Tyson Fury | Mental Health Problems, Depression & Addiction

Tyson Fury | Mental Health Problems, Depression & Addiction

I suffered with mental health problems
my whole life but I didn’t know what it was. Because I never had no education on the matter. I felt as I have nothing,
I felt there was an empty gaping hole. I didn’t have the desire, the fire
wasn’t burning no longer to fight. And I was suffering with depression
the whole time even in training camp. I was depressed, as depressed
could be on a daily basis. I hit the drink, heavily,
on a daily basis. I hit the drugs. I was out all night partying with the women
of the night and not coming home. I didn’t care about boxing and I didn’t care about living
I just wanted to die. I used to drink and take drugs to get away from the
depression because when I was drunk or high. Then I wouldn’t think about being depressed.
I thought about being a boxing champion or I feel great. But as we know when the drink wears off… It only leaves you with a bad hangover
and а feeling even more depressed. For someone who suffers from mental health
the worsest thing you can do to escape is take drugs or alcohol. And this is why I want to
spread the word on mental health. So when other people are in this position in the future
they know where to go and they know what to do. Because there is a blueprint. I was weighting at 400 pounds. A drug addict.
An alcoholic. And I start thinking all these crazy thoughts
and these stuff and the other. And I was in my car.
I bought a brand new Ferrari. I didn’t care about nothing
I just wanted to die so bad. I give up on life. And just as I was carried towards that bridge
at 190 mph in this Ferrari. I heard a voice.. Say: “No!
Don’t do this, Tyson! Think about your kids.” Think about your family and your all boys
and girls growing up with no father. And everyone saying:
“Your dad was a weak man.” And I pulled over and I was so nervous and
didn’t know what to do I was frightened. And I was so affraid. And I thought that day,
I’ll never ever, ever try or think about taking my own life ever again. And after that I was thinking to myself:
“I need to get better, I need to do something.” But everytime I tried to go to the gym
I heard another voice saying: “Nah! This ain’t follows anymore.
I’m not gonna do this.” I was out drinking… I didn’t care… I give up… Taking drugs like I said.
And it come to a point where I was doing that for
18 months in my life. And I was out 2017.
Halloween. I was a 400 pounds,
dressed up as a skeleton. And I go to this fancy dress party
and I’m looking around and I’m thinking… These are all young kids compare to me.
I’m 30, I feel like I was the oldest guy in there. Like 29… I was like:
“What am I doing here?” This is what you want for your life? And I thought to myself:
“This is not me.” And no matter how many people
told me before this. Where I was going wrong,
What was I doing. You need to act in your life. You can only change your life
if you want to change it. And I got back home, I didn’t say anything to the wife.
I went straight upstairs into a dark room. And I took the stupid skeleton suit off. And I was sat there. And I got on my knees and
I was praying and begging God to help me. And at this point I never begged or cry
to God to help me before. I prayed a lot all my life. But I’ve never been
in this physical state before. I can feel tears running down my face.
My chest was wet with tears. Cause I knew I coudn’t do on my own.
It was impossible for me. Cause I tried, and tried, and tried.
And ended up back in the pub, back drinking. After praying for about 10 minutes… I got up. And I felt the weight of the world
was lifted off my shoulders. And for the first time in years,
I knew I was gonna make a comeback. And I called my wife I said:
“Paris, Paris!” She said: “What?”
She thought I was drunk coming home from the pub. I said: “Monday morning, I start to regain mission to try
and get the heavyweight championship of the world back.” “That night you told that me – she said –
I heard a difference in your voice.” And I said: “I don’t wanna go back downhill route
with the same trainer, same promoter, same anything.” I said: “Everything is gonna change.
It’s gonna be a new Tyson Fury.” And as I went out that morning,
after phoning Ben and arranging everything. I went out for a run in my sweatsuit and
I had ambitions of running 2 miles. I’ve got about 5 minutes instant run and stopped. I thought I can’t run,
I’m too fat … 400 pounds. But if I’m gonna walk
I’m gonna get out and walk. I think the way to beat mental health is setting goals.
Giving your self short-term and long-term goals. And that’s what I did.
I give myself a goal of losing the weight. Pound by pound basically. And I was training twice a day.
6-7 days a week. I don’t suffer with mental health when I’m active.
And when I’ve got a goal. If you suffer from mental health problems you
tend to suffer them when you are on your own. When you’ve got a lot of time to think.
And when you are not doing much. But when you’re busy on a daily basis you don’t
have enough time to think about mental health. I didn’t use medication. I was prescribed with medication from the doctor
but I refused to take it. My grandfather, my dad’s dad,
he was addicted to pills his whole life. Pills that even didn’t do anything
for him it was placebo pills. And the biggest thing we are missing here is I didn’t do what the doctors told me,
all their types of things. I think it was something way more powerful. God. My faith and belief that God will
make me better – made me better. And I never ever went back to that from this day
to that and it’s been moreover 12 months. I believe I was being tested
to see what type of man I was. What type of characted I got. Even before the depression
I didn’t appreciate things. Nothing! Nothing was valuable to me. Even something I worked hard for. I believe I was put down this road and I had to
suffer all these things so I could understand. When I had things good. I think I’ve got a bigger purpose now than boxing. I think my calling card in life is to spread the word
on this disease, this silent killer. My message would be: “Look around yourself.
Be thankful for what you do have today. Don’t look for what you don’t have.” You know…
You gotta be happy with who you are. A wise man once said: “You’ve got to know yourself
before you can know anybody else.” Contentment is the word we are looking for. Contentment doesn’t come from material stuff –
jobs, positions, fame, glory, money, anything. You will never find contentment while
you are chasing that type of stuff. And I don’t look at this as a comeback because
I’m not coming back to what I once was. The legacy of Tyson Fury from a child
to be a heavyweight champion of world and achieving his dreams,
that book has been closed. This book is a new book
and I’m only on Chapter III.

Daniel Yohans

100 thoughts on “Tyson Fury | Mental Health Problems, Depression & Addiction

  1. Ukho Dingela says:

    This video made me respect this man on another level a true inspiration

  2. Madmonkey says:

    God bless you Tyson.
    The richest man in the world, is a man who has peace.

  3. milan kengur says:

    Only god can save us

  4. Robert Wilkinson says:

    Thank you tyson your such an inspiration

  5. Luke perry95 says:

    This guy is just an inspiration to me!! Incredible amazing guy! His story has helped me recover from depression and anxiety given me that boost to not give up to get back up and find my purpose in this crazy world! So much respect for Tyson Fury!! 💪🏽

  6. Andy finnegan says:

    Sorry Tyson.

  7. Paul Byrnes says:

    Men still are stigmatised by depression yet biggest killer of men 45 and under in the UK is suicide which is obviously connected to depression. The drink is like the best sex followed by waking up the next day on your own and realising you had to pay for it.

  8. needtoknow204 says:

    We are dealing with a spiritual war!!!

  9. curious reefer says:

    Love your speeches it's so real.

  10. Israel Stanley says:

    Wow !!!!! Smacked me right in me mouth ….God all mighty man this pierced me heart

  11. James Unsworth says:

    I hear you fury been through that hell of struggle your message is an inspiration for others to fight the demons. the difference on turning your life around is immense. Now go kick that wilders ass for a 2nd time when the time comes. followed you since ya debut on channel 5 an knew youd become big in the boxing game keep going big man. god bless you 🖒

  12. Charley Varrick says:

    N if that is my case , u going to lose every dollar u have

  13. Charley Varrick says:

    N possibly be killed

  14. Crazy World says:

    You can only change your life if you want !

  15. Crazy World says:

    Love it man

  16. Richard Sherwood says:

    Thank you

  17. Joe Charnock says:

    no stop never give up i currently have my eyes closed just listening an it just shows you can be down an out an maybe you migt say this is gonna end people can laugh an laugh but if you prove you can change an over take them over time there is no better feeling than that other than a told you

  18. digg dogg says:

    Love you Tyson!

  19. GYM JUNkiE says:

    One of the Greatest people walking the plant I've made a new me thanks to you tyson.If you ever see this stay in the gym its the meds we need to stay strong. Remember Health is your wealth. EVERYMAN HAS TWO LIFES YOUR SECOND LIFE BEGINS WHEN YOU REALISE YOU ONLY HAVE THIS ONE……. ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  20. Jp Macc says:

    Love the man …but he wasn't tested by supernatural nonsense …just shitty things happen and it was his strength and his will power and determination…not some man made thought super being living in another dimension called heaven….that's just silly

  21. Theo Gittins says:

    This is good documentary

  22. Eric Letourneau says:

    I’m an 18 year old teen from Canada who’s life you may have just changed Mr Fury I couldn’t contain my tears as I heard you describe exactly as I had felt. I’ve never cried over anything like what I just did now

  23. Anxiety Expert says:

    All you have to do is begin with god

  24. Adam Weston says:

    I'm really struggling with the same vices and I have got to do this today and I will, I am 49 in 9days time and I am determined to be clean for that.thanks Tyson.

  25. Will Lillejord says:

    Just wow

  26. Steven Henry says:

    I spent 8 years serving the U.K. Forces, where I was injured through service. Within 2, years of me leaving the Army, I ended up spending 17, years in prison and I Had not even killed anyone. I don't even know how to function in Civvilian Life. I don't go out or do anything, as I feel Vulnerable. I'm just waiting to die. Everyone I loved has died, including Manny of my close friends.

    I've allways been the Leader and I was part of one of the most respected Regiments in the World. Now in Civvilian Street, I'm fighting a War just to get bread from the shops. I feel vulnerable all the time.

    However, when you see God himself pick a Man up from the canvass, infront of yours eyes,…It's a signal.

    As Mr Fury says, there has been no Blue Print, no direction. To come fourth with a direction on an overlooked view by society, is what Champions are made of.

    There is an old saying, Lead, Follow or get out of the way.

    Mr.Tyson and Mr Frank Bruno are the only ones who are leading the flock. Sometimes you have to sit back and look who is shining a light that catches your attention. The word "Hope" comes to mind, from the fruit of the Blue Print. Hope is a good word.

  27. Raymund Labs ra says:

    Im 29 years old and doing this all sinful nature . i hope in the end i can fight all of This same with you.

  28. 1 1 says:

    If you’re not happy it’s your body telling you you’re doing something wrong and need to make changes

  29. 1 1 says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Tyson Fury is a good man!

  30. Teds In the bed says:

    This seriously describes my life ! Thank you TF

  31. Zz Z says:

    The hardest part of depression is.
    Zero energy in the gym and Fatigue in a gym is hard to explain to some one that don’t understand
    You mite look big and strong. But when your mind shuts down it’s hard to push past your fatigue and weakness , I wish someone has an answer
    And this is also clean with no alcohol or substance abuse at all

  32. It’s Timy I have small Willy says:

    God isn’t real

  33. - - says:

    I think Tyson Fury, erm… got the Freedom, and i respect that

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  37. peter lindon says:

    inspirational words Tyson, You are more Loved than you realise big man. Stay strong brother.

  38. FAMOUS HARDMEN says:

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    God is real. Jesus is the way.

  40. Joe Davies says:

    'If God is with me, can't nobody be against me.'

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    Absolutely perfection, as only God can create! Tyson, I'm from Alabama so I can never pull for you against Wilder. But I will definitely cheer for you in every battle you face. Godspeed

  44. Seagull23 says:

    Thumbnail looks like Amanda Nunes

  45. Aj Lfc says:

    It must be really tough earning millions and millions…

  46. Bill W says:

    I ended up begging God for help on my knees as well. That was 8 years ago and I haven’t had a drink, drug or suicidal thought since. Tyson, you are an inspiration and legend. God bless you. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🇬🇧🇬🇧

  47. Stephen Treanor says:

    Sorry but I can’t help but think that this is another one of your fantasy attention seeking stories. You always seem to be in a drama Tyson

  48. Bill Proud says:

    Bare in mind, Tyson Fury was fresh off of winning the world heavyweight championship when he suffered from depression. He was on top of the world,…and yet, his world fell apart around him. It just goes to show no matter what your circumstances are, what possessions are in your grasp, NOBODY is safe from mental illness. Speaking as someone who has suffered depression(on/off) for 23 years, the one thing that annoys me is when an outsider says "what have you got to be depressed about?" When its in your mind, its like having somebody constantly reminding you that you don't matter to anyone and neither does your life because its meaningless, therefore it will never improve. And the one place you cant run away from, is your own mind….that's why we must learn to control it, before it controls us

  49. noel kemmy says:

    Being there 26 year. Horrible life, esp anxiety panic, shakes. Going bk training. Good speech Tyson. God bless ye, spread God's word, banish Satan , every day we have wear God's armour. God has giving u an awakening, contentment is God. Jesus and holy ghost

  50. Tinto2 says:

    Tyson, you are my inspiration to get my life together, i'm sick of running from my problems by putting lines up my nose. Depression is the real deal. I will be better

  51. Kablumas Raf says:

    I'm sitting here thinking "Maybe this is entertainment, maybe this is a charade, maybe he's doing this for publicity and getting his name out there more". Everyone loves a success story after all, the story of someone rising from the ashes. But then again, maybe this is his life he's speaking of. Who knows..Confusing times we're in. Can't even tell truth from fiction anymore

  52. Daniel Fraser says:

    This has changed my perspective on Tyson fury

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    When you talk like this man you’re an inspirational leader; try and stay away from the trash talk Tyson as you’re better than that !!!

  54. Bilbo Baggins says:

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  55. Muwzy Muwzy says:

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    An open eye !

  60. Ron Miller says:

    Very well said

  61. Helene Piffard says:



  62. Kokx Luke says:

    I've always thought to my self why does everyone want to be famous and constantly want what someone else has and worship money like it's the most important thing to have and think that the more you have the better you will be I'm 40 years old and the last thing I want is to be famous to a bunch of people who don't know me seems pointless and after studying how money is made and how the monetary system works the last thing I want is to be rich and loss touch with reality and nature but that's just my belief l also believe that we are all thought from a young age to want more then the next person and the more you have makes you a better person but that is far from the truth money is the root of evil

  63. KrypticChambers 1980 says:

    Tyson Fury, the peoples Champ..🏆

  64. Always hopeful Probably loud says:

    Wow.. 🙏🙏🙏 thank's Tyson. 💨

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    evil thought is the only diagnosis, Jesus saves

  66. James Beal says:

    Makes me want to cry that⁹

  67. truth loves says:

    So i didnt heear it. Shut up!cant u see im trna talk to the doctor!

  68. Mod 66 says:

    Respect and best wishes to him fir being brave enough to admit his problems and beat the demons and become a success again.I sincerely hope it lasts.

  69. Rip Torn says:

    That's what banging shit up your nose does. Ffs even kids know booze is a depressant.

  70. ØrPhÄn MüRpHy says:

    I'm slap bang in the middle of an awakening just now. I've lost so much over the last two years, friends one by one have abandoned me, drinking it away taking drugs every day and seriously contemplating jumping off…. literally today is a hangover. I am craving death…. maybe that's why I'm drinking myself onto the streets getting the shit kicked out of me by gangs. I have no hope. No love no family no home no money no friends no motivation nothing but knowing I can end it eventually

    And I definitely don't have God. I'm empty….

  71. Bronwyn Mandic says:

    HUGE Respect Tyson…….

  72. Rashida Hankins says:

    You are as well. All of you are being tested.

  73. Nick A says:

    You know Fritz has to fight me, he has no choice in the matter.

  74. Percy Femur says:

    Drugs and alcohol WILL kill you. Facts. It's never to late to change

  75. henreyberry5 says:

    Its IMPOSSIBLE to dislike this!
    – From a Deontay Wilder Fan

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  79. Joshua Lennep says:

    Put a gun to my head once. The only thing I saw at the bottom of that barrel, besides a bullet, was my whole family crying at my funeral. That's when I heard a voice in my head saying, "If you cant live for yourself, at least live for your family."

    That's when I discovered my purpose. to live for others and put myself second. Find your purpose and living wont be easy, but it wont be as hard.

  80. Lee Macca says:


  81. G says:

    this video is so relatable, i feel like everyone at some point will feel this

  82. Roberto Ramos Hernandez says:

    This one spark fire into me ,Gym time making a come back

  83. Kristjan Ivanov says:

    But why he has depression?

  84. Me you says:

    I've been depressed for cos we all know boxing is fake take a dive for the money I

  85. Francisco says:

    Im going trough the worst time in my life, Im 26 and I feel that there’s no reason to be here in this world anymore, I’ve been fighting depression for a long time, and now Im convinced I want to live, tyson fury’s history saved my life, I want me back my old me the happy me, and Im gonna do it, I salute every guy in this kind of situation, it is just a test and we can make it!!!!!!

  86. Alexander Nikolov says:

    I think depression is something natural when you have average or above intelligence because then you have that perception of your own life being useless, you are able to realise that everything you do is worhtless, it does not have real meaning because you are going to die anyway. Which is really the case! But when you are busy with short and long term goals, daily routines, exercises and all that, keeping your mind distracted, you dont think about that, or at least you dont do it all the time in order to let it takeover your mind completely. The only real meaning in life objectively for all of us is having kids and helping other people eventually, and thats why the thought about his kids dragged him back. There are many articles about people being able to retire in their prime (being 30-40 years old) because they have enough money to live without working on a daily basis. They are all depressed one way or another. This is perfectly natural because of our intelligence, comparing to other living beings. Respect to Tyson being able to fight that back because now his mind is battle tested.

  87. Queen Mecca says:

    Exactly, me too but you can make it. Man, know thyself

  88. Blue Sapphire says:

    The unseen enemy is more dangerous then the one we see. His tactics are deceptive and his goal is to steal your faith, destroy and then kill u. Mission accomplished. The answer. .. put your trust and faith in Jesus.

  89. emanon83 says:

    I feel this pain. and TYSON fury is the peoples champ.

  90. khld bin wald says:

    Nay Allah help you. You just unwrapped my feelings and took away the suicide thoughts. Thanks Tyson fury. Love u bro. X

  91. Eftijis Karavasilis says:

    Fake news. Socialist fake news.

  92. shawn mendrek-likesalotofcreamincoffee says:

    Adhd. Multiple suicide attempts. Family of narcs, mentsl physical abuse, addiction. So i found god. Been alone most my life.

    This story is not for pity, just a general gyst of my story. So what i learned through it all is failure builds strong ppl.

    Hard times build strong people. People change, life changes, feelings change and regret is long term so if you dont want regret do what you want and feel.

    Life is full of turns you can bend with them or cut across

  93. Adam Morgan says:

    God bless Tyson Fury.

  94. Jonathan Chavira says:

    I play this once a week. It’s helpful. Tyson Fury is relatable and my favorite boxer

  95. Lou V says:

    Great video w/ a great message. Humans have a flaw, where we don’t accept responsibility for our own actions, even the good ones! It’s not “god” who took hold of ur life & put it back together. It was YOU mate! But in the end, the important thing i recon is we get back up & keep fighting, not what name we call our spirituality. Stay strong. 💪🏻

  96. Robert Gallagher says:

    Tyson fury won’t read this but you’ve saved a lot of lives 🥊

  97. Mikko Alberto says:

    thats why to live your life to the fullest, you need to find your purpose. Purpose is different from passion. Passion is what you love, purpose is why you live and why you're here, why you keep pushing and pushing. Purpose is whats keeps you stronger no matter what life throws at you. Purpose is not about you, its about something other than yourself, its about others. Because you're doing something not just for yourself but for others. So find your purpose my friend. 🙂

  98. Mark Fox says:

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    Am not a world champion but my kids call me the best of all THE CHAMP.

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