Vacation Vocal Exercises (EN SUBS) – Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach

Vacation Vocal Exercises (EN SUBS) – Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach

Greeting singers!!! This is Cheryl Porter, singer and your vocal coach. As you can see, I’m in the middle of paradise! Can you believe that I’m in the Maldives? How marvelous and incredible! But even when we are on vacation
or on the weekend or a day off,it’s important for us singers to always keep our voices in shape! Today I’m going to give you a vocal workout
and a series of fantastic vocal exercises to keep your voice in top form. One exercise for breathing,
the other to reduce tension from the throat, the other to improve vowel connection and vibrato, then we’re going to end with a beautiful OM. So singers, are you ready to work in paradise with me? Let’s go! The first exercise is a really simple warmup , volume is not important and it goes like this: Remember not to move the head up and down
or to shift the posititon of the sound and give me a nice vibrato at the end. Let’s go! Great job singers! Give me a nice vibrato at the end! Great job! Great!
Don’t move the head, keep it still. Going down! Don’t forget, keep the same volume! Exactly. Like that! Great!
Same amount of volume. Great job! Only one breath singers! Awesome! Good! Now we’re going to the second exercise,
this is faster, so we’re also working on our vocal agility.
Please be careful with your pitch. This exercise goes “IE IE IE IO A”,
be careful not to move the jaw! Singer, let’s go! Really relaxed! Take a good breath! Keep it stable! Great! Change registers when you want! Great singers! Fantastic! Breathe!!! Almost done! Exceptional! Singers, remember that we are just like any other
horn instrument, so we have to do the same work as a sax, a tuba, or flute
to keep our instrument resistant and effective. This exercise goes HA HA HA,
please remember that when you do this exercise give me the “H” at the attack,
to keep the vocal cords protected. Don’t do: Remember, don’t make the sound too nasal,
keep the position stable. Ready to work?
Let’s go! Go!!! Good, let me hear the “H”!!! Don’t do like this: “H” on the attack! Great job singers! Great job! Keep going, almost done! Singers you are fantastic! We’re almost done, the last is a
vocal warm-down and relaxation exercise con un semplicissimo
with a very simple “AAAH!” So let’s relax, since we are on the beach! Let’s put our fingers together for the OM and relax! Relax! Let’s glissando! Take a good breath! Relax singers! Relax! Relax! Ok singers, I don’t know about you,
but we can’t spend all or time in the Maldives doing these freaking vocal exercises!!! Let’s go to the beach! Good job singers, keep up the good work. Love you ! Greetings from the Maldives!!!

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