The Truth About MSG and Your Health

The Truth About MSG and Your Health

[ INTRO] Foodies can’t stop talking about umami — the savory taste that’s taking over the
culinary scene and which, along with sweet, sour, bitter, and
salty, is one of the five basic tastes that our tongues perceive. But if you’re a fan of Chinese takeout, you’ve been team umami from the get-go. That’s because MSG— that flavoring often associated with American
Chinese food— is umami in its purest form. And while you might have been told it’s
bad for you or causes the so-called “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,”
science disagrees. As much as we associate MSG with Chinese food, there isn’t anything inherently Chinese,
or even Asian, about the compound. MSG stands for monosodium glutamate—the
sodium salt of glutamate— an amino acid that the human body can synthesize,
but that we also get from our food. Like other amino acids, glutamate is an important
building block for proteins, and it also helps nerve cells send signals
to other cells in the body— it’s the most abundant excitatory neurotransmitter
in vertebrates. Since it’s so important for our bodies,
it’s not surprising we’ve evolved a taste for it. We have umami-specific receptors on our tongues
and in our stomachs, and these drive our love for foods that contain
glutamate like tomatoes, mushrooms, and aged cheeses. And umami-rich foods have been staples in
human diets for, well, /forever/. For example, historians call the concoction
known as Garum— an umami-filled sauce made from fermented
fish guts—the ketchup of ancient Rome. And we’ve been concentrating available,
naturally-occurring glutamate by sun-drying tomatoes and curing meats for
centuries, long before we knew what amino acids were. Even babies seem to like MSG, which makes
sense, because human milk is naturally rich in glutamate. But purified MSG wasn’t a thing until 1908, when a Japanese chemist realized that the
base made from kombu seaweed in his soup imparted a delicious flavor that wasn’t
one of the four previously-established tastes. He soon isolated the crystalline salt of glutamate
from the kelp, striking culinary gold. He called the crystals Ajinomoto, which means
essence of taste. And it wasn’t long before MSG became commercialized. In Asia, it was branded a staple for any modern
cook, and quickly became ubiquitous in kitchens
across Japan and China. By the early 1930s it had gone global, with
companies like Heinz and Campbell’s adding MSG to their products. And even the US military hopped on the MSG
train. During World War II, the army used the best
available food science to develop nutritionally dense rations with long shelf lives, called K-rations, but soldiers hated them because they were
super bland. So, in the late 1940s, they started adding
MSG to them, and suddenly, they weren’t so reviled. Our universal love for MSG isn’t just from
its savory goodness. Studies have shown that umami functions as
a flavor enhancer, creating a harmony between various flavors
and aromas and adding a sort of dimension to both— a phenomenon known as umami synergy. That sounds kind of nebulous, but consider a 2007 study published in the
European Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers as Oxford University had twelve
volunteers sip an umami drink made of water, MSG, and the nucleotide ii
while sniffing a vegetable aroma. On their own, both the umami drink and the
vegetable aroma were considered unpleasant and bland. But when combined, they were rated higher, and they just seemed to go together better
than a salty drink paired with the same smell. What was really telling, though, was that brain activity maps showed way more
neurons associated with flavor and pleasure lit up from the combo than would have been estimated by adding up
the isolated effects of each. Given all this, you might be wondering why
companies now proudly proclaim their food doesn’t contain MSG, or people say it makes them sick. Well, while our love of MSG comes from biology, a lot of people’s aversion to it seems to
have roots in something else entirely—racism. It all started with a 1968 letter to the editor
of the New England Journal of Medicine describing the author’s and his friends’
so-called Chinese Restaurant Syndrome following the consumption of Chinese food, including symptoms like heart palpitations,
generalized weakness, and radiating numbness. The idea took hold, spurring years of biased
science based on the flawed assumption that Chinese Restaurant Syndrome was a real
thing, and that MSG caused it. Subsequent animal studies seemingly confirmed
the idea, but these often consisted of injecting super concentrated doses of MSG directly into
creatures’ abdomens, which is not exactly a scientific approach to determining the effects
of MSG sprinkled into saucepans. More recent research on MSG aversion has taken
into account the xenophobia and racism that fueled it. And over the last 3 decades, a number of double-blinded,
placebo-controlled studies, including studies of subjects with reported sensitivity to MSG,
have failed to find a reproducible response to ingesting foods with MSG. A much more likely explanation for feeling
crummy after Chinese takeout is the nocebo effect, where you feel sick simply because
of the belief that something will make you ill. Fortunately, scientists are one step ahead
of the haters. Investigation into potential health benefits
of MSG is ongoing, with research suggesting it can help increase salivation and appetite
in the elderly, increase satiety and therefore reduce caloric intake in those trying to lose
weight, and help impart flavor while reducing overall dietary sodium. So yeah, MSG doesn’t deserve its toxic reputation. But you don’t need to avoid your favorite
restaurant just because they use a little. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow! And an extra thank you to our patrons on Patreon. We wouldn’t be able to make education science
videos like this one without our patrons, so we really can’t thank all of you enough
for all your support. If you want to support our team or learn more
about our patron community, you can head on over to [ OUTRO ]

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “The Truth About MSG and Your Health

  1. Super Conductor says:

    So I get terrible diarrhea and a raging headache after I eat things with MSG because I am a racist?? Not sure I'm following this "science."

  2. Paige Lego says:

    Ah so MSG is similar to artificial sweeteners in which biased data (with a an extra helping of racism in this case ugh ) and the ‘I heard it was bad somewhere and have blindly believed it since’ mentally has robbed us of a useful tool for health and food management

  3. Nayre says:

    Dafaq. I always thought MSG can cause cancer. Well not that I care and think much of it anyway, given no one really bother replacing it in our diet anyway at home. Atleast i know now i wont be dying anytime soon lmao.

  4. John Moncus says:

    There’s a big reason msg isn’t good, that wasn’t mentioned. Similar to sugar, MSG spikes blood sugar and insulin pretty heavily. Repeatedly spiking both of these often over a long period of time is bad news for anyone. It will in time cause insulin resistance which causes you to be fat among many other issues. Eventually it can even lead to type 2 diabetes. Plus having your spike and then drop constantly really throws off your natural appetite and will make you hungry. Not to mention it causes a very unnatural palatability of many foods. It could make you heavily crave something like cheap microwave ramen noodles, which are pretty much devoid of vitamins or minerals. Continually doing this could lead to deficiencies.

  5. Fred Bach says:

    It's been a while since I really got off on somebody but you turkeys deserve it. YOUNG PEOPLE ARE FREQUENTLY VERY IGNORANT. You believe these biased studies. You didn't deal with racrmic MSG where people consume 50% right-handed msg which is a poison. And you don't recognize that you are fighting a huge industry with tons of money to bribe with or for control by lawyers. What counts with people is their personal experience. And you didn't deal with the MSG that used to be in Denny's pancakes we were told by the staff. And you haven't tested either me or my wife. I get sick from too much msg on a steak (later I had to give up steak due to an acquired beef allergy but that doesn't negate earlier experience) and we found out about the pancakes by accident when my wife reacted unexpectedly). You turkeys are trying to tell us it's all in our heads. That we are psycho. Like what rubbish. I well know that we make our own left-handed MSG but I also know it's a very powerful neurotransmitter. Just maybe people's neurochemicals get thrown out of balance when consuming too much of it orally. Like maybe their glutamate mop-up system doesnt work as well as others? Anyway you really smoke my kippers with your ignorance.

  6. imaGINAtion says:

    MSG itself is not that bad, but when it goes hand in hand with oily/greasy food like Chinese cuisine, the result will be quiet bad. Eating Panda Express food certainly often causes stomach upset, indigestion, headache or nausea vomiting. It's the oily/grease food in addition to MSG, which clearly explained the complaining of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome".

  7. imaGINAtion says:

    MSG itself is not that bad, but when it goes hand in hand with oily/greasy food like Chinese cuisine, the result will be quiet bad. Eating Panda Express food certainly often causes stomach upset, indigestion, headache or nausea vomiting. It's the oily/grease food in addition to MSG, which clearly explained the complaining of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome".

  8. maestroandres says:

    Aji-no-moto, pure isolated MSG is sold as a condiment and kitchen staple all over Peru, due to the large Japanese colony there who introduced it, as well as an important influence of Chinese and Japanese cuisines on Peruvian food… I grew up with it at home, and today it’s used in lots of recipes as a key ingredient, revered as a “secret” trick for perfect taste, and loved by many… and after ALL the years it’s been around, never have we ever heard of it being bad, of anyone getting sick or being allergic or intolerant, and much less of the so called CRS… 🧐

  9. MUHAMMAD IQBAL Razaq says:

    i am dissapointed that this video doesnt include the MSG cause cancer study and the truth or false behind it, in south east asia MSG have bad reputation because people said it caused cancer,

  10. rillloudmother says:

    This is great, I just told my dad the other day that folks we know that claim an MSG allergy must be racist because MSG is not bad for you. Thanks for having my back SciShow!

  11. dave woodsman says:

    Bet this guy is getting paid by the makers of msg. Lmao

  12. Ellen Stewart says:

    What I heard is msg causes an insulin spike, which would have nothing to do with racism. The addicting taste is besides the point.

  13. AmonRa says:

    I disagree

  14. scott lorms says:

    You're only talking about the positive paste benefits of MSG there are serious negative health consequences be eating a significant amount of MSG.

  15. Nadesican says:

    MSG or not, Tempura gives me a headache..

  16. Lucho Portuano says:

    So if Chinese food makes me feel bad I’m racist? Wtf?

  17. Lin Y says:

    Kinda sad when you live in a country that is so racist they hate eating your food, hey welcome to America

  18. Keang family says:

    I can use MSG with food but MSG always gives my wife super migraine headache and vomit. My food is MSG free because of wife.

  19. Stu McCabe says:

    Why do you say the aversion to msg was "racism" – ridiculous. The same reaction could have been elicited if the food had been, French, Italian or any other nationality. This channel is too "woke".

  20. Vítor Flaibam says:

    Anyway you're cute and I love your ears

  21. Ron Morey says:

    my step father and his mother were both sensitive to MSG. She was for a long time and he started being sensitive to it in his 50's. I have never had a problem with it other than I heard it's bad for me so I reasonably avoid it (though there are some things that you can't get at the Asian market without it so I have never stopped eating it completely).

  22. Frank Bishop says:

    I am allergic to MSG, and I have been so since my youth. My response to MSG was not too extreme when I was younger. But, as I aged, the response became profound. I do have heart palpitations, severe dizziness and shortness of breath. I feel faint, and have in fact passed out. And it takes as much as 24-hours for me to recover. So don't tell me I am being racist and that MSG is healthy for me!!!

  23. Whirlwind 1962 says:

    WHAT? But I had severe headaches from SOMETHING after eating a delicious Chinese dinner, and I certainly am NOT a “ racist” or, as you put it, a HATER!

  24. Adrian Shiva says:

    "Racism?" So those who are concerned about the health implications of a food/ingredient, are just thinking badly of a people's ethnicity? If you're afraid of drinking tap water in India, you must hate Indians then?

  25. LambentLark says:

    People do have sensitivities to MSG. My uncle would get a rash. I thought it was psychosomatic so, i sprinkled a little msg on his food without his knowing. He itched for 2 days. So, glad i didn't kill him. Dad wouldn't have understood.

  26. Celtic Phoenix says:

    I always thought my feeling ill after eating Chinese food was down to the oil used to fry it. I have a known problem with oil due to a diagnosed medical condition.

  27. konkuruseyyi says:

    in aceh we take umami to another level, we use weed on our food (soup)

  28. Charles Redditt says:

    In college one winter 30 years ago, a friend made a huge pot of Matzo ball soup, and I must have had a gallon of it. It wasn't my first time to enjoy Matzo ball soup, but I wasn't that familiar with it. I must have been hungry, and it was hot and savory and I really liked it that cold winter night. Afterwards I had to do some geo-chemistry lab work (all microscope work on mineral specimens, no actual "chemicals"), and I got one of the worst case of jitters that I ever had! 😲 Got a little queasy and dizzy. But, next day I was fine. Afterwards I discovered that Matzo ball soup is loaded with MSG. I had no idea that there was any MSG in the stuff. So, yeah, a moderate dose of MSG is probably fine for most, but it is possible to get to much of a good thing. 😉
    This video taught me that glutamate is an excitory neurotransmitter, which agrees with my experience of getting the jitters.

  29. Noah Ludford says:

    Is it funny that they used the only Asian announcer to make this video?

  30. Ingus Betmans says:

    is CGP sponsoring this? 😀

  31. Edward Varby says:


  32. Vincent I says:

    Hey … that’s a CGP Grey shirt 🙂👍

  33. Duc Nguyen says:

    In the damn msg study, those “intelligent” scientists injected an almost fatal amount of msg into the rat test subject. Then they report saying that the mouse seem to become dumber, lost memory and not behaving normal anymore.

    Well, sirs, I humbly ask you to inject an insane amount of salt or sugar into your digest system and see if you can stand on your feet.

  34. danygcf says:

    Well… I am allergic to MSG (the doctor told me after being swollen, vomiting and so on), but that doesn't mean it's bad for everyone. People are allergic to eggs and they're still delicious…

  35. Purple Vegan Lady says:

    MSG makes you hungry. I was eating a lot of food but starving shortly after. I also had stomach aches that were killing me. As soon as I quit MSG, I wasn't starving all the time and the stomaches went away.

  36. Jim Rosacena says:

    The negative part of MSG is it stimulates insulin so high…

  37. Darmawansyah D Walter says:

    Nah kan micin tuh gk salah yg salah tuh org yg gajek bgsad wwkwkwmw

  38. Paul T Sjordal says:

    "You know what causes Chinese restaurant syndrome? Racism." –Anthony Bourdain

  39. Michael Chabler says:

    My wife and I love Asian food, including Chinese, but she realizes later if there was MSG in the food, because she gets sick. “Racism” is a simplistic, lazy explanation for people feeling sick.
    And I know she has been right about the MSG, because I later saw the people at the restaurant carrying big bags labeled MSG.
    We continue to eat Chinese food without getting sick, from places that don’t use MSG.

  40. MDS Camarillo CA says:

    While I like the Unami flavor, it’s important to realize it can be made without msg. To be quite honest, it’s people like you that cause problems. I have food allergies, and yes, msg is my worst. It has nothing to do with the so called Chinese food syndrome, but allergic asthma. Msg has put me in the Er quite a few times. Why? Because some restaurants (not only Chinese) had put msg in my food after telling me it wasn’t there. Can you imagine what it’s like to suddenly feel your throat and nose close off and almost pass out because you can’t breath? I don’t think so. Thank you for causing more problems then you realize because of your ignorance.

  41. armintori says:

    this confirms my thoughts on MSG and the myths surrounding it.

  42. ForestofTooMuchFood says:

    Umami is savory in English. How stupid are people?

  43. ForestofTooMuchFood says:

    Talk about the documentary – FAT: a documentary, since you're talking about food racism.

  44. ForestofTooMuchFood says:

    Americans the idiots against eating animal fat, while all the other countries like Asia have it with a side of hot chili salsa, sorry correction chili paste.

  45. ForestofTooMuchFood says:

    American corporate idiots run by greed/money and not intelligence, similar to Australia the land of slave traded convicts.
    Oh, talk about slavery and how Britain took over the world and created so many slaves then lost all their lands due to power struggles, and when in history did slavery/sex slaves become illegal or unacceptable (even though modern day slavery exists, it's just hidden under low currency jobs)?
    America is still a slavery nation with so many states being classified as a right to work and not having laws that allow for breaks under the law. The employer has the right to work their employees to death like at any sweat shop in "3rd world" country like China. No federal laws protect against it, which proves America is corrupt greedy corporation nation.

  46. Yu Tub says:

    859 Asian haters have disliked this video so far

  47. Crappy Angel says:

    So the ones behind the "MSG is toxic" thingy are those self proclaimed perfectionist who thinks they are racially superior. Damn those racists.

  48. Justin McLoughlin says:

    sounds like the guy who went to the Chinese food restaurant was about to have a heart attack from way to much salt or high blood pressure. i know i like to take a few aspirin before i go t a buffet defiantly take my blood pressure med after. and if it was not a buffet probably dude likes to much soy souse..

  49. pulangtuldok says:

    You're cute! 😚

  50. Chinaman508 says:

    The anti MSG hysteria is just like the hoards of non-celiacs who are convinced that gluten is killing them too.

  51. Catalyst - D B says:

    You’re lying when you say science is on your side and it’s harmless.

    0:40 Nice try though. But you’re not going to trick people into thinking glutamate is MSG.

    0:46 what are you doing? You’re talking about glutamate the amino acid. MSG is different. MSG is MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE yes but isn’t interchangeable with Glutamate itself like your trying to talk up the amino acid glutamate after 0:40 whenever the video subject is MONOSODIUM glutamate not merely just glutamate.

    (You talked up the natural amino acid itself instead of talking about MSG)

    Science DOES prove that Umami isn’t a part of the solution to human health but rather is part of the problem.

    Science is on my side on this one. Nice try.

    You shouldn’t lie to people like this 4:10
    If you wanna check what I’m saying, check this video and please don’t neglect to read and check out the description box for more info on MSG of that video too:

    1:00 Woah!! Nice try. We have GLUTAMATE specific receptors on our tongues. Why you lying again? MSG aka Umami can work on those receptors but saying we got “Umami specific” receptors?

    Seriously? Really?
    You’re a very very sneaky liar.
    Nice try though.

    It’s almost like your trying to defend MSG or something

    Long story short, true medicine combines the fields of Geology, chemistry, biology, psychology and wholistic nutrition to give the full picture of what’s going on. Check out the video link I shared above to learn more.

    ((Hint hint, MSG also indirectly raises your fat making hormone insulin. While insulin aka your fat making hormone is on, the fat burning hormones are off. Chemically making it even harder for a person to lose weight but that’s just a taste of what I have to say about that. Psychologically you keep coming back for more of the food that contains Monosodium glutamate hence why Asian fast food restaurants are so popular (they aren’t popular for no reason) which repeats the overall cycle again. Again, just a taste of how this relates to chronic disease but yea.))

    (You mention racism as proposed justification for MSG aversion) …. Wait what? No. Racism is illogical and doesn’t have any place in science or medicine. MSG aversion is based on science. Not something illogical and immature like racism.

    Unfortunately Racism is everywhere you go. But racism and science don’t mix. It’s like oil and water.

    4:47 That research needs to be redone then. Satiety is hormonal and also influenced by your neurotransmitters. If your food is rich in minerals like chromium and vanadium and boron and copper and iodine and bromine potassium and the other minerals and vitamins and other things your body needs then you’ll be satisfied easily.

    Versus eating food that only has sugar and a little vitamins here and there and little protein too. Aka deficiencies. Then you don’t eat until your satisfied, you instead eat until you can’t stuff your face anymore aka until your full.

    Just because someone is full doesn’t mean their satisfied.

    Being full and satisfied are two different things.

    Just because food contains MSG doesn’t mean it’s going to fulfill your deficiencies whether they be mineral deficiencies or another kind of deficiency.

    You’ll simply eat until your stuffed. And still be hungry because you’re not actually satisfied.

    Your body is smart and isn’t fooled by MSG. Your body won’t stop making you feel hungry until you’ve actually provided the minerals and other building blocks it needs to ACTUALLY be satisfied. Then it will stop expressing the hormones and neurotransmitters in the ways it does to make you feel/experience hunger in the first place.

    Didn’t you know that?

    MSG isn’t going to fix that on its own. So why you’re saying, “increase satiety and therefore reduce caloric intake” Why you lying 4:45

    If you’re not actually satisfied, YOU WILL EAT more until your full. Even when you get full, you’ll still be hungry and wait until a few hours later to attempt to satisfy your hunger again by eating until your full AGAIN.

    From the psychology perspective, people unfortunately incorrectly think being full means their satisfied.

    But that’s not going to fix the deficiencies that are actually causing you to be unsatisfied/hungry in the first place.

    Your body will not stop making you feel hungry trying to get you to eat until you actually satisfy it’s need for building blocks.

    Does that sound like a reduction in caloric intake? No. It doesn’t. And because MSG raises insulin levels indirectly, you’ve now got the fat making hormone insulin to pull those sugars out of your blood to then make more fat now making it even harder to lose pounds.

    Insulin has got to put the sugar somewhere. It doesn’t just vanish. That’s why it’s called the fat storage/maker hormone.

    MSG is part of the overall wholistic chronic nutritional deficiency problem. Not a part of the solution.

    It’s not like what I’m saying is pseudoscience or something.

  52. Yusri Amilkassim says:

    And people says… Especially, elders here in Malaysia says that take food has so much msg will make you bald or hair less when you getting older… Well now i know… Msg is harmless (unless scientist says, and have no valid research prove that msg was harmful)… So feel happy to have msg in you food…

  53. Semmelein says:

    Chinese food syndrome happened to me around 15 years ago for the first time. I didn't know what it was but after a few years I googled for my symptoms as they were pretty severe back then. It's much better now but it still happens from time to time. Interestingly enough this only happened in Chinese restaurants with pretty cheap food. I would love to know what is causing it.

  54. gopi kupuchitty says:

    Nice and informative. I have a video on this too. I am a chemistry teacher and making these videos for my lessons in school. Hoping to grow and get more viewers. Sorry if I'm spamming. You can delete this comment if you don't like it. Thank you.

  55. Mark S says:

    So because someone felt bad after eating Chinese food and wrote a letter, he was definitely motivated by racism? Someone's jumping to conclusions. If you read the source material it's mostly articles attacking the myth of "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" which has little to do with people who get similar symptoms from Dorito's, barbecue sauce, Campbell's soup, or are sensitive to MSG as well as its other forms like 'hydrolyzed soy protein' or 'autolyzed yeast,' and the glutamate in dried fruit and hard cheese. There are a couple of actual scientific studies, but the authors of these actually acknowledge that some people are sensitive to MSG. Not recognizing this is extremely irresponsible.

    Most of the studies finding that MSG is safe were funded by companies that manufacture it. Which isn't surprising, since I can't see people who suffer from crippling migraines subjecting themselves to a well-known trigger or IRBs approving such studies.

  56. Aeturnalis says:

    Motherfuckin' bigots ruin everything!

  57. jonathan balagtas says:

    MSG and Gout?

  58. Verica Cvetkovic says:

    If you really believe in what you said, you are sick in your head. I was feeling terrible all these years after eating food with MSG: migraine, thurst, loss of balance etc thinking it was from beer. Only much later i discovere it was not beer, which i would have with Chinese food. I haven't had beer in 30yrs and still get all d symptoms plus high blood pressure and palpitations and missed beat on top. I dont eat out any more and i read d contents of ready made food i rarely buy in supermarkets. Those who put it in food are criminals.


  59. Cold Haven says:

    Very dangerous scientifically incorrect information. MSG can cause fatal reactions which you can find in scientific journals. In the 1990's a man ate MSG food which caused a severe asthma attack, cardiac arrest and lead to permanent neurological damage. He won the lawsuit against the restaurant owners. MSG was found to be a direct cause. Your poor advice can kill people.

  60. ChaosAT says:

    Msg is not safe for human consumption, good Chinese restaurants don't use msg while Japanese more often tend to use it.

  61. Sue G says:

    MSG causes me to have a migraine, no fun.

  62. Khalid Algharably says:

    Are we ever going to get to the bottom of this msg stuff. Is it good or bad dam it ? Confusing!

  63. Steven Hineman says:

    MSG allergy/sensitivity is a legit real thing. There are so many none-racist honest people that get really bad migraines from msg. They are not making this stuff up.

  64. daniel ferstendig says:

    that causes pms

  65. drottercat says:

    Glutamate is the salt of glutamic acid. There is no "glutamate acid".

  66. Kororo Pocoro says:

    Why Umami is considered a taste while revolting taste isn't? Umami is savory delicious how about the not delicious?

  67. Aj Hegi says:

    Msg definitely causes headaches. There seems to be a gap between what is being researched and what is happening

  68. Sultan of Axum says:

    “There is nothing Asian about.”

    “It was developed by a Japanese chemist in 1908.”

  69. Amano Yuuji says:

    Should've burn England to the ground for making a fake research on MSG and how can something from japan have a syndrome called chinese restaurant syndrom

  70. Sylkis89 says:

    There's more flavours detected by dedicated taste buds though
    Proteiny (umami)

    and arguably Spicy, though this is not technically a taste, no specific taste buds for it but more like chemical irritation of tissue that we evolved to enjoy.

  71. Wade Spees says:


  72. Iwatcher says:

    Great episode…thanks for the info.

  73. Abhinav Kumar says:

    and you dont need to avoid packaged food if they have MSG coz they sponsored this video ? i found BBC vedio with same content and points all coincidence ? excess of any thing is bad you need to that part as well just like saturated fats are not bad in limited amount but if dose increased it can lead to heart problems just like MSG leads to bad mood ,headache, even autism in kids !!

  74. Samwise Gamgee says:

    I dont know about this. I don’t doubt that it kills brain cells. But so do a lot of things like alcohol for example

  75. Addison Holmes says:

    I agree MSG is delicious. But I used have constant severe migraines that would wipe me out completely. Finally stopped eating MSG, and never had a single one after that. Maybe it’s something else that got cut out with the MSG, but there’s something here worth noting. Thanks for calling me a racist tho 🙂

  76. nanupelu says:

    arent glutamates neurotransmitters but like, the contrary of GABA

  77. DjJordanR says:

    Everyone reacts different.

  78. Mooshieblob says:

    I love MSG foods, but I hate tomatoes

  79. Joe w says:

    MSG makes you feel more hungry so you go up to the counter and order more food and the restaurant makes more money

  80. Moi says:

    running out to get a jar of it now. Thanks!

  81. T Schneider says:

    Love the science…Love the people of Taiwan, where I used to live. Love my Korean friends and family. Love cuisine from every Asian country I've tasted. But I hate the unforgivable BS about racism and xenophobia being the cause of MSG concerns. Those who falsely claim racism are as bad as racists…and both camps should be euthanized.

  82. Raghbir Jin says:

    I'm surprised MSG-obesity-induced lab mice never came up in this video. As in the fact that when a scientist wants to study the effects of something on obesity, they need obese rodents to test on and so make their rodents obese by using MSG. As far as I understand it that's common practice (or at least has been in the recent past).

  83. Arthas Menethil says:

    2:20 supposedly the reason the US military started using MSG in the rations is because soldiers came across Japanese rations during WW2 and noticed even their plain rice tasted awesome because it was dosed to the gills with MSG (many Japanese soldiers ate almost nothing but plain rice when food was scarce and they wanted to keep morale high).

  84. Hatori Ibuki says:

    Chinese Restaurant Syndrom = RACISM

  85. youtubeuser9927 says:

    If our bodies react so positively to naturally occurring glutamates, is there some benefit to them? By taking a synthetic glutamate, are we getting the same benefit, or are we just getting the good feeling/taste without the nutrition component our bodies may be craving?

  86. Deckardd Wizardd says:

    MSG = Asian Crack

  87. Zephyr360 says:

    It’s the nocebo effect fr

  88. dvdgalutube says:

    MSG could make it easier to overeat

  89. Maya Imani says:

    I feel bad😩 he’s saying Chinese restaurant syndrome comes from racism but I’m still left with no answers as to why my tongue gets numb and then vomiting after a few bites of anything from a chinese restaurant!😭 its not me over eating because I literally eat about a bite or two before my tongue feels tingly. Everyone literally tells me im over reacting but I know I’m not when I’m hunched over the toilet bowl about an hour after consumption!

  90. daaznriceballs says:

    lmao those british scientist were just trying to justify why you should season your food with water. no wonder everyone shits on british food saying its more bland than cardboard.

  91. Random stuff says:

    Misleading, there is evidence against what you argue and prior to this video being published. In both 2016 showing it is genotoxic, and in 2015 showing it causes kidney damage. Also, it's a well known to cause depression, I suffer the same. Which is a shame as I love it. I'm not racist. source –

  92. WoozieMoo M&M says:

    Nice try, Chinese takeout salesman.

  93. ダイバーひどい says:

    "Racism." then proceeds to say nothing that relates to race.
    Enough with this social justice wolf crying.

  94. Anahata Aditiya says:

    I've been consuming MSG since I was a kid my mom has cooked everything with it.Now years later at 29 years I have formed sensitivity to this ….radiating numbness,tingling sensations all over my body (especially brain),prickly needle feelings (overactive nerves),bloating,cramping and constipation. Now I know it's the MSG because I keep a food diary I'm vegan for over 2 1/2 years and everytime I eat it …I get not myth very factual

  95. Adit Ahlu says:

    Those Asian kids in my school are so smart. MSG must be good for the brain.

  96. Tony Rod says:

    You said so much to say nothing. It seems that you did not research well your topic of you did not understand what the information you found implied.
    Just because a product "occurs" naturally, it means it is good for your health. Cyanide OCCURS naturally in cassava; ricin does, too, in castor beans.
    MSG DOES NOT OCCUR NATURALLY. Glutamic acid does. How can I put it? I'll feed you Oxygen, food and hydrogen. How long do you think you''ll live?
    If you have to separate the salt from C5H9NO4 Then it does not occur naturally as a Unique compound…none of these componentes happens first, second or third, the are ONE SUBSTANCE, If you remove Na from C₅H₈NO₄Na and you get something innocuous and "natural occurring" (C5H9NO4 ), then it has to be true that if I remove anything else from the structure of glutamic acid, I should get something healthy like C3H9NO4… which would kill in a beat. 
    If you alter the chemical structure of something, that something is nothing like what it was before.

  97. sarah aljaenah says:

    but i don't find anything related to what's exactly msg effects to our body in this video, something like it can triggers sort of cancer or else

  98. mixwell1983 says:

    Thanks for this video.. I actually ordered a 2 pack of msg on amazon for like $6 to try out. I think a lot of people have placebo effects from msg and feeling ill effects. Worchestershire, sardines and many other foods as explained have that punch of flavor aka umami. Cant wait to

    I actually just tried it earlier and it almost has a strong broth taste but without the aromatics of the protein and veggies used in broth making. It's like when eggs were bad because cholesterol and then years later found good because of protein.

    You nailed everything on this topic about MSG.. People are scared easily.. Lool at the coronavirus, people are buying out all of the hand sanitizers and suposedly people are selling $3 sanitizer bottles for like $300 online.. Pathetic.

    The swine flu was way worse and nobody went all pandemic with it..

  99. mixwell1983 says:

    As far as flavor enhancinf as well salt is basically an enhancer.. It brings out the natural flavors of food hence why in some desserts it is used.. It magnifies and stimulates our glands in our mouth.. Learned this from my boy Alton Brown on Good Eats years ago.

  100. Rangika Siriwardana says:

    I love msg ❤️😍

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