The Weatherman – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

The Weatherman – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “The Weatherman – Cyanide & Happiness Shorts

  1. thes7274473 says:

    First appearance of Chip Chapley!

  2. jussAxel_YT69 says:

    First of all what the hell kind of name is Sam persam

  3. Soul / Zero says:

    1:02 Weather Alert! Fack You Chip

  4. ZIgaming says:

    The best part is "fuck you chip" hahaha!!😂😂🤣🤣

  5. MooseTheHuman says:

    1:02 Sam: Weather alert.
    Weather Alert!
    Sam: Fuck you Chip.
    Chip comes in and beats up Sam

  6. Fernando Hernandez says:

    Did anybody read the bottom read text

  7. Jesse Brenner says:

    i'm glad i'm not the only one to notice the captions are just as funny as the actual skit

  8. lord topaz says:

    Who would have thought chip got his own series
    Even through he only had 5 episodes

  9. Shikhar Singh says:

    Chip Chapley Before he was famous

  10. Zackary Schejbal says:

    "Mom, don't forget to feed Darth Tickles his pills. Last time he missed his pills he squirted milkshakes all over the driveway. Gross"
    Best headline ever

  11. God's little girl56 says:


  12. Sleep Kirby6472 says:

    1:01 weather alert! (Dramatic scene) CENSORED! You chip (fight goes down) Try waching the fight scene with sky high music from dynamite headdy playing.

  13. John Kepperson says:

    1:01 Weather Alert

  14. CakeBoss302 says:


    Fuck U Chip

  15. Harry Watts says:

    WEATHER ALERT! Fuck you Chip

  16. 75jake57 :3 says:

    Weather alert!

    Fuck you chip!

  17. Catzilla says:

    "Weather Alert! F*ck you, Chip!"


  18. T3hAdministrat0r says:

    I want to know the viewer poll response lol

  19. OriginalDarkMew says:

    fuck you, Chip!

  20. OriginalDarkMew says:

    "fetus shaped popsicle"

  21. OriginalDarkMew says:

    "What the hell, snow?! I wore shorts today, punch him extra hard for me!" -text at the bottom

  22. OriginalDarkMew says:

    so that donut WAS a club sandwich! I knew it!

  23. Kaiser Myers says:

    [Weather Alert!] Fuck you chip

    Best part

  24. SonieTheHedgehog6542 says:

    fUCk yOu cHiP

  25. Aquariusblood _15 says:

    "What the hell Is it snowing? Dammit i wore shorts punch him extra for me" lol the details

  26. Jedrick Santiago says:

    1:02 so very funny

  27. Andrew Curtin says:

    Channelate news…at nine
    Cheeky buggers

  28. Connor A says:

    Weather alert! FUCK YOU CHIP

  29. Goldman alien says:

    If only real news could be this

  30. Blitz the demon says:

    Weather alert FUCK YOU

  31. HenriDeadMort says:

    1:02 LMAOOOOOO

  32. YEllo PURO says:

    Fuck You Chip

  33. Lone Turtle 8 says:

    Little did chapley know he’s soon have his own show

  34. Astrodex says:

    "Fuck you, chip!"

    Farenheight or Celcius?

  35. Wild One says:

    I would go for the macaroni salad!

  36. Krushed says:


  37. nocunoct says:

    This is how the legend started. Godspeed, Chip Chapley, you bloody legend. And fuck you, Sam.

  38. FilmsByJRP says:


  39. wadayam world says:



  40. moose 65 says:

    On 1:05 it was funny when chip beat Sam up 😂😂😂😂😂

  41. Regulator_Plays says:

    "I think i got this"

  42. Chloe Motsinger says:

    Weather alert fuck u chip

  43. Ryyi23 says:

    The creation of a legend.

  44. sonic fan12345 says:


  45. Freddy Films says:


  46. DakaxeDaNinja says:

    When Sam said "weather alert fuck you Chip" I cracked up

  47. Avatar Blizzard Sword Master says:

    1:01 weather alert [plays the weather alert theme] fuck you chip

  48. finland Ball says:


  49. Darrien Lovett says:

    Child hood obesity is at an all time high. A candy parade will be held in celebration for this weekend

  50. Just be Happy says:

    There is going to be a lot of middle fingers in the sky.

  51. zion says:

    1:14 74 damage

  52. NoSubscribers4Me says:


  53. nurd on a computer says:

    And that, my friends, is Chip Chapley's lovely story.

  54. K4M1 says:

    Weather alert fuck you chip

  55. Islarf says:

    Hey susan, how's it going with the Titans?

  56. Big Barty says:

    Pity it was spoilt by the foul language.

  57. TheSmith Channel says:

    What the fuck?

  58. klutzy cactus gaming says:

    Where it began

  59. Stovkyr Industries says:


    "Fuck you chip"

  60. Ashesh Dubey says:

    I'm sorry guys but I'm with Sam on this one.

  61. DoctorX17 says:

    Poor Chip, he shouldn’t have to get his hands dirty like that

  62. Nova says:

    -Weather alert.
    music with generic
    -Fuck you Chip

  63. Isaac Flores says:

    F U C K Y O U C H I P

  64. Matt Sprayberry says:


  65. Crash Factory says:

    The woman does not give two flying shits

  66. John Smith says:

    WOOOOW, I remember not long ago this looked awesome to me, and it still is. It's just, now I've seen the other Chip Chapely episodes, he sounds way worse and the cartoon is way less smooth.

  67. arctix fxx says:

    Fuck you chip I lost it when I heard that

  68. Mr X says:

    Anyone watch this after seeing the other chip chapely shorts

  69. Mr X says:

    Anyone watch this after seeing the other chip chapely shorts

  70. Undead ghost Ghost says:

    I died when he said 🤬 u chip

  71. Nicholas Gaming says:

    Everyone chip chapley is actually Tom tucker from family guy

  72. Nicholas Gaming says:

    Look at their character design

  73. Ahmed Nasr says:

    All non-news watchers are totally stupid jerks, Lmao.

  74. Gunneli Apri says:

    Weather alert fack you Jim
    Jim anagry

  75. Arceus Lord of Creation says:


    Fuck you, Chip

  76. Carcane Ismynameo says:

    Why the hell is it 27 faranhight in florida

  77. Zwyrx Hgqfyggz says:

    "- Any party with 20pounds of Macaroni Salad is a party this newscaster's glad he missed.

    Fuck You, Chip."

  78. Mary MacDonald says:

    Is this Chip Chapley's origin story?

  79. AntiScribe says:

    One of the best shorts

  80. ImPulZe Enigma says:

    0:16 that voice crack in “you”😂😂😂

  81. SmashLiXs says:

    chip is basically brick tamland if he finally snapped

  82. Chip Snackman says:

    “Weather Alert! Fuck you, Chip!” Is probably one of my favorite C&H lines ever

  83. Jack Mehoff says:

    “WeatherAlert: Fuck you, Chip,”

  84. Jérôme Miclette says:

    1:03. No comment 😂

  85. Aero Jordan says:

    What the hell, is it snowing? Damnit I wore shorts today! Punch him extra hard for me, Chip!

  86. IgniteFlames YT says:

    WHETHER ALERT!!! F**k you Chip

  87. Armando G says:


  88. Nightmare2688 The coolest says:

    1:03 is the best part because it's funny

  89. Sonni says:

    Are Birthdays related to Deathdays?

  90. Edwin Ponce says:

    Today's Weather Alert is Fuck You Chip

  91. Luis Diaz says:

    Are we gonna ignore the fact chip is a big fucking bully!!!!

  92. Rinate Meto says:

    Susan For a Brusin…. nice

  93. Maxwell Hohensee says:


    F**k you Chip.

  94. FrostyMystical _ says:

    weather alert: Phuc u Chip!

  95. Maria Ramos Perez says:


  96. Radu Cristescu says:

    97% of scientists agree that pregnancy is a linked to child birth. The popular vote though thinks this is a hoax because they just feel better thinking that.

  97. Bubaiel says:

    Susan Forrabruisen 😂😂😂

  98. P B says:

    Just cause your pregnant doesn’t mean you’ll have the child so the viewer poll might surprise you.

  99. Andrew Giebel says:

    Weather alert: fuck you chip

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