much quicker and efficient.
    People are going there for the stupidest of reasons and hospitals can't cope with the influx.
    Paying an amount upfront, say, a hundred dollars, would most-likely solve the issue.
    If you just got an icky, or a cold, they keep the money. If it's something serious, they give it back.
    This would make people think twice before wasting their time.

  60. John R says:

    As a Canadian, I do agree with much of what Alain is saying. However, when my daughter had leukemia at age 8, she didn't have to wait long for any procedures. She got things like MRIs and echocardiograms within days, sometimes hours. I used to participate in a parent forum of parents who's children had cancer and I was amazed at how many parents in the USA had to sell their homes and hold fund raisers to pay for their child's cancer treatment. How terrible is that to not only go through your child fighting cancer…but you also losing your home and more. Not only did I not pay a dime out of my pocket, but I was reimbursed expenses…for example, when taking my daughter into the hospital for her treatments, I would get reimbursed for parking, mileage and even things like lunch and dinner. Of course it's not free…Canadians pay for health care via taxes no doubt. However, I've compared my overall taxes with friends in the US, and it's not all roses in the US either. So, three things. First, if what you have is not life threatening, it is true, you will wait. Alain is correct. As a Canadian, I would be willing to pay for insurance in order to able to get faster care, just like the US.
    Second, the US still leads the world in medical technology and expertise. Although I'd argue Canada is a close second, there is no doubt that the best medical expertise in the world is generally in the US. Hence, if the US tried to implement universal health care…it would stifle medical advancements…guaranteed.
    Thirdly, Canada is 1/10th the size of the US. It's easier to implement "universal" health care with less people.
    The US should keep trying to make their health system better…but they should get the idea of universal health care out of their heads…it can't work at this point in time…so spending neurons trying to figure it out is just a waste of time.

  61. Alexandre Charbonneau says:

    You haven't lived until you spent 20+ hours sitting on a chair at the emergency room… to finally get misdiagnosed and have to come back for another 20+.

  62. Bubby Flippu says:

    Ahhhh… my middle school teacher said that there are three good things, and you can pick 2: *Speed, Quality, Price*. You can have high speed and low price, but then then quality will be shit. You can have cheap care that is amazing, but it will be slow as hell… and you can have fast and quality care, but it will be damn Expensive… Canada is the middle situation, America is the former. Pick your two.

  63. Steven Evans says:

    It would be worse if we become socialism

  64. Steven Evans says:

    Boycott Democrats party

  65. Joey Findley says:

    Tried sharing this video, but it’s “marked as spam”?

  66. Steven Evans says:

    Boycott Democrats party and socialism

  67. Bubby Flippu says:

    You gave us a bunch of stories son how Canadian healthcare is tragic, but what about statistics ? I’m sure you could make a video supporting Canadian healthcare with horror stories about the US system…

  68. Faith Love Hope says:

    Ooohhh Canadá 🇨🇦
    Bless to be in the USA and God Bless USA and Donald Trump

  69. comandercb says:

    I keep writing in the comments that the USA are crazy. But it turns out Canada is crazy, too. If these stories are true that is. It's PragerU after all. Universal health care advocates might want to look for a new role model in that case.

  70. dranreb cookie says:

    The same system here in UK,my experience with back,shoulder and neck injury is the same. You’re okay as long as you still walking and breathing,otherwise if you insist you got a problem,they tell you that you need a psychiatrist.

  71. Trevor Petersen says:

    Your review seems to be agender driven not subjective as you make no reference to availability of US health care based on affordability for average person, your system is very similar to our Medicare in Australia it seems, but those of us who can afford to have private insurance for just this sort of reason to be able to have elective treatment on short notice but I would still not recommend the US system as even basic care is not available if you don't have money you are at the big private hospitals mercy.

  72. fanman12 says:

    If you’re in Mexico, all you have to do is cross illegally into the US and go in and the tax payers will cover the cost

  73. Larue77 says:

    Yet another video proving Prager is dishonest. Alain said health care in Canada is not free, it is paid with tax. Then he said that taxes in Canada are high. His false message is that health costs in Canada are high. Health care is paid with tax and tax is high in Canada. That is shockingly dishonest. Taxes are high in Canada but not because health care is expensive. Per person health care in Canada is less than half the per person cost in the US. Alain knows health costs in Canada are less than half the cost in the US. Were he honest he would have said that health costs there are less than half. But to deceive his audience he told us something designed to make us believe, falsely, that costs are high in Canada. I see such blatant dishonesty in Prager videos constantly.

  74. Joker Joker says:

    in america they can assist you as soon as possible because there is not a lot of people going to hospital. they will try to cure it by themselves before they go to the hospital.

    in america, you can get medical attention with in few minutes as long as you got money. but if you got no money, you can go to canada or better yet in cuba.

  75. Diablo 666 says:

    Lol I live in Canada, we do pay Shit loads of taxes, I live in Alberta, I’ve had lots of family in and out of hospitals, maybe Quebec is different than Alberta, but his tale is BS, my dad had Polyps, a week later he got them removed, 2 weeks later he was getting rescoped. My grandma had breast cancer, 30 years ago, she’s cured, my mother in-law same thing, cured, if it’s serious, your in quick, if not as serious not as quick, but heart problems and cancers they are pretty quick, and your monitored, the conservatives are slowly making it worse, trying to privatize it. I’m not liberal at all, but that’s a conservative thing. That being said, we don’t have dental, u pay out of pocket, we don’t have medication coverage, we pay for that out of pocket ( both are somewhat covered by employers) but are meds are no where near as expensive as the states, but in Alberta anyway are mental heath is shit.

  76. cruhg says:

    wait, a pregnant woman can't have an alcoholic beverage but she can mainline morphine?

  77. Doryen K says:

    fails to mention the fact that Canadian healthcare is non-partisan, meaning that an individual's healthcare needs are treated equally regardless of race, gender or economic status. compared to America's system we're the rich and wealthy get first-class treatment in healthcare and poor people are afraid to seek treatment because of hospital debt. Research further suggests this, wealthy Americans live longer then poor Americans because of preventable fatalities, fatalities that could have been prevented if there was equal access to healthcare. Additionally, an argument could be made that the Canadian system is a lot better than Americans because, the average Canadian lives on average 6 years longer than the average American. not saying the Canadian healthcare system is the best but it is a lot better then the Americans.

  78. jasona9 says:

    I live in California. A doctor I know has a sign in his office that reads, "If you think healthcare is expensive now, wait until it's FREE".

  79. Houston Randolph says:

    I don't want Canada healthcare. I'm a American . Only a socialist wants that kind of healthcare system. The politicians who wants socialist style healthcare but no for themselves.

  80. Subaru Fanboy says:

    We have government regulated healthcare in Germany and I’ve never had to wait for more than an hour to see a doctor. And if it’s urgent, they schedule a surgery for the next day. That’s my experience.

  81. polemeros says:

    I quizzed a university specialist in health care policy about a doctor's opinion I had read, namely, that no health care system can produce all three of these desirable elements: 1) quality of care, 2) ease of access and 3) affordable cost. That you had to choose two out of three. He was quiet and then said, I don't want that to be true, but, yes, it is. 

    Canada chose affordable cost and quality of care but access is very difficult. What good is it, even if it's good and cheap, if you can't use it?

  82. Heavenly Vines Distinctive Canadian Wines says:

    I'm a Canadian living in Japan. I have never experienced American healthcare but I would say this video oversimplifies a few things. Last I checked, GDP per capita spending on healthcare in Canada compared with the US was 10% to 15% so clearly any of the issues related to wait times is not simply a result of private versus public. Potentially Canada could spend marginally more and address these issues. Having a public system also simplifies employment mobility and entrepreneurial risk taking and not ever worrying about health insurance is a real benefit. That being said, in Japan there is 70% cost coverage for healthcare but with many private providers. This system works quite well in my experience. The bigger thing though is to get people off all the sugars and carbs that are producing the chronic diseases and we can use those resources for other things.

  83. Madkingstow says:

    As a Canadian, our clinics are often booked up within the first hour of the day, wait times are 2-4 hours on average, the emergency room wait at our hospital is 4-8 hours, and my mother works for our local pediatrician and has to book appointments for 6-8 months out. She told me to contact my doctor to get a referral to get a colonoscopy because the average wait is about 8 months at the moment. When my grandmother ended up in hospital a few years ago there were so many delays and complications that she passed away, and my parents who have experience in the field are still angry about it, saying it was preventable. Your own family doctor isn't allowed to treat you at the hospitals out here.

  84. polemeros says:

    If you want Government-Run healthcare in the US, it's gonna be run as well as the VA and staffed with the same people who run the DMV. It's suicidally insane.

  85. Kamil kaczmarek says:

    Same here in Poland. It's very shitty: you have to wait for specialist even 3 years, in hostpital they do give a f*ck about you, food is disgusting. When I say that health care sould be private like in USA, every single person use to say "Yeah, it's very shitty BUT, if healthcare would be private, then you will need to pay 20.000$ for simple surgery".

  86. Charles says:

    Canadians don't pay for health insurance, they fund the upkeep of it.
    The British healthcare system is underfunded and under extreme pressure because the CONSERVATIVE government slashed its funding.

  87. Tom Hewitt says:

    If the government is paying the bills, the government is the customer, not you. The healthcare providers only have to please the government. How do you think that will play out here?

  88. Tom Hewitt says:

    I've talked to several Canucks about their healthcare system. People under 30 seem to like it because it is 'free' to them, and they already have enough trouble keeping up with their bills. However, people over 30, and particularily people over 40 who actually go to the doctor say it is terrible, and they all buy private supplemental insurance. When you add up what they are paying to support the 'free' system, their 'free' system is more expensive than our system, even for people under 30. It is effectively the equivelant of expensive Medicaid. I'll pass on 'free' healthcare, thank you very much.

  89. Darthreloy says:

    To me, it could possibly be tolerable, temporarily. However, Its a "Tipping Point". Once you hand over a program that massive to the government, It gives them power like never before. That power is used to grow itself even further to the point where government takes control of your entire life. If the USA goes this rout, government will root out into everything. Citizens can no longer stop it. Government controls breed corruption and the more control they have the more corruption reigns. Just like everywhere always.

  90. Steve Murray says:

    USA Health core for the rich, we all have a spare $20,000.00 just laying around.

  91. Steve Harloha says:

    I'm concerned about the doctor in Montreal, she was 7 months pregnant and they gave her morphine? I truly hope your baby is okay now. Trump 2020. PragerU. Much love and aloha to everyone.

  92. A Cooper says:

    Very misleading and full of holes in his argument. Bottom line is 85,000,000 people do not have insurance and 500,000 people go bankrupt a year due to premiums. The govt is paying double per capita than Canada (so the tax argument is irrelevant) plus people are paying for insurance a fortune on addition to what the government is paying. If the system here wouldn't be so corrupt, with the amount being spent, it should be a first class system but instead it's a disaster due to greed. It's so obvious when you go to the doctor that the system is broken.

  93. Bradlee Whidden says:

    Although I believe that private care is by far more efficient and of better quality than public I do think there is a place for public health care. Definitely not Medicare for all (way too expensive), but I just feel like in a position where a impoverished family needs to undergo a more expensive operation, crappy healthcare is better than none. Thoughts?

  94. Super Jeff says:

    Canadian healthcare is a joke, everybody gets covered? of course if you're willing to wait 12 hours at the hospital or wait a week to get an appointment at the clinic… if you don't die.

  95. Kathy Fausett says:

    My Canadian friend, I assure you that there is no shortage of nightmare stories from people dealing with the American healthcare system.

  96. LB k says:

    Instead of giving us examples why dont you go in depth and explain us why it is bad i mean the only problem i saw is that there not enough places and radiooperators are not avaible all time which let's be honest is not linked to the fact that the health care is provided by the state it happen everywhere around the world private or public

  97. Vytone Jr says:

    Why does this guy look like a 3d animation? Something about him gives me that uncanny valley feeling, and I don't understand why.

  98. Charles says:

    An American universal healthcare system could be funded for by higher tax brackets for the super rich. Even British Conservatives are in favour of universal healthcare

  99. Mike Coco says:

    The British system is a bit better! But I’m sure you’ll have plenty of people going the other way! Perhaps that’s why there’s a waiting list! And isn’t there private Heath insurance for those who can afford it? And let’s not forget that part of the reason you can afford that odd surgery is because you don’t need to worry about being able to afford the rest of your Heathcare!

  100. Liberty Tree says:

    It's not just the waiting lists and the rationing but who will be the gatekeepers for access to a doctor? I can imagine walking into a medical office and an obese, violent, tattooed, green-haired lesbian receptionist decides she isn't going to schedule men for appointments.

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