Trump Says He Will ‘Never Let Socialism Destroy American Health Care’ | NBC News

Trump Says He Will ‘Never Let Socialism Destroy American Health Care’ | NBC News

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Trump Says He Will ‘Never Let Socialism Destroy American Health Care’ | NBC News

  1. E.V. Gaming says:

    This time no Bernie Sanders to put the camera at him. 😆😆

  2. Lev Parnas says:

    Trump's healthcare plan would have thrown 30 million people off of healthcare and had a 12% favorability. It failed miserably

  3. Sage of the East says:

    Nope he's going to destroy it all on his own!

  4. Skeleton's Daisy says:

    "The goal of socialism is communism."
    – Lenin

    T R U M P ☆ 2 0 2 0 ! ! !

  5. Zed Brassica says:

    socialism wont ever destroy american healthcare… but capitalism will.

  6. Justin Tyme says:

    The Great Donald J Trump! And blessing from Almighty God!

  7. Susan McClusky says:

    More lies.

  8. fray3dendsofsanity says:

    Health Care is already destroyed. 81 million people can't afford it.

  9. Sunny Smiles says:

    Nancy and her “clever” white clad cohorts have the emotional maturity of moody, cliquey distracted 8th graders being drug to a pep rally they didn’t like, then childishly ripping up the pep rally program. (like that’s going to hurt the Principal… )

  10. Viking says:

    Trump is a good Man. 👍🇺🇸

  11. Old Guy says:

    Trump destroyed the democrats just by his appearance! We all now know what a democrat is, evil lives there ( except for a limited few)

  12. Zachary H says:


  13. Mooch Life says:


  14. Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD says:

    So where's the Health care then? He couldn't get that done. I don't even think Trump's own supporters have a health care plan either if they aren't pushing for Universal Care.. Pfft

  15. madhabitz says:

    I had a lot of different reactions to tonight's farce. Here are a couple:

    – All that slurring– the guy's a drunk

    – So how much is this campaign rally costing the taxpayers?

    – Limbaugh/Medal of Freedom???  Result was a continuous bellowing of NO NO NOOO! From me while driving and a lot of heartbroken sobbing after pulling over. The only person lower than trump on the dirtbag scale is limbaugh. This was an unconscionable thing for trump to have done. Going forward, that medal will have zero meaning. They will have to come up with.a new award.

    – "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"

  16. Linda Hibbs says:

    TRUMP 2020‼️‼️‼️💯💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. F M says:

    oh he scare of Bernie now been in office for four years and now you 2021 for health care

  18. Tigerkem says:

    The amount of uniformed standing and clapping after ever sentence seems ridiculous. It's almost feels like there an applause sign forcing everyone to clap.

  19. Nolo0901 says:

    I saw someone in the audience making a face like they just wanted to leave.

  20. michael wingfield says:

    Trump is on a huge roll. He loves Americans.

  21. TONY says:

    Wow, Best speech I ever heard, Glad I stayed up to watch.

  22. Tim King says:

    What a load of BS. Trump and republicans have done their best to destroy health care for low income and middle class America. They only care about wealthy people. Millions of Americans are struggling because republicans refuse to do the hard work to improve health care. In fact, all they have done is work to destroy Obama care. That’s their mentality. That is what they offer Americans. Trump’s feeble transparency order is weak, unplanned, and a chaotic mess.

  23. David J says:

    Trump: " I will never let anyone destroy American health care. If anyone's going to destroy American health care, it's going to be ME!!!!"

  24. cougarlopez says:

    Lol who believes this moron and his midgets at all? I know the republitards

  25. Printagic Online says:

    I loved that…. just wait until AFTER next year then you will see the best health care you have ever seen. You'll save a lot of money….YEAH RIGHT….And that was a perfect call too.

  26. 65wiseman says:

    Totally obnoxious speech

  27. Sandy Sandy says:

    Socialism destroy usas healthcare what it means?? Usa donot req socialism in anyway as the both side of the table are of good condotion. Its for those countries who are suffering in terms of bullying the customers and ultimately people die with no treatment atall as the flexibolity of health sector remains is with only the health sector.


  28. Mario Cadena says:

    Nasty Pooploosly just ripped a paper worth more than anything she would ever write or have written in her miserable life. I cant wait to tomorrow and their vote. See how she will react to another defeat by the hands of Americans ha ha ha. We reject your evil socialist ways Nancy Pelosi and to all the demonRats in Washington your days in office and of freedom are numbered. Come November we, the people will vote straight RED in all states.

  29. causeitsthere says:

    Nancy trying to read all high!!! Haha

  30. Honkytonkified says:

    Silly Donald, republicans don't understand oaths and "ironclad pledges".

  31. Eco Geek says:

    "instead, we shall promote health-for-profit, predatory capitalism and environmental degradation to destroy America"

  32. Howard Roark says:

    Truly a great speech … and yet so sad to see Democrats give dirty looks when hearing how well the average American family is doing.

  33. Maria J says:

    Of course, he would do that by himself, he doesn’t need any help from Dems to destroy social security and health care.

  34. Leonard Silva says:

    I’m 22 and don’t have health care …I make to much for gov support but not enough to support myself fully . Just saying …idk where these statistics are coming from

  35. Hop Dong says:

    You guy have health care? i didn't know american have that

  36. Trudy Harper says:

    🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸 FANTASTIC SPEECH! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

  37. jeff c says:

    Trump tells bastardly lies again!!

  38. jeff c says:

    Stop your ignorant Texas lawsuit!!

  39. Euclides Zoto says:

    I know Pelosi cant stand Trump and she is angry but I dont think all that rage is directed toward him. It looks like their are some Democrats she would like to strangle.

  40. Kosh 963 says:

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020 🦅🌊🌊

  41. Otis Cat says:

    And in that instant, millionaire commie Bernie Sanders had yet another heart attack while tightly clutching his prized Chaiman Mao figurine with his rectum.

  42. saint god says:

    nancy loser face acting tough outside but injure inside . hahahahaahahahahahh i laugh till balls break

  43. ThunderMountain Tactical says:

    We must take America back from all these liberals that only want to destroy our country….

  44. Mike Campbell says:

    Thank you Nancy Pelosi! The majority of Americans are behind you!

  45. Ammon Weser says:


  46. Laura Lafauve says:

    Medicare for all Americans
    #NOT #ME #US 🇺🇸

  47. Smokey Dawg says:

    I love all of this!

  48. Thats not funny says:

    I think this standing clapping was mandatory for the minions, if they don't want to be attacked on Twitter tomorrow.
    He kept looking around at certain areas of the audience when the phony clapping quieted down sometimes, with this threatening face like; you best be clapping louder and longer if you want to keep your head!

  49. Mo Fungo says:

    of course, he will do it

  50. melito lustre says:

    Pelosi is a sore looser. She's all hatred.

  51. Philip Fontaine says:

    Remove government from health care entirely and let the free market take over.

  52. The Assembly In The Wilderness says:

    Capitalism already destroyed American health care… empty platitudes, endless lies, and evil smears, are all that President Cancer can offer!

  53. John Mchanon says:

    No need to when the gov already does it 👍

  54. Kelly McShane says:

    Democrats so revolting and entitled.

  55. Rhinorawk X says:

    A sane person doesn't try something that has only every failed every time it is tried. Which is why Bernie and half of the "democrats" are now socialists.

  56. Vitaly Mirzoyan says:

    Trump is Amazing Genius

  57. John Daniel Hubbard says:

    I hope you brain dead voters will repay the demoncrat obstructionist sociopaths at the ballot box for all our sakes.

  58. Elephant In The Room says:

    liar…he is getting rid of obamacare that is the law that protects pre existing conditions

  59. Elephant In The Room says:


  60. Grace Gisel says:

    Yes, Trump prefers destroying healthcare by his corporate friends, to increase again the price of the medication. As now, the poor will die under Trump. The USA a declining empire.

  61. T S says:

    No? Oh that's right. Trump wants to destroy America by DICTATORSHIP! Of the two I think I would choose to STILL BE FREE!

  62. Kevin L says:

    "State of the Lowest Common Denominators"address

  63. Nick Barone says:

    We will always protect pre-existing conditions yet he is in court right now fighting against it

  64. Shirish Veerabattini says:

    Doesn't matter you like trump or not, it's a spectacular sight to see well dressed men and women rising up to clap.

  65. Magda Guise says:

    I think it was a comedian who said, "Universal health care is so complicated, that only 38 out of the 39 most developed countries have been able to figure it out."

  66. guccigangwavy says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who has never worked a day in his life, inherited millions of dollars from his father, and filed for multiple bankruptcies?

  67. wee huddy says:

    As he hands 32 billion taxpayer dollars to corporate farms to offset his China tarrif madness and robs the military budget to give selected contractors billions for his vanity wall …

  68. Laurent P says:

    "Never let socialism destroy American health care"
    No problem ! American billionaires do it very well. lol !

  69. Rob Roy says:

    Translation: I'd rather see people die with no health insurance than Me or my buddies pay any taxes. The only Socialism I believe in is for me, and corporations. Let the middle class and the poor eat cake. except I will not provide any cake. Next I am coming after your Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But shhh it's a secret.

  70. Alex D says:

    "Healthcare" as in "prohibitively expensive treatment"? What a glorious nation. Commodifying health, a basic human right.

  71. Slenderfoxx37 says:

    America is owned by greedy corrupt corporations and their politician mascots. People wonder why the rest of the developed world doesnt like america. Also dont help the government and army are a worldwide bully.

  72. Alexandra Clark says:

    Nancy Pelosi is Wasting away again in Madamspeakerville! This is a real song on Youtube, look up Madamspeakerville! @PublicFreedom

  73. Cameron James says:

    Trump has it wrong. Socialism is what will save American health care already destroyed by capitalism.

  74. Rakia Logan says:

    Trump cut disability benefits Trump cut people off of health benefits Trump cut people Tax returns Trump you are a very misleading information president that stay giving false information it's terrible to watch

  75. Rakia Logan says:

    The Lies

  76. diwakar X says:

    I am from Kerala India where the first ever commie government was democratically voted in. We are still paying the price for that. Don't ever trust the commies and liberals as they always work against the interests of the country and I talk from experience

  77. GrandDan0is says:


  78. reptiliandomination1 says:

    Trump is pro soclialism by subsidizing farmers and allowing the federal reserve manipulate the stock market higher.

  79. elizabeth padilla says:

    I am not sure where americans think getting healthcare is a socialist idea, but it is part of propaganda that the Senate and President continue to discuss and never debate. The balls of the president who thinks what he is doing is ok, but it is nothing short of a dictatorship with the Senate's agreement. We are in a fight with the elite who want to extinguish the constitution, let make the senate accountable before it is too late. Vote

  80. platipot says:

    Socialism kills!

  81. vaannebilim says:

    P- Doctor I need something for my headache…
    But doctor this is a bullet
    D- yeah that's the cheapest way

  82. Nordichabs says:

    Socialism is garbage. Trump automatically wins 2020

  83. victorianmelody46 says:

    Many things in life happen by chance not by choice. My daughter developed scoliosis at age 12 which required 2 1/2 million dollars in surgeries over 6 years. We lost our farm, and our business. After moving our entire family in to a one bedroom apartment, the stress caused a divorce, and a bankruptcy. We have never recovered. All it takes is one medical emergency to wipe out everything.

  84. Bill Roderts says:


  85. lilian alcasid says:

    This moron gave money to the farmers so that they keep quiet!!!

  86. Neil Allen says:

    God bless President Trump!! Trump 2020 for the love of everything good in holy 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  87. ScooterFXRS says:

    329,853,624 Americans but he thinks 180 million like paying over 10k a year for health care, that have it, avg Americans income is $60,336. That assumes you are in very good health…. seems to me these numbers are not adding up to happy people. Well except insurance companies and healthcare providers.

  88. Mi P says:

    well i know the Socialist Healtcare is not "free" it is alredy paid with our taxes.
    but word. it make people atleest feel Free.
    and that my friends is what Freedom is about "The Feeling of Freedom".

  89. PK Cazadores says:

    Socialism already did destroy our healthcare system. It needs to be fixed.

  90. Tsukasa Hiiragi says:

    Trump "Never let socialism destroy American Health Care…..thats my job to destroy it first"

  91. Art Hampton says:

    What I don’t understand is how is the military silent about a socialist president possibly in the future? I mean forget about Democrat leaders, forget about liberal citizens, I’m talking about admirals and generals in our military. Socialism goes against our constitution, which is based on our democratic republic as we were founded. So as those on the left wish to do away with our republic by stripping our constitution, the idea our military leaders have sworn to uphold, why are they silent?

    If the left goes too far, destroys this county and the ideas it was founded and built upon, then by all rights it is the duty of police, military and their leaders to over throw the government, put down martial law to make sure the liberals stay in line, and put in place someone in power who will not push the socialist agenda. Though this could have negative consequences, such as a military leader take over, but even so to me this could possibly happen. As a majority of Democrat leaders will be found guilty of treason and processed in an orderly fashion.

    On top of that, citizens on the right would most likely form a well armed militia to assist the military in maintaining the left. And with such a show of force, hopefully it’d avoid any bloodshed.

    I guess time will tell. I don’t wish for any of the above, but it’s just a thought. But it’s strange to see how this country is changing.

  92. Georges Cote says:

    Trump lies. Trump must go. Vote Bernie Sanders.Beware coments below are paid by russia, or fox, trump, china, north korea, to provoke and confuse. The truth is Healthcare for all exist in a lot of countries, and if you want private attention you can get it too. You don't need to go to the U S. Research the internet, in 15 seconds you can read the truth. This healthcare issue is to distract people from his corrupted activities.Trump is counting on people to be lazy and read nothing, and just vote for him. He is destroying the country, Research that on the internet. Save your country. Vote Bernie Sanders

  93. Georges Cote says:

    Healthcare for all is not free. But it is cheaper for everybody, including the middle class. Trump lies. He his in court for the last 3 years trying to cut benefits for pre-existing conditions. He helps the very rich people only. Research that on the internet. Also, His claim of having success with the economy is a lie. He has added 3 trillion$ to the deficit. Research that too. Trump 's taxes from 1980 to 1993 show a loss of 100 million$ / year. Money he inherited. Do your homework, some internet search. Trump must go , vote Bernie Sanders. Research that too. Do not watch fox ' distorted news .

  94. Georges Cote says:

    Bad guy: donald trump.Greedy dictator friend of U S enemy, russia. Good guy: Bernie Sanders. Intelligent and cares about america

  95. Georges Cote says:

    Beware "platipot" below , is a russian paid coment to confuse and provoked

  96. Empire State Audits says:

    God bless trump

  97. Burt Collins says:

    Do you know who will pay for the free medical??? The citizens of the US.. but,, citizens pay for their insurance either through their work or or privatized medical. That money will be used for the free medical… It works great in Canada etc.. Insulin in Canada is extremely cheap.. and that is why we go there to get insulin.. A friend paid 25.00 for insulin that lasts him over two months.. The Pharmacy told him.. Guess what that would cost in the US.. 12,000… Check into the medical in Canada…

  98. Sourish Saha says:

    Strong man

  99. Inter Pol says:

    Steal American citizen social security and give it to rich is called socialist trump

  100. Buchanan Sleeve says:

    Thank God for our President Trump! The democrats want nothing but to run our country into the ground!

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