Therapy In a Nutshell- My Mission-Mental Health Resources

Therapy In a Nutshell- My Mission-Mental Health Resources

Hi my name is Emma McAdam and I’m a
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. As a therapist I’ve increasingly seen
how many people out there either experience mental illness on their own
or they love and care about someone who does experience mental illness and I’ve
also come to see how difficult it is for many people to access the resources they
need to improve their mental health I created Therapy in a Nutshell because
my mission is to create mental health resources that are easy to access so
that people know how to help themselves and others with mental illness. On this
channel I’m gonna be putting up lots of exercises, techniques,
skills, and resources that you can easily use to combat anxiety depression and
other concerns so I hope you find this helpful, thanks for watching and please
share and subscribe!

Daniel Yohans

11 thoughts on “Therapy In a Nutshell- My Mission-Mental Health Resources

  1. Instawise says:

    Good job. Keep it up.


  2. Embark Behavioral Health says:

    Great stuff! Your channel is amazing!

  3. Juanro _ says:

    I really like your channel. There is a lot of great tips. Can you share any advice on social anxiety or panic attacks in social situations? I find myself turning serious and getting in a anxious mood very quickly only in social situations. I would like to know more so that I can find ways to improve or eliminate this anxiety.

  4. JayK says:

    Do you provide on-line therapy for an individual?

  5. Suzanne Lemery says:

    Thank you SO much!!! This is good stuff!!!

  6. Kimberly's Orchids, etc. says:

    God bless you, Emma McAdams!

  7. R K says:

    SO appreciate your channel. Am encouraged by your content and heart. In this culture, no matter the age, our mental health seems assaulted or challenged. KNOW that you are bringing life to our very thinking. Thanks for what you do🙂!

  8. Kim Brooks says:

    much needed advice in our present day stress, thank you!

  9. Elena Vantrel says:

    ***THANK YOU***!!!!!!!!! you're doing so much good to so many people. I found your channel today – I'm living far from any place with mental health resources – or, better said, the place where I live in South America has poor resources – the few professionals have a patronizing way of dealing with patients. I lived in Canada and I miss very much the community resources I had. Finding your channel is a blessing!! what a wonderful human being you are!!!

  10. Guillo Ramiro says:

    Really inspiring channel! Thanks for sharing! ❤❤❤👍👍👍

  11. Marla Hill says:

    How do you find a good CBT?

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