UN General Assembly President urges climate action for welfare of future generations

“A statesman is a politician who thinks of his grandchildren”, he [Count Bismarck ] said. Today is a day for us all to think of the welfare of our grandchildren. We have time to change our ways and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, taken together with the Paris Climate Agreement, shows us how. I reiterate my call for all parties to the Paris Agreement to ratify it without delay and for those of us who have already done so, the imperative is to stay true to our communal course and deliver on our commitments. It also requires that we look beyond traditional means of implementation. The new strategic partnerships that are being forged to drive SDG implementation, and which are bringing together actors from across Government, the United Nations system, civil society, and the academic and scientific communities, must be leveraged to promote climate action.

Daniel Yohans

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