Tips To Maximize Chest Growth & Rest Day Nutrition!

Tips To Maximize Chest Growth & Rest Day Nutrition!

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Tips To Maximize Chest Growth & Rest Day Nutrition!

  1. Carlos marte says:

    Checking in from DR thanks for everything, you're really good.

  2. Peeenos says:

    Dumbell skullcrushers until they're both equal, yeaah son.

  3. grimmersnee says:

    this video is gold!

  4. ed gosh says:

    great tips Scott! Just I was suprised how big is the angle you are using when doing incline bench press. I was working with 45` , but from this video it looks like its about 60-70` .. What is the difference between these angles regarding muscle groups that are affected ?

  5. Gauzl says:

    I go to failure on most of my work outs and on chest I never feel anything in my shoulders even a day after the workout.

  6. The Wars of Reach says:

    Great advice thanks

  7. Phil Bradshaw says:

    Hey Scott, would you be able to suggest a good macros/calorie intake per day for building muscle, I weigh 75kg/165 lb, I hear a few different opinions but I would prefer yours?

  8. blipblop92 says:

    What should I do when I hit a plateau? My flat bench press and dips have been plateau'd for 3 months (no rep inc, no heavier weight possible without failure). Also I don't really see any mass gains anymore..

  9. MrDardev says:

    Scott as a beginner (Im training for 5 months now) whats better a 5 day split hitting every muscle group once a week or a 3 day full body workout? Would be glad if you replied 🙂 And btw I love your videos you're a true motivation for me!

  10. BabyFace Savage says:

    oooooooh those hands..

    Scott……….!!!! totally in love with you..!

  11. Martijn B. says:

    Yooo scot! If i bring the bar totally to my chest i feel pain in my shoulders. I injured myself by doing this and when i was going to 90 degrees elbow position the injury went away. what do you think what i did wrong? im 15 years old maybe has that something to do with it.

  12. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Maybe you just need to tweak your form more. Did you watch my video I linked in this one about how to set-up the bench press? Also, are you doing the shoulder warm-ups?

  13. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Well, if muscle gain is your goal, do the split… if your goal is fat loss… then do the circuit training 🙂

  14. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Try going for FORCED REPS, or switch to a strength rep range with a spotter, anywhere between 1-6 reps per set. Maybe even do a pyramid increasing your weight each set.

    set 1- 6 reps; set 2- 5 reps, set 3- 4 reps… etc

  15. ScottHermanFitness says:

    use my BMR calculator on my website. It is free! 🙂

  16. ScottHermanFitness says:

    I have a new shoulder routine coming out that should really help you! #HTH All about the super sets!

  17. ScottHermanFitness says:

    there is a range for it. You just need to see what works best for you brotha.

  18. ScottHermanFitness says:

    thanks man!

  19. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Thanks for the support brotha! 🙂

  20. ScottHermanFitness says:

    I havent tried it, but lots of people love it! Check it out!

  21. ScottHermanFitness says:

    Are you having a hard time staying lean because of all the carbs?

  22. ScottHermanFitness says:

    I have been building muscle still and making lean gains. It is all relevant to activity level my friend and lately I have been doing a lot of work on the computer…. which isnt good! Need to get out more! lol

  23. B says:

    Great video! Lovin those adjustable benches!

  24. SSG1Collector says:

    Stfu you talk to much and start working sixpackshortcut is BETTER!!

  25. xmrbigshot says:

    hey scott, whats a ideal protein to weight ratio to build muscle?

  26. 66mvb says:

    What ever happened to "Ask Scott and Sean"?

  27. Shaine MacDonald says:

    Kudos for finally putting on a shirt dude!

  28. M Zhong says:

    I think so, but i cant survive without rice

  29. N N says:

    Scott. You look so much like my business studies teacher, Mr Alexander. He's much taller though, just thought I'd share my two cents. Wow. 😀

  30. Dale Mass says:

    Chris your chest is so shaped… My upper and lower pectorals don't line up evenly, how can I change this???

  31. MetalGearSolidNick1 says:

    My chest gains have always suffered cause I would always hurt my rotator cuff but warming up the rotator cuff joint like you do has greatly helped. I'm finally able to do chest without injuries and the burn set (usually my last set) helps alot

  32. stevelau1933 says:

    I've done it for about 3 months, and it does help me cut up, and get more energy throughout the day. I don't think it actually helps much in strength gains, but I'm sticking to it anyways. After doing it for a while, it becomes normal.

  33. ronen160 says:

    Hey Scott – I like your videos. Have a question: when you are on the bench, it seems as tho you bring your feet back, and this makes your back arch. Isn't that possibly harmful to the back, and won't that work your chest differently? Thanks.

  34. BlueIce3ne2nr says:

    Hey Scott! Im from the Caribbean! (Trinidad and Tobago to be exact) I just want to say how much your vids have helped me over the last few yrs! Thanks for all the hard work

  35. tricepsish says:

    ask her to cook some brown rice

  36. Grey GooTheory says:

    Great video! I really like all the info points in the 'about' section.

  37. 후아 says:

    Hey scott hi im korean~~ have a question.. i did chest work out every monday… First bench press 70kg 5-8 x 6~8sets and incline bench press 5sets and dumbell press chest press machine 3sets and finally bench fly … but my chest is …small

  38. Ted SwollenBalls says:

    Hey Scott you make a great point at 15:00 when you talk about your body firstly using protein for daily functions before building muscle. With reference to this point, I have been thinking of repeatedly stabbing myself in the chest with a knife after I workout ,which, in my opinion will force all of the protein to my chest and help me put on more muscle. Thanks for the advice, will let you know how it goes!

  39. Luiz Chu says:

    thank you thank you thank you so much for this video! helped me out a lot!

  40. Rebassed says:

    scott im unscubscribing , enaugh of all this broscience bullshit . you used to be good , now im dtiching this shit man , i suggest people that want some proof behind their words to follow icecreamfitness. the dude is legit . ditch this broscience mofo , and also you do G4P idiot

  41. Rikana says:

    You an still eat them. Just reduce your usual amount of rice intake.

  42. Billy Thavixay says:

    when you are doing barbel bench you arent goin too low with your shoulder ??

  43. livepunx says:

    what a gay shirt

  44. Kukkeli Crazeh says:

    1. Warmups have been proven to be positive no matter what exercise you do.
    2. He never claimed anything about his burnsets – just that it works for HIM.
    3. Slow negatives are just as he said. You want him to refer "The great book of bodybuilding" or something?
    4. His 1-1-3 terms are correct.
    5. In the food section he claimed no unicersal thruths, just what has worked for him ie. no carbs before gym makes HIM feel weak.
    Now tell me more about that "broscience bullshit".

  45. Alex Reed says:

    Scott, you rest WAY too long between sets;)

  46. JohnG615 says:

    Nice video, definitely learned something here. Thanks.

  47. johanlob says:


  48. johanlob says:

    use a knife and carve out the muscle on the ripped side

  49. anil shrestha says:

    hlo sir i want to take some advice from u… so can i have ur facebook id???

  50. David Elias says:

    Hey scott, I recently started working out and I was wondering about your burnout set routine. I can only press about 35lb for 10 rep max at the moment. How much weight should I drop for each set. You're able to drop about 20lbs for each set, so should I drop like 5lbs- 7.5lbs or so? Or should I wait til I can press more before doing the burnout workout?

  51. PorkN Beans says:

    That's how I ended up in the hospital with bursitis in both shoulders, didn't warm my shoulders up correctly. I'm finally heading back to the gym months later, check out his warm ups if you don't know how or you'll pay. I'm telling you it's no fun having shoulder injuries, I ignored the pain for about 3 hours then literally puked from the pain and nearly fell unconscious from it.

  52. Masalmeh321 says:

    The fear is strong in this one…

  53. Shahir Noori says:

    Hi Scott.
    My right side is stronger than my left so my left arm tends to fall back when I'm doing chest workout or shoulder workout? This has resulted in my right shoulder looks different than my left. I believe it is because of bench press. What can I do to fix it?

  54. jimishmong says:

    I feel you man!
    LOL im not even joking!

  55. jimishmong says:

    Scott is salmon meat good for protein?
    And white rice but i eat only about 1 cup or less is that good too or no
    3 times a day sometimes 2 or 1

  56. mrkracky says:

    @ Rebassed
    Go promote other channels elsewhere you tool. What he is saying is correct and if you had a few more brain cells you would know that. Does he have to cite everything for you, maybe if you got off your lazy ass and actually did some of the stuff you would know what he is teaching is right.

  57. 1527384625 says:

    agreed but squeezing it would not create a torque

  58. blancomeowwAG says:

    I think he's just trolling you brah lol

  59. greengreensio says:

    thanks for the video mate. i got a Q. do you weigh ur food? lastly, are u using MYFITNESSPALL?

  60. phuongymy says:

    I implemented the drop set for first set in my program. But i do 3 drop sets for first set and rest 2 sets as many as i can lift. Something do another drop set on the last set if i cant get minimum 8 reps out of it. Its been 2 week since and let me tell you. After every workout i cant do shit. It has never felt like this. I expect big changes in 3+ momths. Thanks buddy. Also can you upload your meal plan 😀

  61. jesse passons says:

    ive thumbed up your other videos cause they are just slam filled with great info, however I have to thumb this one up cause of the awesome way you point to all the pop ups 🙂

  62. Electric Water says:

    Adds thumbs down so annoying

  63. Rafaela Mariana says:

    if you dudes expect to get ripped much faster without wasting a one another minute in the gym, then you have to look closely this online video SIXPP.COM

    Through eons of living in a land so poor there was little to eat but oats, they had as usual converted necessity into a virtue, and insisted that they liked the stuff.

  64. Jesse Cairo says:

    They call me cool eathen lol

  65. jiggafu says:

    Battle Ropes can you show us some workout with them , step up your game you not in Vegas anymore, im kidding you the best 🙂

  66. orzimpact1 says:

    Hey scott herman! Can u please make a video like this about chest that wont grow. I dont know how to build chest muscle man, can u tell me what exercise should i work on. Pls man? Im begging

  67. sh0rtaznant says:

    im asian and i had to give up white rice. my life sucks now

  68. Hiscu Sorin says:

    U talk too much men!

  69. Cody Burke says:

    "Invisible hands taking the energy out of my stomach" Haha, same here man! Glad I'm not the only one who gets that feeling.

  70. Araib Lad says:

    Ur links r missing on ur vdos. Thx

  71. Alfonso Castillo says:

    Hey I notice that your inner leg is so built what workout do you do for that?

  72. Viet Le says:

    For me its the opposite. When I stayed at home always eating rice twice a day. But when I am living in western countries I dont cook a lot so Im consuming less rice every day now. I think my body has been used to rice. Eating less rice makes me feel hungry more often and my muscles have not grown as fast as before due to not enough calories intake (even when I consumed a lot of protein).

  73. Tharrmaselan manimaran says:

    wanna summarizes for him bro?

  74. Chris Chan says:

    Can I mix all 3 methods for each workout session?

  75. Shabaz Khan says:

    Yes…should we really cut down on rice if we wanna get lean..I've got sizes but not much definition

  76. Shabaz Khan says:


  77. Κώστας Πέτσας says:

    really helpful video! thank you

  78. joey lange says:


  79. gary piper says:

    I struggle with my chest due to the fact I have had a sore shoulder, this restricts my movement and the pain becomes unbearable when lowering the weight to a certain point. I haven't been to the doctors with it as i have heard a lot of people say the doctors cant do nothing with a shoulder injury. is this true and can you give me any advise?

  80. gary piper says:

    same applies when working shoulder, i cant use dumbells for shoulder pressing because again the pain becomes really bad which effects my technique resulting in poor form.

  81. able2biteme says:

    Why is my left bicep smaller than my right when I am left handed

  82. Liam Hargreaves says:

    Whats the rock song u put at the start of ur vids??

  83. DeadIsPop says:

    your shirt is trying to rip itself off you, i think. that shit is just two strings

  84. Number69 says:

    Do you even lift?

  85. Stipe Pokrajcic says:

    06:22 Education is important, muscles are importanter! 🙂

  86. noddylloyd says:

    That vest…..

  87. Ge0 says:

    Perfect upload thx

  88. Danny says:

    This guy is a douchebag. He's already giving off three distinct, stereotypical douchebaggery vibes within the first minute of the video.

  89. delryn256 says:

    Great tips all around. Watching this before my chest workout, can't wait to try out the drop sets 🙂

  90. KenMurphyTX says:

    Good information.  Proof is in his build.

  91. wcw2793 says:

    I've been trying your Maximum Growth workouts, and I have to say that doing the tempo has helped me get so much better at controlling the weight and getting a good contraction. 

  92. Natez DaGr8 says:

    Is it me or you incline your bench much more than what it's supposed to be inclined at? Just wondering.

  93. Em Dee says:

    why is he wearing an apron?

  94. Jim Walker says:

    That shirt makes this guy look twice as big.

  95. Command & Conquer Fitness says:

    I think you mean isometric, not isolation

  96. KeTO BeasT84 says:

    Do your refeed the day before leg day. You're welcome.

  97. The IcemanGTR360 says:

    2k Followers in your IG Account Rightaway

  98. Minh Ha Nguyen says:

    Please Scott, do a video about why do we need rest day?

  99. Dan Stafford says:

    More misinformation…. you're working your nervous system and over taxing the nervous system Harder Than You Are the muscles… that's a Surefire way to make no progress, in muscle building!

  100. Dan Stafford says:

    During the process of benches and the Flies nothing was mentioned about maintaining a neutral spine…. most people are laying flat as a pancake or they are overarching!

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