Under 1’s Wing: mental health crisis support

Earlier this year, my mental health degenerated so far
that I was hospitalised for a spell. After I was discharged, I was told that I would
be given no support from
mainstream services to help me survive in the community. Under One’s Wing provided me with a much
needed place of safety to go to when my evenings looked very bleak. I always received friendly
and professional support
and I was allowed to set the agenda myself. Being able to discuss
my issues, or just to natter, whatever I wanted. On every occasion that I accessed the
service I arrived in a bit of a state but always left feeling very much calmer
and able to face the rest of the evening without fear. When we’re sitting
alone with our thoughts, we’re not hearing our inner voice so much. We’re usually sort of tied up in very
negative emotions and negative thoughts. There’s a lot of our individuals they sit
there at home alone and there’s nobody to talk to. If people are
in a poor mental state, often they feel excluded, isolated and unworthy of help. People may have had an adverse
life event go on well it could have been
going on for several weeks. They could have long-term
mental health problems. It could be someone who
is at risk of suicide, somebody who is facing a challenge a day-to-day
challenge that they just can’t meet on their own. People that are used to being strong and
feeling like that’s their role in their family and their community to be strong. And then all of a sudden
they find themselves in an emotional space
where they can’t cope. So every single intervention
is individually tailored
to the person who’s been referred. You can come into the centre and
receive and spend time one-to-one with a support worker. This is the
space with got, soft lighting, it’s a gentle space. It’s quiet and
a person can come into this space and have the soft side, so you’re not
sitting there with a clinician per se, you’re sitting there with someone who, for all intents and purposes,
looks like someone like you. If you can come in and just spend some
one-to-one time with somebody who’s just there to listen. There’s no
pressure to have to do anything. There’s no pressure to
have to go anywhere. There’s no pressure to
even talk to that person. You can just sit calmly,
listen, but you can feel safe. That intervention could be enough to
turn around someone who’s suffering a crisis. We don’t want nothing from you. We just want you to feel like we
can give you something to aim for. Something to give you a glimmer of hope
that actually, you know, you do have, you do have positivity. There
is a reason to carry on.

Daniel Yohans

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